Link wheels-explained


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Want to know what exactly is a linkhweel? Read this report and discover how to build effective link wheels!

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Link wheels-explained

  1. 1. What is a Linkwheel?Written By Benjamin HübnerWebtrafficSoftware.infoLinkwheels are an effective method to boost your website ranking in the search engines and even todominate the top ten search engine positions. They are something that few marketers use becausethey can be either costly or time consuming to set up.This article has been written to help you create linkwheels much easier and quicker than before.A linkwheel is an interconnected “wheel” of websites (I recommend to at least 8 spokes, but I use toutilize up to 30 different sites to create a linkwheel) which have been build to push your mainwebsite higher in the search engine rankings. They link to each other and to your central site to helpthe central money site rank better.Whilst they are very effective in what they do they can be time consuming to create by hand simplebecause of the number of sites involved and how much you need to do to create each spoke site. Butthey are really worse the time to create them, especially if you concentrate on one keyword perlinkwheel you can get great amounts of natural search engine traffic!There is software than can automate this for you but it is notoriously unreliable due to thecomplexity of the software and the task it has to perform.However, linkwheels can really boost your money site up the search engines and so it is a usefulcomponent of any traffic generation strategy.How to Build A Linkwheel?It´s not hard to build a link-wheel, but before you can start posting your content and link it togetheryou need content, here you got several options you can choose from : 1. Unique Content : By writing the articles on your own you can be sure to have unique and high quality content to create your link-wheels. This is by far the best but also the most time consuming source for your content, but you can outsource this part easily. 2. Rewritten PLR : By rewriting PLR articles you can create nearly unique articles without the need to do any kind of research, so it could be a good alternative to write the articles on your own. Surely, you can post the original PLR articles too, but this will bring you not the results you are targeting and may even course the deletion of parts of your link-wheel!After you got your content (about 350 – 600 words is good) you need to rewrite it again for thedifferent spokes of your link wheel, as alternative I recommend you can spin your article massively(at least the pharagraphs and sentences, not just single words) and use an article spinner to generatemany different versions of your article. (Click Here for my favorite Free article spinner!)Are You Looking For More Effective Traffic and SEO Techniques?Take a look at my Traffic Blog and learn more about Link Wheels, on page seo and social seofactors you really need to know!