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Triathlon newsletter jam-packed with tips and tricks from, the Pacific Northwest's top triathlon club!

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  1. 1. September 2009 A GIANT, HEART- FELT THANK YOU to all who contributed submissions for this newsletter issue and the next!!! Mmmm, Endurance Loss Super Hair & Spicy, Boosting, Prevention, Skin Care, page 3 page 5 page 8 10-11 RR: Accident Bruce OZ Swim BoD, Sponsors, Another View, Report, Gennari, FAQ & Bike Ad, Calendar, page 2 page 4 pages 6 & 7 page 9 page 12 Tri Fusion “Hot Summer Nights” 5k Run Series Week two rolls around, and one thought was could Race Review by Ronnie Crenshaw this one be as well organized and planned as the last? Without a doubt it was! Not only that, but there were a At the end of July, I was looking for motivation for lot more runners, the word was out. Same story, more the rest of the summer. Knowing that Tri Fusion was folks running, everyone finished and lots of give-a-ways. hosting a run every Tuesday night, I was excited to know As for finishing, everyone was greeted, cheered, that I could get a run in at least once a week. Not knowing harassed, and encouraged to give it their all by the comic what to expect for the first one, I thought I would go duo of Mark Hodgson and Roger Thompson. These two and just run. Well, it turned into speed work for me! guys made the finish line very fun. While others may have just come to run, it seemed everyone had their own motivator. By the third and fourth Tuesdays, it was clear that the organizers of this 5k Series had it dialed in and were Getting out of my car I noticed, music playing, the Rockin’ it… Every week more runners and every week more Rockstar energy drink truck giving product away. It was a fun more prizes. When the last Tuesday rolled around, it very festive atmosphere. I was pleasantly surprised at was sad to see the racing come to an end, but the how organized and well thought out it all seemed. For the memories will be there for a very long time. first night it wasn’t an overwhelming amount of participants, but all the usual suspects out for a night of At the last Tuesday it seems the number of runners running. had doubled. Everyone had a story and a very cool shirt and tons of free goodies. Kudos to all those who planned, After all the running was over, I was astounded at organized and pulled off a GREAT race series! the amount of give-a-ways that were offered to all the participates, not just the winners. I even won a few things! Each week I looked forward to those Tuesday nights, even to the point of canceling things that conflicted. [1]
  2. 2. Take Two: Tri Fusion HSN=> I place third in my age group RR #2, Another View (most likely only three in the More than Just a Fun Run age group). I decide to field a by Rick Street question to the first place finisher because his time was phenomenal, “how do you do it so fast?” He quickly replies, It’s late July and I pick up “intervals” and a little a Race Rag from Fitness Fanatics. discussion ensues and I learn I have already run a couple of 5k my first real lesson: I am never and 5 mile races during June and going to run faster than I train. July, “fun runs” they call them. Next race, more I began training for my participants, more kids. My first sprint triathlon in April. I wife says I can no longer run Wow, only $20 for four races, needed to learn to swim, done! I will with my music, she says it slows my that’s the normal price of a fun run need a road bike, done! I need to pace. I do the race in 25:23, she is with a t-shirt. The race announcers improve my 5k, but not sure how to right, again. say there are going to be points for do it. I keep looking for races to Next week’s race she learns participating and placing. Now my run, the times vary with the that I am chatting with other motivation and determination to courses, but I don’t improve. participants while running, she tells complete all four kicks in. What? The Medical Lake Kiwanis me to stop talking and take off Drawings and free food also? I am Mini Triathlon arrives, completed! from closer to the front of the in shock. My overall time had improved from pack, and I try. My results improve I have my first zero calorie the trial run a week before, but the again and I complete the race in RockStar drink, amazing flavors. run did not improve, still doing 24:36. After the race I have a banana and roughly high 8 to 9 minute miles. August 25th arrives and it’s a couple cookies. I am thinking I Now I am hooked, scouring the Rag the last of the series. I approach have never been to such a well for other events to do before the this race with my wife’s only advice planned and executed fun run. Being summer ends and maybe, just left, “you just have to run faster”. I an accountant I think to myself, “I maybe I will do another triathlon. managed