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  • Seo Pitch

    1. 1. SEO Pitch by Benin Brown Full Sail University IMMS Program Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies
    2. 2. Relevant Facts & Figures Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives over 85% of all online search traffic. Users trust organic listings over paid listings (PPC) Organic listings have a higher visibility than PPC Organic search campaigns can yield double digit ROI compared to single digits for PPC The Click Through Rate (CTR) for organic search are on average 4 times higher for organic search vs PPC
    3. 3. Georgia Computer Workshop Georgia Computer Workshop (www. or GC Workshop is an online merchant specializing in discount computer parts for “the build it yourself” PC market
    5. 5. GC Workshop PPC Performance Average Monthly AdWords Budget is $13,061 Yield on budget is $24,380/month or $1.86 for every dollar sepent Approximately 7220 monthly clicks delivered
    6. 6. GC Workshop Organic Search Results Performance Website Grader score of 58 out of 100 No Blog Does not use meta tags-at all 6 Inbound links Alexa Rank 4,365,186 Overall Monthly Traffic 7401 visits (only 3% from search)
    7. 7. KEYWORDS
    8. 8. Current Keywords Snapshot Google’s Total Search # of Monthly Keyword Results Searches for Position Keyword Computer 3rd 355 Workshop PC workshop 5th 286 CPU Core 2 Duo 9th 34
    9. 9. Keyword Opportunities How to build a computer (9900 Monthly Searches) Build your own computer (8100 Monthly searches) Build a computer (6600 Monthly searches) Computer parts supplies (9900 Monthly searches)
    10. 10. COMPETITORS
    11. 11. Competitor SEM Comparison Monthly Alexa Inbound Monthly Competitor AdWords Rank Links Visits Budget 18,465 1,238 287,687 $55,000 Build-your- own- 312,206 58 6,017 $0 (BYOC) 21,796 1,172 130,494 $0
    12. 12. Who’s Eating Your Lunch? If BYOC sold a similar product line to GC Workshop and had a similar conversion they’d sell $19,716 worth of product on a $0 AdWords budget. If PCmech sold a similar product line to GC Workshop and had a similar conversion they’d sell $428,664 worth of product on a $0 AdWords budget.
    13. 13. Factors Influencing Organic SEO Inbound links Anchor text Site architecture Meta tags Keyword usage Content Spider traps-barriers that prevent search engine crawlers from indexing your page(s)
    14. 14. Suggestions Site redesign Master Organic Keyword List Creation of a metrics dashboard The inclusion of meta tags Inbound Link Strategy Daily Content Creation Strategy Analytics Strategy
    15. 15. First Year Goals To rank on the first page for relevant search terms To be in the top 3 to 4 positions for each relevant keyword that provides between 2000 and 10,000 monthly searches
    16. 16. Example Assumptions modest 8% search results CTR “Build your own computer” generates approximately 8100 monthly searches. If GC Workshop could rank in the 3rd or 4th position for this search query, thats 648 clicks in one month for that keyword
    17. 17. The Numbers Assumptions A master list of 20 highly relevant organic terms that totaled 100,000 monthly searches for those 20 terms. That GC Workshop could rank, on average across each search, in the 3rd to 4th positions 8% CTR That’s 8000 more monthly clicks $26,288 in additional revenue
    18. 18. ROI At a monthly cost of $4000 over 24 months thats just $96,000 By the 13th month the campaign would be generating 26,288 in monthly revenue This would represent an overall ROI of % $219,455 or $3.32 returned for every dollar spent By the 13th month the campaign would return $6.50 for every dollar spent on organic search