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Haberdashery Folio 2009


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The 2009 folio for Haberdasherylondon, a design agency converging art, design and technology.

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Haberdashery Folio 2009

  1. 1. Haberdasherylondon Formed in 2007, Haberdashery converge design, technology and art for a variety of clients. Founding members Daniel Siden, Mac Cox and Ben Rigby bring over 30 years industry experience in production design, industrial design, graphics and lens based media to provide a unique inhouse team who can handle the kind of work other agencies shy away from. Fuelled by experimentation in Hablab, their independent development program, Haberdashery push the limits of creativity with new materials, tecniques and technologies informed by advice and expertise from the partners backgrounds and numerous expert individuals and companies. Based in a retro-fitted East London studio in Dalston’s famous Print House, Haberdashery clients include Sony, Selfridges & Co., Nokia, BAA, Channel Four Films and revolutionary light artist Chris Levine. Through Hablab, Haberdashery are now teaming up with global companies to produce a range of works from groundbreaking visuals for world wide creative campaigns, to reducing waste streams by redirecting waste materials into inspired design solutions. Haberdashery Studio The Print House 18 Ashwin St London E8 3DL Find us on Googlemaps +44 (0) 207 503 7080 Haberdasherylondon is a VAT registered Limited Liability Partnership. Partnership No. OC341013 VAT No. 929359971 All images © Haberdasherylondon 2009.
  2. 2. Content Pestival Termite Pavilion 4 Selfridges & Co. Untitled 13/14 10 Charmouth ‘Jurassic Gateway’ Bridge 20 British Film Institute ‘One’ Award 24 Candy & Candy bespoke lighting projects 28 Chris Levine light art projects 36 Chris Levine / BMW ‘See how it feels’ 46 Memori 50 Sony ‘The future is today’ 54 Selfridges & Co. Infini-sceno-matic 58 Cedarberg Project Play ( Code name due to client confidentuality ) 66 Unilever White goods research 70 Giro Atmos 76 Zoot Woman 80 Production design and Art direction 84 Better Things 88 Katharine Hamnett 94 Hablab 98 Hablab Ex. 1.10 100 Hablab Ex. 1.11 102 Hablab Custom light rig 104 Hablab / Sony Ericsson 106
  3. 3. Haberdasherylondon Project: Termite Pavilion Area: Bespoke Lighting Client: Pestival / Wellcome Trust Collaborators: Softroom Architects Freeform Engineering Chris Watson (BBC Sound Designer) KLH Page 4
  4. 4. Haberdasherylondon Project: Untitled 13 + 14 Area: Sculpture Client: Selfridges & Co. / Old Truman Brewery Page 10
  5. 5. Haberdasherylondon Project: Jurassic Gateway Area: Public design proposal Client: Dorset County Council Page 20
  6. 6. Haberdasherylondon Project: ‘One’ Award for lifetime achievement in film Area: Product design / sculpture Client: British Film Institute Page 24
  7. 7. Haberdasherylondon Project: Various Area: Bespoke Lighting Design and Development Client: Candy & Candy Page 28
  8. 8. Spherical cluster of 360 Aerogel cubes collecting and emitting light, weighing only 1.25 Kg in total.
  9. 9. ggg
  10. 10. Bespoke lighting pendant comprising of borascilicate glass, ceramic grip, cold cathode light strip and custom coiled brass power cable, to be hung in clusters.
  11. 11. Chandelier made from custom tumbled Swarovski crystal, hung in a volume informed by the shape of a soundwave in 2 axis.
  12. 12. Haberdasherylondon Project: Various Area: Bespoke Lighting Design and Development Client: Light artist Chris Levine Page 36
  13. 13. Haberdasherylondon Project: ‘See how it feels’ Area: Bespoke laser lighting effects Client: BMW / Chris Levine Page 46
  14. 14. Haberdasherylondon Project: ‘ONE’ Area: Product design Client: Memori Ltd Page 50
  15. 15. The Memori device uploads images, sound and video from any space entered and displays them on the haptically controlled device.
  16. 16. Haberdasherylondon Project: ‘The future is now’ Area: Rapid product prototype development Client: Sony Worldwide Page 54