to improve my time wonder how they make money?” Not Wait; here is a race series, the Hot slightly and complete it at 24:14. to worry as that does not seem to Summers Nights 5k Runs. Same There are more participants be the objective of this group and course over a 4 week period, than ever, prizes, pictures, points this particular event, it seems to be perfect! I’ll do it. and winners being announced. What to just have fun, hmm. I attended with my wife and a great event! It educated me, gave I arrive at race registration me a consistent route with varying granddaughter. My wife Donna is a for the first race a little too close challenges and improved my times. I critical thinker and has become my to start for my comfort, and think would like to thank Tri Fusion for best coach. I run the first race in I was the last to register that day. putting on the 5k series and all the 26:22, just as expected based on I was greeted by a volunteer and sponsors that participated and past race results. pre-registered for all four races. contributed to its success. CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR MEMBERS THAT QUALIFIED TO PARTICIPATE AT THE IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP IN KONA, HAWAII, ON OCTOBER 10. 2009: JEFF BLACKWELL, SAM PICICCI, STEVE WACO [2]
  3. 3. Spice Up Your Running Though challenging, this run is very rewarding. Remember by Josh Hadway what goes up must come down. After running on top of this small mountain, and taking in its scenic views, you will hit a There are times in any sport no matter how much you paved road and can either follow that down the hill, or follow love it, training can become stale. Running is no exception to the trail that crosses the road. Once at the bottom you take this. We find ourselves running the same loops day in and day the traditional Indian Painted Rocks trail following the little out. I know I can run the river loop by my house during the day, Spokane River back. at night, with one eye, or probably even with both eyes closed. Personally I have found the best way to bring excitement to my Dishman Hills running is to add an element of adventure! Run some place new. The beauty of running is the fact that you can cover tons of Out in the Spokane Valley is a large park (450 acres) ground and see things that would take someone that is walking named Dishman Hills. Located in this park is Skull Rock, which hours to see. You can also travel places that cars and other can be found in the Enchanted Ravine. To get there you must motor vehicles are not allowed. Following are five of my favorite first travel through Camp Caro. Starting to sound like a places to run in Spokane that offer a small element of treasure hunt? Okay, sadly there is no buried treasure at adventure. Dishman Hills (I am still looking), but there are miles of well maintained and well marked trails. This forest is scattered with Riverside State Park granite rock outcroppings and small ponds. If you explore around a little you will find small bridges, and many worthwhile There is much more to Riverside State Park than the viewpoints of the Spokane Valley. Bowl and Pitcher campground. Most people venture across the bridge, but don’t branch out and cover many of the other Rim Rock amazing trails that wind throughout this massive park. A good starting point for your next run is the little dirt parking lot by If you look west from SFCC you will notice a large ridge the 7-mile horse stables. From there you can run the classic line, which stands tall above the city. At the top of this ridge trail in the park “Little Vietnam” (honestly it’s quite jungle-like runs a road named Rim Rock. Just recently this road was gated at times). This trail is a flat, single track trail that winds along off to cars, and incorporated into Palisades Park. If you want a with the Spokane River. On hot summer days, the dense simple run that has amazing views of Spokane and the vegetation on this route shades you from the hot rays of the surrounding area, park at the gate and run out and back on the sun. road. The road is very flat, is dirt and soft on your joints, and is Even less traveled than Little Vietnam is the single track also smooth, lacking rocks and roots that you may trip over trail system just south of Deep Creek. From the dirt parking lot running on trails. From this road you can also run many trails at the 7 mile Bridge head west out seven mile road. After that take you deeper into Palisades Park, a natural wetlands (I traveling about 50 meters past the centennial trail heading to promise you won’t get your feet wet). This park is also 9-mile, you will notice a post(trail 25) marking the trail on the connected to Indian Canyon, which boasts a small canyon with a right hand side of the road. Trail 25 is a very shaded run and is scenic waterfall at the end of the canyon. Spring and early also a great run on hot