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  1. 1. SIXTH EDITION APRIL 2007 We Love Our Sponsors! FITNESS FANATICS: 12425 E. Trent Ave. 922-6080 RUNNER’S SOUL: 221 N. Wall St. 624-7654 This month, all T Fusion members were once again ri In downtown Spokane you can find one of the best treated to a discounted shopping night at Robin DeRuwe’s stocked running shoes and accessories stores, Runner’s very own multisport store, Fitness Fanatics. Soul. Home to hundreds of men’s and women’s running shoes, owner Curt Kinghorn has been specializing in Even though Robin treated us with a similar runner’s needs for several years. If you’ve ever been to a shopping opportunity recently in February, we were ready local running event, you should recognize Curt as to spend some more cash to buy much “needed” triathlon Spokane’s premier volunteer announcer! gear ranging from new carbon wheel sets to speed suits. Fitness Fanatics sells some of the area’s top of the line Proudly, Runner’s Soul is one of Tri Fusion’s triathlon shoes and clothing, bicycles and accessories, sponsors, where Curt offers members a 10% discount on running gear, swim suits, wet suits, and nutrition gels, drink running shoes. Not only do members receive a discount to mixes and bars, as well as cross-country ski equipment, purchase shoes, but we also get the opportunity to take a skate skis, snow shoes and gear. test spin in our prospective new shoes (while at the store), followed up with expert shoe fit advice from experienced Owner, Robin DeRuwe is an experienced triathlete runners like the owner himself. Still wanna try a few miles in herself, and she knows what an athlete needs to those new shoes after your purchase to guarantee running successfully train and compete in multisports. Fitness satisfaction? No problem, simply run on a treadmill to ensure Fanatics also has a bike mechanic to help you with your bike your shoe happiness and if there’s a problem, Curt will work fit, maintenance and mechanical issues. with you to find the best shoe for the job! Members of Tri Fusion feel fortunate to have a supportive relationship with Robin and her crew at Fitness FEATURES FE Fanatics. If you haven’t had the opportunity to utilize the great knowledge and convenience of your local multisport * Recipe & Classified Ads.......................... page 2 store, take advantage soon! * Race Reviews.... .............................. pages 3 & 4 * Check It Out!............................................page 5 * Member Info, Calendar, Sponsors........... page 5 PAGE 1
  2. 2. SIXTH EDITION APRIL 2007 RECIPE: Tropical-Fruit Pizza Preheat oven to 350°∘. Submitted by Kathleen T aylor from Cooking Light Magazine Cut cookie dough into 8 slices; firmly press slices into a 12-inch round pizza pan coated with cooking spray. Ingredients needed: Bake at 350°∘for 25 minutes or until lightly browned. 1 (18-oz.) package refridgerated sugar cookie dough Cool completely on a wire rack. 1/3 cup sugar 1 .5 tspn. grated orange rind Combine sugar, orange rind, extract, and cream 1 tspn. coconut extract cheese in a bowl; beat at medium speed of a mixer un- 1 (8-oz.) block fat-free cream cheese, softened til blended. Spread cream cheese mixture over cookie 1 C (1 inch) pieces peeled ripe mango crust, leaving a 1/2-inch margin around 1 C sliced banana (about 1 large) edges. Arrange mango, strawberries, 6 (1/2-inch) slices fresh pineapple, banana, pineapple, and kiwifruit on top cut in half of cream cheese mixture. Combine pre- 12 slices fresh strawberries serves and liqueur in a small microwave- 2 kiwifruit, each peeled and cut into safe bowl, and microwave at high 30 8 slices seconds or until melted. Drizzle over 1/4 C apricot preserves fruit; sprinkle with toasted coconut. 1 tbspn. triple sec (orange-flavored Chill 1 hour. liqueur) or orange juice 2 tbspn. flaked sweetened coconut, Per serving nutritional info: 283 calories, toasted 7 grams of fat, 4 grams protein, 48 grams carbohydrate. Classified Advertisements For Sale: • Tri-spoke carbon front race wheel • 2004 Bianchi Veloce 20 spd. Road 53/39 for $50. Contact Kathi Best at & 8 speed rear Zipp 440, asking Bike: size 55, carbon fork & seat kathibest@comcast.net. $100 ea./$200 both. Contact post, Campagnolo Veloce Compo- Steve Rupe @ 868-1884. nents & 12/25T cassette, 1,000 • 2006 T1 DeSoto First Wave Wetsuit: miles, like new cond., retailed for top is a size 6 & bottom is a size 5, Wanted: $1699, asking $900 OBO. worn to 7 races + training sessions, • Womens triathlon training apparel/ Call Natalie at 768-4243. retails for $460, selling for $275, gear donations for women sizes S- • Shimano 9 speed Ultegra Crank- OBO. Call Ben at 208-883-7705, XL. Please contact Jessi Thompson set: cranks FC-6500, 172.5 length, or e-mail elite@pacificfit.net. ,sizing at jthompson@mead.k12.wa.us. chart can be found @ www.t1wetsuits.com/size.html. PAGE 3
