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Aarea scholarship 2012 ben huynh 10-7-11 3 pages


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Aarea scholarship 2012 ben huynh 10-7-11 3 pages

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASEAsian American Real Estate Association is proud to announce the 2012scholarship program. The purpose of the AAREA Scholarship is torecognize and to assist outstanding high school graduates and collegestudents for their academic achievements and to reduce their financialburdens for college. Scholarship award is selected on the basis of academicachievement, financial need and community involvement. A maximum offive scholarships will be awarded this year.The scholarship recipients will be recognized in 2012 AAREA Spring Galaon February 28, 2012 in Ocean Palace Restaurant.The deadline for the 2012 AAREA scholarship application is January 10,2011. For scholarship application and information, please visit our or contact scholarship coordinator Jackson Chang or (713) 965-9060.
  2. 2. ASIAN AMERICAN REAL ESTATE ASSOCIATION 2011 SCHOLARSHIPAbout AAREA ScholarshipAAREA scholarship program is funded by Asian American Real Estate Association to recognizeand assist outstanding high school graduates of Asian American to reduce financial burdens forcollege. Scholarship award is selected on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, andcommunity involvement. The recipient will be awarded a total of $1,000.Eligibility 1. American citizen of Asian decent. (at least one parent) 2. Parent(s) or guardian(s) must be AAREA member(s) with good standing. 3. U.S. high school graduating seniors or college students. 4. Has a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 weighted scale. 5. Will enroll in an accredited U.S. college full-time for the entire academic year 2012- 2013. 6. Can demonstrate financial need for college tuition, book & supplies and expenses.Documents Required 1. A completed AAREA Scholarship application form. 2. Copy of official high school transcript. 3. Two letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, and/or other advisors. 4. An essay with maximum of 500 words stating why you should be awarded our scholarship. Please include:  Financial need for this scholarship for educational purpose.  Personal and academic achievements. Give specific examples.  Academic plans and career goals. Give specific examples.  Past and current involvement, as well as future plans, toward making a difference in your community.Application Process & Award Announcement 1. Please send your application package to Asian American Real Estate Association, Attention Scholarship Program, P.O. Box 1762, Alief, TX 77411-1762. 2. Applications & all supporting documents must be postmarked by January 10, 2012 for application to be considered 3. Interview will be part of the application process for all semi-finalists. 4. Scholarship winner for the 2012 Scholarship program will be announced on or about January 17, 2012. 5. Scholarship will be awarded at the AAREA Annual Spring Gala on January 28, 2012 at Ocean Palace Restaurant.Please Contact UsFor scholarship application and information, please visit our website or contactscholarship coordinator: Jackson Chang @ or (713) 965-9060.
  3. 3. Asian American Real Estate Association Scholarship Application Form Last First MiddleName:________________________________________________________________________Social Security No: _______________Male: Female: Date of Birth: ___________Address: _____________________________________________________________________Home Telephone: _______________________ Email Address:_______________________Parent or Guardian: ___________________________________________________________High School: __________________________________________________________________School Address:________________________________________________________________School Counselor: ________________________School Phone No:____________________High School GPA weighted 4.0 scales: ___________________________________________College You Plan to Attend: ________________________ Major:_________________(Please attach copy of acceptance letter if applicable)Extracurricular Activities in High School: (Attach additional sheet if needed)__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Financial Documents included: (Please indicate what documents have been attached)1040 Tax return: __Free/Reduced Lunch Program: __Others:_______________________Please check your household income:Below $15,000: ___ $15,001-$30,000: ___ $30,001-$50,000: ___ Above $50,000: ___Number of People in Your Household: ______________________________________Two References: (attach letters of recommendation)Name Relationship Phone Number: Address____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I certify that the information contained in this application is true.Applicant’s signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________Parent(s) orGuardian(s) signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________ALL FORMS AND SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS MUST POSTMARKED NO LATER THAN JAN. 10, 2012.