summer days. All the trails in this area summer are the best times to visit this waterfall. Most years connect back up with each other, so feel free to pick small side the falls dries up by late summer, so don’t procrastinate your trails. It does not matter what time of year you run these visit. trails, they are always a joy to run. Liberty lake County Park Indian Painted Rocks It’s parks like this that make me love the Spokane area. Lots of Spokane Residents have visited Indian Painted You really are not that far from town, and yet you feel as if you Rocks at some point in their lives, but most people have missed could get lost way out in the wilderness. Liberty Lake County out on the most beautiful and scenic part (the top). Located Park located on the south end of Liberty Lake offers miles of right next to the bathrooms you will notice a small single track scenic running. Near the top of this trail system is a small trail, this is known as the “valley trail”. Pace your self at the waterfall, and there are plenty of places to stop and just enjoy start of this run because the trail does not stay in the valley the view. If you have never been to this park it is time to make for long. Eventually, you will come upon two locations where this a visit. trail splits, stay left both times (if you are looking for a real So next time you are dreading going out for a run, hop in monster of a climb, take the first right and you will find your car and drive somewhere new. You may be surprised how yourself on top of rattle snake ridge in a little over an hour). much running in a new location can spice up your training that has become slightly dull. [3]
  4. 4. “An Accident Report” by Bryan Rowe AKA Riding to the top of Mt. Spokane Saturday was going to be a busy day. I was going to ride up Mt. Spokane with a group of Tri Fusion teammates and Jayne was going ride Mt.Spokane on her MTB. So she dropped me off at 8:30 and went on to her ride. Our group got on the road about 9:00 for the grind to the top of Mt. Spokane. This is about a 45 mile total. Of course that means ~ 22.5 miles of climbing then 22.5 miles of descending. I'm not exactly sure how much climbing there is, but my Garmin had it at ~4800 ft. Training Peaks puts it at 5900 ft. At any rate, it was a lot of up. My goal for the ride was to keep my cadence above 90 as long as I could, but to cap my HR at 150. At the beginning of the ride this kept me off the front of the group a little until we got to the base of the hill. Josh "the Machine" Hadway then pulled a train of about five guys by me like I was parked. I was tempted to go with them until I noticed my HR had climbed to 161. I decided to stay with my plan, I needed the aerobic work way more than I needed to get anaerobic. So I fell off the back and just plugged along. It was an absolutely perfect day for a climb, not too hot. Shortly after I started up Summit Road, I was starting to fantasize about my protein bar in my back pocket, so I stopped and ate it. Greg and Natalie caught up to me about the time I finished the bar so I rode the rest of the way with them. It was nice riding with them during those last couple of miles. Once on top we joined the group and took a picture and waited for the last couple of people. Dave had missed the turn up to the summit but made it about fifteen minutes later. After standing on top in the slight breeze, we were all getting pretty cold. Now for the fun part! I love descending. My bike is so smooth and responsive, it's like driving a Mercedes on a twisty mountain road. The very top section of Mt. Spokane is pretty bumpy and narrow and the road surface is less than predictable. But once we got off of Summit Road we were able to let ‘em run a little faster. However, there are some pretty tight turns so you really have to get on the brakes. Greg and I were off the front a little and running a real sweet line. We were on a straight away preparing for what looked to be a pretty tight left hand turn. I was on both brakes trying not to overload either one. When all of a sudden the handlebars are being yanked out of my hands and down I go. On my way down I had time to yell "F%^&" and that was about it. Boom, crash, bang, head back, elbow, head back, hands and knees, STOP! I wasn't sure how far the next rider was behind me, so I was hoping they were not going to pile into me. I think it was Nate and he was able to stop. Everyone was great!!! They did everything right. They assessed my injuries quickly and got me and my bike out of the middle of the road. Then began a comedy of errors, so to speak. A few guys on motorcycles came by and stopped and we decided to have Greg ride down with them to get his truck. After he left with them, I thought about my car just a few miles down the road, because Jayne was riding her MTB bike from Bear Creek Lodge. So, we then sent a couple of guys with my keys to go get my car. But