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Using Online Technology To Boost Your Business


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A Triathlon America presentation by Ben Greenfield. For more direction and guidance visit and

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Using Online Technology To Boost Your Business

  1. 1. Using Online Technology to Boost Your Business By Ben Greenfield
  2. 2. 2 Easy Steps To InstantlyTransform Yourself FromSocial Media Dinosaur to Extremely Competent Online Ninja.
  3. 3. The Two Steps…1. Make Content.2. Share Content.
  4. 4. Meet Moo.
  5. 5. Sample Sales Week
  6. 6. Content Is King.
  7. 7. The Big Three1. Articles2. Audios3. Videos
  8. 8. Articles:Blog Wordpress Thesis theme Plugins  SEO By Yoast  IntenseDebate  WP Touch  OnSwipe  Sexy Bookmarks
  9. 9. Don’t Have A Blog?Automated Distribution Unique Article WizardPhysical Distribution EzineArticles Wellsphere Triathlon Websites Club/Team Newsletters
  10. 10. Moo’s Flash: You Can Turn YourArticles/Blog Into A Product.
  11. 11. AudiosPodcast Garageband/Audacity Libsyn (not Amazon) Powerpress plugin (in Wordpress) Podcast Directories at Live Events
  12. 12. Moo’s Flash: Don’t Have A Podcast? Be A Guest.
  13. 13. VideosEasy Setup GreenScreen video studio (Chromakey) Sony Bluetooth microphone iMovie Video Directories (OneLoad or Traffic Geyser)
  14. 14. Moo’s Flash: You Don’t Have To BeOn Video – Use Powerpoint +Camtasia
  15. 15. Sharing Content: Social MediaBig Five 1. Twitter 2. Facebook 3. Google+ 4. LinkedIn 5. E-Mail
  16. 16. Automation: Hootsuite
  17. 17. Tracking: Klout
  18. 18. Use Twitter for…Sharing Content  “I just released this video, check it out: “Asking Questions & Answering Questions What frustrates you most about wetsuits?
  19. 19. Sharing Cotent: Social Media
  20. 20. Use Facebook for… Sharing Content  Upload or link to existing videos, audios or blog posts Conversations & Contests.  How many of you did Ironman Wisconsin this weekend? How’d it go?  Write a caption for this photo! Best caption gets a free e-book. Customer Support & Education
  21. 21. Use Google+ for…Sharing ContentMini-Blogs
  22. 22. Use LinkedIn…Sharing BUSINESS ContentNetworkingHiring/Applying
  23. 23. Moo’s Flash: Use Posterous.
  24. 24. Use E-Mail for…Sharing ContentSpecial Offers (in moderation)
  25. 25. Sharing Content: E-MailDistribution 1shoppingcart MailChimp ConstantContactList Opt-In With Special Offer
  26. 26. Sharing Content: E-MailHeadline  Odd numbers (37 Ways To Become A Better Biker)  Question (Do You Make This Transition Mistake?)  Percentages (99% Of Triathletes Do This Wrong)  Video (Choosing A Triathlon Shoe [video])