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Step1 -id and define


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Step1 -id and define

  1. 1. Project DescriptionICT 305 / 505Information Systems for Enterprise
  2. 2.  Identify the problem. Define the problem.
  3. 3. Investigation Identify and Define the Problem Review Analysis Evaluate Analyze the the Solution Problem Systems Problem SDL SolvingMaintenance Design Implement Identify the Possible Solution Solutions Implementation Select and Plan the Solution
  4. 4.  Questions…  What primary problems might be new or enhanced systems solve?  What opportunities might be new or enhanced system provide?  What new hardware, software, databases, telecommunications, personn el or procedures will improve an existing system or are required in a new system?  What are the potential costs (variable and fixed)?  What are the associated risks? Web Search  Identify and Define the Problem  SAVE YOUR SOURCES! Build Your Format
  5. 5.  Wiki  Multimedia ▪ More than Text Identify and Define the Problem