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Classification of Solid Rubbish Collection


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Solid waste comprises different types of waste those need to be disposed of effectively. Waste can be classified mainly in two categories hazardous and non hazardous waste those can be deal accordingly.

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Classification of Solid Rubbish Collection

  1. 1. Solid waste constitutes the bulk of waste generated in London, and it comprises of most of the household waste, garbage, street sweeping, dead animals, commercial waste, biomedical waste, various plastic items, sewage waste, institutional waste and other rubbish collections. Classification of Solid Rubbish Collection Broadly such waste can be categorized into hazardous and non hazardous wastes, and it includes a wide range of industrial, commercial, municipal and household waste.
  2. 2. The bulk of solid waste is generated in institutions, hospitals and industrial units. In fact the residue left by the industries after extraction of various raw materials and material processing contributes to the most alarming amount of solid waste. Other bulky waste such as waste from hotels, restaurants and canteens, renovation and construction activities etc also constitute a big chunk of solid Rubbish Collection in London. As this constitutes the bulk of rubbish generated in London the collection and disposal of such junk needs to be done properly and in accordance with laid down guidelines for protection of the environment and public health.
  3. 3. In fact, there are specific guidelines for on-site handling and collection of each type of solid waste. Household waste Household waste has both hazardous and non- hazardous materials. Plastic carry bags and containers, used motor oil, spent battery, insect repellant bottles and containers, electronic and electrical waste etc are hazardous and toxic rubbish. Commercial waste Commercial waste can be of different types. The rubbish collection from offices in London mainly comprises of shredded paper and some electronic junk. The rubbish coming out of hotels and restaurants mainly comprises of vegetable peelings, waste food, plastic and paper containers etc.
  4. 4. Municipal waste Municipal waste which also comprises of household waste can be of various types including hazardous and non hazardous items. For hazardous items the city of London has a Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal Service. Clear it Waste takes care of all Waste Collection in London area for people who need their homes and commercial establishments clean and green. To know more about the author and get a free quote for you Rubbish Collection in London feel free to visit - Industrial waste Owing to the bulk of such rubbish collection there are services which are specifically catering to such industrial units in London for their rubbish collection needs.