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  1. 1. OPEN TARGETING PLATFORM And this is how our technology works: The Open Targeting Platform requires one central tag on the publisher’’s pages. All overlapping features, including contact class optimisation but also agency specific functions, can be control-Europe’’s largest targeting platform led using this tag. This minimises the technical complexity.The Open Targeting Platform offers a unique The benefits of the Open Targeting Platform: The overall booking mechanisms between agencies and publishers are maintained, transparencyopportunity for media agencies, publishers and control for running targeting campaigns remain the same.and external data sources to network their Cross-publisher campaigns aimed attargeting campaigns. precise target groupsThe integration of serval publishers opens The optimal infrastructure for efficientup greater reach and allows campaigns to be branding campaignsplanned with single campaign parameters. data provider publisherThese cross publisher campaigns can also Global frequency capping/boosting withininclude global frequency capping and the publisher alliance, for an optimisedboosting ensuring that optimal advertising advertising dose/contact class agency adnetworkscontact is achieved. Agencies can providetheir target group insights for more efficiency. Campaign planning with benchmarks familiar to TV bookings, but with selectiveThe end result of cross publisher campaigns targetingis TV equivalent bookings - with the identifi-cation of GRPs, net reach and OTS values - but Opportunity to tap external data and datawith far better targeting to your consumers. providers