14 Steps To Become An Ancestral Athlete


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Ben Greenfield's presentation from the 2014 PaleoFX. Get full, free resources to accompany this slide at http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/paleofx

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  • 14 Steps To Become An Ancestral Athlete

    1. 1. “The Ancestral Athlete” BenGreenfieldFitness.com/PaleoFX 14 Ways To Achieve Amazing Feats Of Performance Without Destroying Your Body & Mind
    2. 2. BeyondTrainingBook.co m
    3. 3. Big 3: Blood Panel ASI Gut (Candida vs. SIBO vs. Parasite?) Nervous System Extras: Metametrix Ion Panel SIBO Pulse O2 Restwise 1. Get A Baseline
    4. 4. Gut Autoimmune Diet Bone Broth/L-Glutamine/Gelatin Probiotics Colostrum Oil Of Oregano/Garlic/Peppermint Liver Chlorella L-Glutathione Antioxidants Metals Amino acid chelator 2. Cleanse & Detox
    5. 5. Control glycation. Raise cholesterol above 200. Keep EMF away from head. Unplug router at night. Use HEPA air filter + negative ion generator. Liberally use ginger, garlic, turmeric (curcumin), curries, coffee, milk/gluten/soy free dark chocolate, choline sources. 3. Cool The Brain
    6. 6. 4. Become Fat Adapted Snacking/grazing? Protein? Ketosis? Fasted morning aerobic workouts Need to Include: MCT/Coconut Oil AA’s Superstarch Di-Sodium ATP Caffeine Electrolytes Organ meats
    7. 7. Injury prevention Rotator cuff Hip ext. rotators Hip extensors Deep core Dynamic flexibility Deep tissue work Foam roller Ball Strength Super Slow “Body By Science” Mass Made Simple Core Foundation 5. Build A Foundation
    8. 8. Biggest Issues HS-CRP Full spectrum antioxidants/natural anti-inflammatories TSH Glandular extract/organ meats/carbs RBC Magnesium Mineral rich plants/sea salt/electrolytes Vitamin D Mix of A/D/K from cod liver oil, organ meats, natto, fermented foods Women: Estrogen/Progesterone/DHEA/Cortisol Men: Testosterone/SHBG/DHEA/Cortisol Adaptogens, de-stress, sleep 6. Targeted Supplementation
    9. 9. Lumosity, Cognifit, HAPPYNeuron, N-Back Music Sports Novelty, Variety, Challenge CNS Tap Test Smart Drugs? Caffeine + Theanine + Creatine Piracetam + Aniracetam + Alpha GPC BenGreenfieldFitness.com/brainhacks 7. Train Your Brain
    10. 10. UpDesk Focal Upright UpDesk & Mogo Inversion Compression Pull-Up Bar 8. Grease the Groove
    11. 11. Weighted Vest Training Mask Mitigate Damage Low Frequency Amino Acids Organ Meats BenGreenfieldFitness.com/275 Resources SEALFit The Navy SEAL Weight Training Workout book You’ll Know At The Finish Line 9. Include Stamina
    12. 12. Nasal breathing Rhythmic breathing Power breathing Hypoxia Tools Underwater Swimming Swim Snorkel + CardioCap PowerLung TrainingMask 10. Include O2 Deprivation
    13. 13. CoolFatBurner Cold Showers Hot-Cold Contrast Room Temp Sauna/Spa 11. Fluctuate Temperature
    14. 14. 12. Protect Your Sleep Home (see right) Magnesium L-Theanine Passionflower Lavender Oil Travel Melatonin Valerian Root Sleep Spray
    15. 15. Laptop Pad Hard wire WiFi off at night Dirty filters Grounding/Earthing Biomat Natural anti-inflammatories 13. Minimize EMF
    16. 16. HRV Sweetbeat Azumio Omegawave/Bioforce Mindful Meditation BodyScan .mp3 Gratitude 5MinuteJournal Biofeedback emWave/Inner Balance app Quick Coherence Technique 14. Relax
    17. 17. Q&A? More resources at: BenGreenfieldFitness.com/PaleoFX & PacificFit.net & BeyondTrainingBook.com