about two minutes after they left someone noticed that I had another key sticking out of the back of my jersey. And sure enough it was the key to the Tahoe. So the guys that already left could get in the Tahoe with the remote but could not start the car! So we sent someone else with that key. A few minutes later a ranger drives by and waves.....A few minutes after that he comes back and asks what happened and do we need any help. We thanked him and he went on his way only to return about five minutes later with a lawn chair for me to sit in, that was nice of him. In the meantime, we were finally able to reach Jayne on her cell. She had already left where she was parked and was headed back to where she had dropped me off. So now Greg was on his way back up with his truck. Matt, Craig and Dave were riding down to find a car that was no longer there and Jayne was in that car and driving back up the mountain. She rescued me and off the the ER we went. Long story, sorta short, I have a separated AC joint. More commonly know as a separated shoulder. Lots of bumps and bruises and some good road rash too. My bike has bent handlebars and a dinged up seat but so far that's all I've found. The real bummer for me, other than the pain, is that we were headed to Pentictin to watch IM Canada the next weekend and on Saturday I was going to ride the course with Heather Wurtele and Tony and Jayne. That didn’t happen. I will keep you posted on my recovery! [4]
  5. 5. Ten Simple Ways to Boost Endurance by Ben Greenfield, President Human Wellness Solutions Iron is a key component of your body's oxygen carrying and distribution pathways. But for many females, endurance athletes, or individuals predisposed to anemia, it can be difficult to practically consume enough iron. As with all nutritional habits, rather than just blindly "popping pills" and relying strictly on supplements, it is ideal for your body to achieve adequate vitamin, nutrient, and mineral intake via natural means. Supplements can be highly effective, but remember that you must eat real food! So I'm going to share with you 10 very effective, practical, easy and tasty ways to optimize your iron intake. 1. Eat the following salad 1x/day: An “iron” salad. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon of wheat germ or unsweetened bran cereal (available in cereal section of grocery store) on a 1-2 handfuls of spinach and romaine lettuce. Include a handful of chopped broccoli and 2 tablespoons of garbanzo, kidney, lima, pinto, black beans, or navy beans. You can also include a 1-2 teaspoons of chopped olives and 1-2 chopped celery stalks. Use an olive oil/ vinaigrette dressing, and include if available 1-2 pinches of parsley, thyme, oregano and/or basil. 2. Eat 1 handful per day of the following snack mix: 1 part pumpkin seeds, 1 part soy nuts, 1 part sesame seeds, 1 part raisins, craisins, or dried blueberries. 3. Include the following meal in your diet 2x/week: roasted or sautéed asparagus (3-5 pieces), sautéed with tofu, sea salt, pepper, turmeric to taste, lemon juice and slivered almonds. Include if available 1-2 pinches of parsley, thyme, oregano and/or basil. This is a very easy and quick meal to make and pack for lunches or eat as a side for dinner. 4. Other good produce foods to include regularly in salads and as lunch or dinner sides, and purchase frequently when at the grocery store: string beans or green beans, kale, mustard greens, kelp, Brussels sprouts, olives, green peas, fennel and celery. 5. Ensure that your multi-vitamin includes: ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumarate or ferrous succinate. If not, supplement with iron. 6. Wait at least 1 hour after a meal before drinking any black or green tea. 7. Include a few sprinkles of cinnamon with all breakfast foods, yogurts, cereals, etc. 8. If you consume oatmeal, consider substituting with cooked quinoa, which is higher in iron. 9. If possible, eat a serving of red meat (the side of a deck of cards) 1-2x/week. 10. Chopped fresh dill weed or dill spice and a dark red salmon (4-6 oz.) go very well together and would be another excellent dinner choice. You can serve with roasted asparagus, or any of the other vegetables listed above. Crimini mushrooms also are high in iron and would be excellent sautéed with the salmon. Remember that nutritional consulting for athletes, weight loss, or general health is always available through bengreenfield.html. Until next time, train and eat smart! [5]
