Onpage SEO Check Listwritten by Benjamin Hübnerwww.webtrafficsoftware.infoYou want to optimize your website for the search...
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Onpage SEO Checklist


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Follow this onpage seo checklist whenever you add new content to your website or blog!

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Onpage SEO Checklist

  1. 1. Onpage SEO Check Listwritten by Benjamin Hübnerwww.webtrafficsoftware.infoYou want to optimize your website for the search engines? Follow this straightforwardinstructions to to rank your websites higher in the search engines. Dont forget that choosing thecorrect keywords to target is one of the most important steps to succeed with Search engine rankingoptimization!Follow these rules anytime you add new posts, articles or other content to your website or blog :1. Do not forget to use your targeted keyword in the page title.2. Try to use your keyword in your headline and subheadline!3. Include your main keyword in the meta description of your page, it is important to write thedescription for human readers, as long as this is what are they seeing in the search engine resultspage.4. Make sure to add your target keywords to your websites meta keywords section of yourhtml code. Dont make use of more than 150 signs here!5. Usea Search engine optimization friendly url structure and incorporate your your page keywordshere.6. Your contents keyword density should be around 1-3 %. Try to use diverse adaptations ofyour important keyword to make your content looks more natural.7. Use your target keyword at the very least once in the first and last paragraph of your websitescontent.8. Make sure to utilize italic, underlined and bold tags to highlight your keyword throughoutyour article content.9. Whenever possible add images and pics to your web page and use a variation of your keywordinside the alt text.10. Link to related internal pages whenever possible, use your keyword as your anchor text.11. Remember to include a link back to your main page with your keyword as anchor text!12. Link to high authority sites like Wikipedia from time to time, with your keywords asanchor text.13. Ensure that your websites content is fully unique and does provide some kind of benefit for yourreadersAttention : Not implementing these website optimization techniques will have an negative impacton your search engine possition, so make sure to follow all these tips and tricks to assure the mostout of your work time!Hope this checklist helps you to archieve higher search engine rankings! If you liked thisinformation, also ensure to take a look at my On Site SEO Checklist and my post about the mostimportant social seo factors! Both articles will help you even more to succeed with seo as fast aspossible!Best RegardsBenjamin Hübner