  3. 3. SIXTH EDITION APRIL 2007 Boston Marathon by Teri Orr The day in the life of a triathlete is all too familiar to everyone reading this newsletter. There are challenges we face everyday juggling our personal, professional and training life. It started off as a normal trip to the Boston Marathon – my fourth and “no big deal” compared to that of a “newbie” who has set their sights on this goal and has a sparkle in their eyes, completely naive and innocent. I heard the weather forecast at the beginning of the week and I packed accordingly. I never dreamed I would be placed amidst the worst weather in the 111th running of the Boston Marathon. It never crossed my mind I would contend with gusting wind, rain and sleet continuously throughout the race. I had run Boston in optimal weather and finished in a respectable time three years and I believed I was invincible and weather would not change my atti- tude or pace. Then came the morning of. . . . throughout the night I heard the gusts of winds beating the trees outside our hotel room. I was still not afraid. I woke up the morning and did my usual ritual of preparation for a 26.2 mile jour- ney. As I walked out of the hotel into the weather, reality hit that I would be racing one of the most prestigious and oldest races in history in less than optimal conditions. The panic began to strike on the walk to the bus lines as I saw the mass of people bundled in everything from garbage bags to shower caps. At that point I realized that I needed to stay dry and make an attempt to never get too cold. Hypothermia was common talk among the racers. I was lucky, as soon as I hit athletes’ village it was time to get ready for the first wave start to start. I barely had time to get my head straight and the runners were moving forward in the corral and we were taking off across the official chip time start line. I started my watch and wondered what lied ahead. Boston is downhill the first five miles so it literally feels like you are flying. Then the hills start gradually until you make your way to the infamous “Heartbreak” hill at mile 18 where the pain begins. From that point on a runner is faced with multiple down and ups in the race and in the mind. The weather progressively got colder as I neared the finish. I was constantly taking my rainproof cycling jacket off and on throughout the last 12 miles trying not to overheat and get wet, but at the same time staying cool enough to keep a comfortable pace. I saw the finish line in the distance and even though the race was completely different than any past Boston marathons I have experienced, the feeling of accomplishment still felt the same. In the end the Boston marathon is special. No matter rain or shine, the crowds are out in full force and the smell of beer and hamburgers line the course with happy Patriot’s Day participants and. . . you are just happy to be there. The finish line looked no different than years past, but I was different. I just survived another Boston. I was one proud, happy finisher. PAGE 3
  4. 4. SIXTH EDITION APRIL 2007 Snake River Spring Triathlon: Reflections from a Rookie By Tia Rupe “Whew! It’s over and I did it!” After 6 months of training, wondering what the heck I was doing and second guessing my deci- sion, I arrived in the lovely town of Clarkston on Friday, March 30, to do the swim portion of my first triathlon. I found myself standing on the pool side with my hands shaking so bad I couldn’t get my swim cap on straight. I was amazed when I got out that it was actually done. Unfortunately, there were still two legs to go in my journey. After everyone completed their swim, the whole team went to T omato Broth- ers for a post/pre event meal. We awoke to a beautiful morning and headed to the park to start the race. Upon arrival, I chose a transition area, set everything up, checked, re-checked, and then took a deep breath. Soon the gun would go off and my “Tri Virginity” would be lost forever. I thought I would throw up. When my swim time came up, I took off for my bike. It was pedal to the metal. When I arrived back at the transition area, that’s