  6. 6. Q & A with Bruce Gennari: One of Triathlon’s Most But, I think the most definitive moment in my triathlon career Successful Age Group Athletes & Swimming FORCE! was when I was first out of the water in the 1997 Ironman by Jessi Thompson World Championships. Q: What's your favorite swim workout for triathletes? A: Favorite swim workout would be one that consisted of a lot of distance sets. I just did this workout the other day and loved it: 1 x 500 loosen 1 x 800 meter swim @ 11:00; 2 x 400 meter swim @ 5:45; 4 x 200 meter swim @ 2:50 and 8 x 100 meter swim @ 1:25 6 x 50 kick with fins on my back 1 x 800 pull (paddles and buoy) 1 x 200 loosen I do workouts like this about three (3) times a week. I just think people need to realize that in order to get better (and faster) at swimming that they need to spend time in the Bruce Gennari stormed on the triathlon scene in 1997 pool. You're not going to get better at swimming just because and gained fame as the announcers in Kona said, "There he is, you’re fit. Now, with that being said, stroke technique is Bruce Gennari, first out of the water today." Yes, that's right important. I don't work that much on stroke technique for the people. Out of the water ahead of all the pros, ahead of simple reason that I don't need to. But, for those just EVERYONE. He's continued to be one of the nation's most beginning to swim I think you really need to get the stroke accomplished age group athletes, but better than all of his component of swimming figured out before you start results combined, is the fact that you won't meet a more performing workouts like the one mentioned above. humble, friendly, down-to-earth guy. Some would say he could even be Jim Carrey's taller stunt double... in more ways than Q: Are there swim toys you can't live without? If so, what are just the looks. I had the opportunity to pick his brain about they? swimming in triathlon and thought it would be great to share. A: Paddles, buoy and fins. I use each one during every swim Q: Your list of swimming and triathlon results and session. Fins can especially be beneficial for those trying to accomplishments is as tall as I am. If you had to narrow it down, get the "stroke" aspect of swimming down. I love paddles as what would you say are your top five career highlights? this is my "weight lifting" session for my arms during the year. A: I'll break this up between swimming and triathlon. Q: What kind of training do you do out of the water that you feel contributes to your strong swimming? Swimming accomplishments would have to be being a NCAA All - American while swimming at the University of A: Early season (December, January, February and into March) Alabama. I was also an All SEC Team Selection in 1987 (my I lift weights. I also hit a yoga session every now and then. I junior year) for my second place in the 500 freestyle. That think both are imperative to becoming a strong swimmer. same year the University of Alabama won the 1987 SEC Championships. This is particularly special because the Q: What is one of the most common mistakes you see University of Alabama has only won 2 times and I was part of triathletes make in the water? one of those teams. Being voted the co-captain of the 1988 team my senior year was also a pretty nice accomplishment. A: I think one of the biggest mistakes is not knowing the water conditions. You need to answer questions like; is there a Triathlon accomplishments would be winning the 2001 current (river swimming and ocean swimming), how am I going to USAT National Championships overall. That same year I was deal with waves, can I dolphin dive when heading out? Simple voted USAT Age Group Triathlete of the Year. In 2006 I was stuff like that. But I also think that most people are so voted by USAT as the Male Master's Triathlete of the year. concerned about getting the "hole shot" at the beginning of a Also that year I was honored by Triathlete Magazine as the swim that they don't pay attention to their stroke. This leads Master of the Year. them to continue to swim incorrectly the rest of the way. [6]
  7. 7. Q & A with Bruce Gennari (cont’d) I've been fortunate in my career to be able to "push the needle into the red" whenever I've wanted to. Q: Are there any secret (or not-so-secret) tips you have I think all of the swimming I did in my youth and in for triathletes in the swim? college really allowed me mentally be prepared for high pressure race situations that we face whenever we toe A: Simple, the shortest distance between two (2) points the line in a triathlon. is a straight line. Also, if you can find that pair of feet that is swimming just a tad faster than you JUMP ON Q: What's up next for you? What are your future THEM. Drafting in the swim is totally legal. It's also a goals? lot more helpful than people think. Just make sure you aren't "dinking" the feet in front of you. Also make sure A: I believe I will end the 2009 season with WTC the person in front of you is swimming a straight line. Augusta 70.3 and then Clearwater 70.3. After that I'll take some time off. I'll hope that next season won't be Q: Mark Van Akkeren published an article this year interrupted by any kind of illness or setback. This past about how triathletes need to get away from masters year was eye - opening for me. The whole blood