  17. 17. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 NOTES: A 1. Assembly Quantity = 1 A 2. Assembly is composed of three components a. Top Layer: Clear acrylic polished on all exterior surfaces, diffuse interior surface. b. Middle Layer: To be made hollow as per drawings, with exit hole in the back for electrical cable. With pearlescent white finish c. Bottom layer: To be fabricated in solid material, with a gloss black finish 3. Fixing of all components is to be determined by Bob Moore Models. It would be best if the top plate wereable to be removed to allow access to the inside. 4. HaberdasheryLondon will provide the feet for the base of the product. 5. Haberdasherylondon will provide the sony Logo for Bob Moore Models to fix. B B C C D D FRONT E DO NOT SCALE DRAWING REVISION A DRAWN BY: E-MAIL: DANIEL@ HABERDASHERYLONDON.COM Haberdasherylondon PHONE: +44 (0)7985680467 18 ASHWIN ST. THE PRINT HOUSE SPACE 2, LONDON, E8 3DL, UK CLIENT: POINT BLANK COLLECTIVE DWG NAME. F ISO DWG NO. A3 2 3 4 01 SCALE:1:2 SHEET 1 OF 1
  18. 18. Haberdasherylondon Project: Infini-sceno-matic Area: Bespoke Lighting / Kinetic Sculpture Client: Selfridges & Co. Page 58
  19. 19. Haberdasherylondon Project: Project Play Area: Design research and development Client: Cedarberg Limited Page 66
  20. 20. Research and design for Cedarberg Limited in conjunction with Sprout Design. Work is currently under a client confidentuality agreement, so please check our website for updates in the future.
  21. 21. Research and design for Cedarberg Limited in conjunction with Sprout Design. Work is currently under a client confidentuality agreement, so please check our website for updates in the future.
  22. 22. Research and design for Cedarberg Limited in conjunction with Sprout Design. Work is currently under a client confidentuality agreement, so please check our website for updates in the future.
  23. 23. Haberdasherylondon Unilever white goods design research Following the development of a new means of cleaning cloths without detergents, Unilever worked with Haberdasherylondon co-founder Daniel Siden, and a select team to research 3rd world users and the design implications of this new technology in the emerging 3rd world. Page 70
  24. 24. Haberdasherylondon While working at Bell Sports Inc. Haberdashery co-founder Daniel Siden designed, developed, tested and brought through to manufacture and certification dozens of helmets, helmet safety systems and helmet fit systems, including the revolutionary Giro Atmos. Page 76
  25. 25. Haberdasherylondon Project: Zoot Woman ‘Things are what they used to be’ Area: Graphic design / Art direction Client: Zoot Woman / Universal Page 80
  26. 26. Haberdasherylondon Project: Various Area: Production design / Art direction Client: Various production companies Between the eyes Colonel Blimp Rubberductions Universal Coral Bark Channel Four Films Page 84
  27. 27. Haberdasherylondon Project: Better Things 35mm feature Area: Stills photography and media campaign Client: UK Film Council / Channel Four Films / Third Films Page 88
  28. 28. Haberdasherylondon Project: Japanese Summer and Winter Collections Area: Photography / Art direction Client: Katharine Hamnett Page 94
  29. 29. Hablab Hablab is the natural progression of 2 years of Haberdashery thinking. Yearning for space within our process to fuel our childlike creativity, we decided to start inhouse research projects under the Hablab project. With no immediate client, Haberdashery research and develop ideas with new materials, techniques and technologies in order to discover the unknown. We team up with other expert individuals and companies to push boundaries and limits within creative techniques and thinking. Hablab is now teaming up with large industrial companies to explore greener uses for their material waste streams. By opening up age old problems to a diverse, open source creative process Haberdashery can offer a new way of approaching old problems. Haberdashery have used Hablab as an experimental test bed over the past year for a series of interactive lighting tests, resulting in several wonderful effects portrayed in stop motion animation. From an initial test one evening in our studio, the experiment has grown and has recently been funded by Sony and developed into a 30 second advert. Hablab has also been used as a creative case study for the MBA course at the Tanaka Business School, Imperial College, London. Page 98
  30. 30. Freeform idea creation > Experimentation and research > Creation of a unique end product for client
  31. 31. Hablab Project: EX. 1.10 ‘Waterfall’ Area: Bespoke light experimentalism Page 100
  32. 32. Hablab Project: EX. 1.11 Area: Bespoke light experimentalism Page 102
  33. 33. Hablab Project: Sony ****** 2010 Advert Area: Bespoke light experimentalism / Production design Client: Sony / Us2 Page 106