when it all becomes a blur, but off on the run I went. Run however, is not quite the word I would use to describe it, more like a cross between a waddle and a plod, but my body didn’t let me down and as I came to the finish line, my wonderful teammates were there waiting for me. What a feeling of accomplishment! T Fusion turned in an amazing performance that weekend. Jessi and Ben were the overall ri winners. Tiffany, Kathleen, Allison, Jennifer, Greg, Dave, Mark and much to my surprise, myself, all placed in our age groups. Thank you to all who have supported me. I fondly bid farewell to my “Tri-Virginity”, and embrace the journey yet to come. ........................................................................................... ................................................................................ Easter Spring Thaw Tri by Tiffany Byrd Last Sunday, April 15th, was the It was quite the experience for my Spring Thaw T riathlon in Elma, Wash- first open water swim! However, Jessi ington, near Olympia. Jessi and I left and I both made it out of the cold on Saturday and spent the night half water in good time. way between Spokane and Olympia. The bike and run were really fast with nice, flat courses and plenty of cows We woke up to sunshine and blue and horses grazing along the way. skies which was a welcome sight Jessi had a fantastic race -- winning knowing we were going to be swimming the women’s division overall. I placed in a lake in a couple of short hours. first in my age group division. We took The race started at noon with a 250 a quick stop afterwards to take some meter swim, a 13 mile bike ride and a 3 pictures with our awards and some mile run. cows, and we were on our way home! The swim was incredibly chilly and Thanks to Jessi for pushing me to do physical as everyone piled on top of one another trying to round the boat. this race, it was a blast! PAGE 3
  5. 5. SIXTH EDITION APRIL 2007 BOARD OF DIRECTORS • Kathi Best - Social A Genuine Thank You to all May Calendar Director of Our Generous Sponsors: Social Events: • Kevin Best - Vice President Wild Walls climbing: TBA Training Opportunities: • Kim Ellis - Treasurer North Spokane -- • Greg Gallagher - Photographer Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 5-6 am: Spin Hammer Nutrition • Natalie Gallagher - Newsletter class @ OZ North. M-W-F: @ 5:30-7 am: Unstructure • Ben Greenfield - Website Director pool swim @ OZ North. • Mark Hodgson - Team Event Tuesday evenings: BLTs @ 5:15 & Director 6:15 pm @ KJW-G’s house. Bike loop repeats, come for 1, 2, or 3 • Sam Picicci - Uniform Director loops. • Jim Powers - Membership Director Thursday evenings @ 6:15 pm: MEADwork speedwork @ MHS • Jessi Thompson - Secretary track, various workouts, changes weekly, please check Tri-Forum. • Roger Thompson - President Saturdays: Outdoor ride, meeting • Scott Ward - Marketing Director location & time posted weekly on the Tri-Forum. • Kirk Wood-Gaines - Mentor Director Saturdays @7:00 am Mornings with Martin structured swim workout at Check It Out! Valley OZ and @ 8:45 am: Meet at Sullivan Starbucks following the swim Thanks to our extraordinary for fellowship. webmaster, Ben Greenfield, we have Liberty Lake -- an amazing website at www.tri- Mondays & Wednesdays: Spin class @ fusion.com. Web surfing triathletes 5:45-6:45 am @ Liberty Lake Athletic Club. and regular folks can spend tons of Races: time perusing our website because it May 5: Wildflower 1/2 IM, Sunflower is filled with information about Trail Run, Napa Valley 1/2 IM May 6: Bloomsday 12k Road Race, everything multisport! Wildflower Olympic Tri The homepage features eleven May 12: Gulf Coast 1/2 IM May 13: Over the Dam Run 5k, 10k toggles: training, races, members, or 13.1 miles. photo gallery, sponsors, coaching, May 19: Fiasco in Pasco Du, Tour of contacts, links, info. about joining, Swan Valley bike ride 2 X 100 miles. May 20: Tour of Swan Valley, Spring our monthly newsletter and our Thaw Du #2, Florida 1/2 IM, Auburn newest addition; the Tri-Forum. 1/2 IM & Int’l Tri May 27: Onion Man Olympic Tri, Our Tri-Forum is a bulletin board for Coeur d’Alene 1/2 & Marathon our multisport club that features Upcoming Events: topics that members or guests can Next Member Meeting: May 23rd @ Brentwood Elementary. BoD meeting read about and then post comments @ 5:30 pm, followed by General at whim. Topics include: upcoming Members @ 6:30 pm. races & training, to race results for our team members. So check it out! PAGE 3