clot issue swimming and do more triathlon specific swimming. really threw me for a loop. Adapt and overcome! Next There's some controversy over this because he (like you) season who knows what I'll put on the schedule. I do comes from a strong swimming background and has know this. When I turn 45, I'll try to go back to Hawaii technique ingrained at this stage (which isn't the case one more time. for most triathletes). What are your thoughts? Bruce is the manager at Emdeon Business Services and Article: lives in Tennessee with his wife, Tammy, and his two sons, option=com_content&view=article&id=111:triathlon- Ian and Noah. specific-swimming-getting-away-from- masters&catid=41:triathlon-articles&Itemid=157 A: Listen, if you don't swim correctly then you're wasting your time. Stroke technique is imperative. What's the sense in swimming 4,500 - 5,000 meters incorrectly. First, get the basics down. Swim with a Master's group, attend a Total Immersion clinic, get some video taping in an Endless Pool. Bottom line, figure out the correct stroke technique. This is not something that is going to happen overnight. It's going to take time. Once you've learned the drills you're going to have to do them over and over for a while. Then, once swimming is like running or riding a bike you can start "training like a "triathlete". Q: You've stayed competitive in sports for a long time, what keeps you motivated year after year? A: That's a fairly easy question for me to answer. I just love competition. I love being able to line up on any given weekend and seeing "who has it" and who doesn't. It's very rare that you have it every single weekend. Then it just boils down to who has the most guts. [7]
  8. 8. How to Make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Sh#%!: Information Every Bike Owner Should Know, but Hopefully Never Have to Use by Steve Anderson Have you ever had the feeling when you lost something very important or even worse, someone thought they deserved it more than you? Well, that is what happened a few weekends ago when someone entered my garage and walked out with my bike. As I entered the garage, I felt sick to my stomach. I even went as far as thinking that I may have moved it inside the night before, only to snap back to reality and realize that my bike was gone. Though many things went through my mind, many not appropriate for this article, I was informed by Eric Byrd to call the police and file a police report. I will have to say that I was pretty impressed by how fast the police responded even though it was just a bicycle that had been stolen. The next step was to call the local bike shops and pawn shops to inform them of what to look for. Jessi and Tiffany helped out a ton and this is when I found out having your bike's serial number is important. It soon became apparent that my bike was really gone and the next step was to contact my insurance company (thankfully I had renter’s insurance). Though I can guarantee you that the insurance adjuster probably didn’t believe me when I informed her of the price to “replace new”, they were very helpful and answered the million questions I have had (this is the first time I have ever claimed anything on insurance). So, after doing a complete inventory of what was on my bike (this sport is ridiculously expensive), I submitted my insurance claim and have been very fortunate to have everything replaced. It really helped that I had a recent picture with everything that was on the bike when it was taken. Though I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, I was lucky to turn chicken sh#% into chicken salad and have an awesome new bike that will be locked up from now on. Below are a few things I learned in the process: 1) Write down the serial number for your bike. 2) Take pictures of your bike and all accessories that are on it. 3) Make sure your insurance company will cover your bike and accessories. 4) Keep any and all receipts that you can for all your gear. 5) File a police report and describe everything you thought was on your bike. 6) Call local bike shops and pawn shops, have serial numbers ready. 7) Search Craigslist, Ebay, etc., in hopes the idiot was stupid enough to try and sell it. 8) Pray that is doesn’t happen to you. 9) Keep your garage door closed and secured :). This experience has been rough. It all worked out in the end but the time and pain-in-the-butt factor can definitely carry some weight. For every “good result” I can only imagine ten that don’t work out. I hope none of you have to go through this, but if you do I hope this helps you to be a little bit more prepared. [8]
