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Digital Transformation
Companies across sectors in Australia have begun to look to ‘digital transformation’ to improve business performance or reach. Getting this right is important; the companies that do outperforming their peers in every industry that we have studied. However, few firms have yet to truly capturing the benefits of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is the ultimate change management challenge as it impacts every aspect of an enterprise. From the fundamentals of the business model through to how daily tasks are performed. People are at the centre of this. However, it still remains a real challenge with over two thirds of companies stating that culture is a bottleneck for digital transformation. How do you overcome the 75% challenge?

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The 75% Challenge - Capgemini and WooBoard

  2. 2. Digital maturity matters; we found that companies that are more digitally mature can realise a digital advantage of +26% profit! §  We find digital maturity to be a combination of Digital Intensity (“What” you do with digital) and Transformation Management Intensity ( “How” you manage digital).! §  Fashionistas focus largely on the “what” and whilst driving some value from digital though it is often at the expense of net profit and market valuation.! §  Digirati are those most successful in building digital innovations while also considering how it drives business value.! FASHIONISTA! WHAT! (digital investments & assets)! ! Investment in technology enabled initiatives to change how an organisation operates)! Digital! DIGITAL INTENSITY is the organisation doing ! Digital! Digital! Digital! DIGIRATI! Growth +9%! Profit +26%! Digital! BEGINNER! CONSERVATIVE! This is not for us!! Analogue focus! HOW! is the organisation doing it! (vision, governance & roadmap) ! ! Creating the capabilities necessary to drive digital transformation)! TRANSFORMATION MANAGEMENT INTENSITY Source;  Digital  Advantage:  How  digital  leaders  outperform  their  peers  in  every  industry,  Capgemini,  MIT  ©  2013.   Copyright  ©  2013  Capgemini.  All  rights  reserved.  
  3. 3. However, realising the Digital Advantage is complex with companies facing common challenges around culture and skills! INITIATION! Management Inertia! §  Skepticism at the top.! §  Lack of understanding DT opportunities.! Regulation and Reputation! §  Security and privacy concerns.! §  Reputational and regulatory repercussions.! Unclear Business Case! §  Lack of economic business case to justify investment in new technologies.! §  Lack of understanding of the role of infrastructure investment before ROI.! EXECUTION! MISSING SKILLS (77%)! §  Skills scarcity: mobility, analytics, social media...! §  Reliance on external experts.! CULTURE (55%)! §  Changes in jobs due to automation or information empowerment.! §  Inability to shift culture.! §  Weak leader vision on digital! §  Labour relations.! GOVERNANCE! Incremental Vision! §  Lack of a truly transformative vision.! §  Inability to transcend organisational boundaries.! Coordination issues! §  Ineffective coordination across business units or processes.! §  Ineffective coordination between new and traditional businesses or processes.! IT Difficulties (50%)! §  IT systems complexity.! §  Lack of data / information management.! §  Poor business / IT relations.! Source: Capgemini Consulting-MIT Analysis – Digital Transformation: A roadmap for billion-dollar organizations ©, 2012 Copyright © 2013 Capgemini. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Capgemini Australia and WooBoard work together in an exclusive partnership to accelerate cultural change in major organisations! PEOPLE 2.0 FRAMEWORK § Digital transformation is the ultimate change management challenge, impacting every aspect of an enterprise.! § People are at the centre of this change.! § Being successful means focusing on how you bring about culture and behavioural shifts through values.! § However, over two thirds of companies state that culture is a bottleneck for digital transformation.! § Capgemini have developed the People 2.0 Framework to help our clients gain insights into and successfully implement the culture change to address this challenge.! EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION PLATFORM § Annual performance reviews and staff engagement surveys miss a huge opportunity to drive culture in the workplace.! § WooBoard gives employees a social enterprise tool which is both positive and productive every day.! § Being able to reinforce, link and track how the values of a company are actually applied is an incredibly useful leadership tool.! THE PARTNERSHIP In combination this allows us to design, implement, and adapt change management initiatives based on real-time feedback and culture analytics.! Copyright © 2011 Capgemini. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Find out more;! WooBoard is an online platform that facilitates daily, accessible, positive peer recognition in the workplace. It’s an Australian-based company with global ambitions to change the way team members and colleagues are recognized for their efforts, energies and contributions at work.! Capgemini Australia’s Digital Transformation practice is focused on helping organisations find, size, and catalyse the digital opportunities within their business.! ! We’re part of a global team of over 3,600 talented individuals working with leading companies and governments to master Digital Transformation, drawing on our understanding of the digital economy and our leadership in business transformation and organizational change.! Ben Gilchriest Capgemini Digital Transformation Lead, ANZ region @BenGilchriest ! WooBoard helps over 1,500 companies be more productive and engaged every day. Learn more about us at! ! Mick Liubinskas Chairman of WooBoard @liubinskas