  9. 9. FAQ about Tri Fusion Swims at OZ Fitness Q: When are the OZ Swims? A: Tuesday 6:00 pm-7:30 pm, Friday 4:00 pm-5:30 pm, and Sunday 8:00 am-9:30 am Q: Which OZ Fitness centers are hosting these swims? A: Currently, it's the north side OZ Fitness. Q: Do you have to be an OZ member to participate? A: Yes, although you can purchase a day pass for $15 if you'd like to come for just the day. Q: Are workouts provided? A: A majority of the time they are, but it is not a guarantee. Q: Who are these swim workouts designed for? (Do I have to be a fast swimmer to go?) A: The workouts are generally modified into 3 different levels that accommodate most swimmers. You can always personally adapt to make it work for you so long as you're being respectful of the other swimmers in your lane. Q: Are there other locations where these swims are happening? A: These swims are member-driven, so Tri Fusion encourages you to talk to the manager of your local gym to see if you can get pool time and do a similar group swim in another location. FOR SALE: 2005 Quintana Roo Caliente 49 cm Tri Bike *Rolf Elan with 650 wheels and very light clinchers. New gator skin tires. *Durace Front and Rear Derailer *Ultegra brake callipers, Front and Back *FSA Carbon Crank Set 170 mm with FSA Chain Ring 53/39 *12/25 Dura ace Cassette *Vision Aero Bars Contact Vicki Scates at: or (208)-660-3779 [9]
  10. 10. Hair & Skin Care, Product Review - Vitamin E Acetate helps protect bromine and minerals from a pool or by Rick Phillips of Chee Chee’s Salon hair against free radical damage, spa that can attach on to the hair and moisturizes hair and scalp tissue. scalp and cause dryness, damage, Hair Care=> - Pantheon penetrates the hair shaft discoloration, hair loss, flaky, itchy Recouping hair after summer abuse: to protect hair’s strength and scalp, and the inability for chemical moisture. services to properly process. • Replenish moisture-Davines Veggie- - Botanical extracts miracle is truly a miracle. provide therapeutic - Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) helps benefit to hair and protect hair against free radical • Repair damage-Davines Veggie- scalp tissue. damage caused by exposure to the sun miracle puts just enough protein and air. back •Malibu 2000 - EDTA is a chelating agent that helps Swimmers' Water lift minerals. • Improve elasticity- Davines- Action Shampoo- is Vegi-miracle ads all the good a gentle, daily stuff without the weight! shampoo formulated - Vitamin E Acetate helps protect with antioxidant hair against free radical damage, • ADD Volume - AG Bigwigg rocks vitamins and moisturizes hair and scalp tissue. for a lot of root lifting without botanicals - Pantheon penetrates the hair shaft the crunch! specifically for to protect hair's strength and swimmers of all moisture. • Increase shine - Davines finest ages. pigments clear glossing •Dry frizzy hair - Davines Love- treatment (20 minutes under Specific for frizzy and heat and voila, shiny hair that lasts undisciplined hair, it has a - A sulfate up to 15 shampoos!) AG liquid or smoothing and softening action. free spray varnish for everyday shine It delicately cleanses hair, shampoo enhancement . respecting its structure and that helps making it easy to comb. Love prevent • Take out the chlorine - Malibu 2000 shampoo deeply moisturizes and build-up of Conditioner- Malibu 2000 Swimmers nourishes, creating smooth, silky pool and spa Water Action Wellness Conditioner and shiny hair. It contrasts the chemicals is formulated with antioxidant static effect in hair, even after (chlorine, vitamins and botanicals specifically many hours, and reduces hair’s bromine) for swimmers of all ages. Helps aging resulting from dehydration. and hard prevent build-up of pool or spa water chemicals (chlorine, bromine) and •Energy - A shampoo to minerals hard water minerals (copper, stimulate, invigorate and (copper, calcium, and magnesium) while strengthen while adding shine. calcium, and providing ultimate conditioning of Cooling to the scalp and great for magnesium) hair and scalp. Helps prevent green stimulating scalp circulation and while gently hair caused by copper. Leaves hair nourishing hair follicles. cleansing silky soft, manageable, full of shine hair and and free of minerals: •Shift - Made for unbalanced scalp. Helps - Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) helps scalps this treatment invigorates prevent protect hair against free radical with peppermint and tea tree oil green hair caused by copper. Leaves damage caused by exposure to the sun while stimulating hair follicles. For hair soft, manageable, and full of and air. exfoliating and deep-cleansing the shine. Swimmers of all ages exposing - EDTA is a chelating agent that helps scalp while refreshing and treating. their hair to chlorine, lift minerals. [10]
  11. 11. Skin Care (cont’d) Skin Care for all types=> A chemical-free sunscreen helps to • Moisturize the skin -Dermalogica • Before sun exposer – dermalogica shield against further damage. Contains no Active Moist was created for skin with multivitamin body block SPF20 - skin artificial fragrance or color. SPF15 excess oil production. This lightweight, condition: all, especially prematurely- - Lactic Acid smoothes and re- oil-free moisturizer absorbs without a aging skin texturizes the eye area, while Sodium PCA trace, creating an invisible barrier - Treat areas prone to aging while attracts moisture. against moisture loss. blocking damaging UV rays with with this - Chemical-free Titanium Oxide sunscreen and body moisturizer. protects against UVA and UVB radiation to • help shield against further damage. • ProKera Day Time Moisture Shield - Extracts of Spiraea, Hydrocotyl and - with SPF 15, UVA/UVB spectrum sun block (4 oz.) Bisabolol help firm and reduce puffiness - This oil, fragrance, lanolin, and fine lines. propylene glycol, oxybenzine and PABA free moisturizing sunscreen was - Optical light diffusers help minimize formulated with sunscreen agents to dark circles help prevent sunburn and diminish premature aging effects caused by • Treat the lips - Dermalogica age prolonged exposure to the UVA/UVB smart renewal lip complex - Minimize contour lines and smooth rough, uneven rays. and delicate tissue with this hydrating daily lip treatment. Superior conditioning • Exfoliate – Dermalogica skin prep scrub exfoliator, skin condition: oily, lasts for hours. A sophisticated daily • Cover the sunburn - Dermalogica except users of prescribed exfoliants treatment with a patented polypeptide sheer moister SPF15 - skin condition: Natural Corn Cob Meal and soothing restores delicate tissue, minimizes - Neutralize, relieve and defend botanicals polish away dulling dead skin contour lines and helps prevent the signs against inflammation and redness induced cells without over-stimulating. of aging caused by Advanced Glycation by skin sensitivity and rosacea with this End-products (AGEs – a damaging three-in-one SPF Moisturizer byproduct of sugar/protein reactions in • Wash - Dermalogica Body Wash - the skin). Vitamin E fights damaging free skin condition: all • Treat the eyes - Dermalogica total radicals (Reactive Oxygen Species) while - Purifying essential oils and natural eye care SPF15 - A technically advanced extracts cleanse the body without over- a moisturizing blend of Avocado Oil, eye treatment cream to help protect and drying. Conditions the skin, de-stresses combined with Shea and Cocoa Seed repair the delicate eye area. Gentle the mind and soothes the senses. butters, quickly smoothes rough, uneven alpha hydroxy acids smooth while firming lips. Contains no artificial fragrance or plant extracts retexturize the skin, color. • After sun damage - Dermalogica helping to reduce the appearance of After Sun Repair treatment balm helps puffiness and fine lines. Optical light repair recent UV damage while instantly diffusers help diminish dark circles, soothing overexposed skin. This benefits instantly restoring translucency and all skin types. freshness to the skin. [11]
  12. 12. The Board of Directors, Sponsors and The Calendar of Upcoming Events... Board of Directors We would like to extend a • Steve Anderson - Membership Director generous thank you to our • Tiffany Byrd - Uniform Director truly amazing sponsors! • Trish Cudney - Social Director • Greg Gallagher - Event Director • Natalie Gallagher - Newsletter Director • Ben Greenfield - Website Director • Mark Hodgson - Mentor Director • Jim Powers - Vice President • Tim Swanson - Treasurer • Jessi Thompson - Secretary • Roger Thompson - President • Kathy Worden & Jen Polello - Kids Club Co-Directors • Tri Fusion Kids Fun Run on September September/Oct. Calendar More Races/Runs: 26th @ 1:00 pm @ Audubon • September 26th-27th: Black Park. Diamond Triathlons @ Enumclaw, WA • Oktoberfest 5k Cross Country Race: Training Opportunities: • Also Sept. 26th: Tri Fusion Kids Fun Second annual race on • Whitworth Masters swimming: Run @ Audubon Park @ 1:00 pm October 24, 2009. Mon-Wed-Fri @ 8:30- pm, Sat @ 10 Registration available now! 5:30- am. Contact Kevin Wang @ 7 • October 3rd: Colbert Half Marathon • Tri Fusion Greenbluff Day: Sunday, Oct. @ Colbert, WA 18th=> Meet at the • Throughout the fall => check the Tri • Oct. 4th: BRRC X-C 5K @ Bear Lake, Hawthorne Starbucks @ 2:00 Forum @ Training for outdoor group WA pm. rides, open water swims and/or runs. • Oct. 10th: Ironman World • End of Season Party!!! Friday, Nov. Championship @ Kona, Hawaii 20th @ The Spokane Country • Coming soon: Head lamp runs! Club @ 7:00 pm=> $25 tickets Watch the Tri Forum for details. • Oct. 11th: Spokane Marathon, Run on sale now at the Sept. & Races @ downtown Spokane, WA Oct. meetings. • Oct. 11th-Nov. 22nd on Sundays: Races/Runs: INW Cyclocross Series @ various Next Membership Meeting: • Sept. 19th: Club Triathlon venues Championships @ Grand Columbian • Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 @ Triathlons @ Grand Coulee, WA Upcoming Events: 6:30 p.m.: General membership Various multisport races to choose. meeting at Twigs on the north side. [12]