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Chinese Prose Essay

  1. 1. Justin Bengel English 10 11/8/09 Chinese Prose Essay The Art of War is one of three Chinese prose, and it is the most effective one in the life of an American. The Analects and the Tao Te Ching on the other hand, are not as widely used to help regulate people’s lives. One of which makes people sound meek, while the other tells the people to live in poverty and not want what could be better. Understanding the way a prepared, ecstatic, American with good moral excellence should live is very important to an individual's life. The Art of War is the most influential of the Chinese prose and has the most potential and positive influence over an American life. The Chinese pro with the very least amount of positive influence is the Analects. If American people lived their lives by the Analects, they would be feeble and weak. The Analects tells you to live in peace, and not to bare arms to protect what is yours, but to use your minds in place of weaponry. It is not wrong to have peace in life, but in a state of war, peace is seldom. In the Analects, Book 7, Chapter 11, it states that doing wrong, even though to help yourself and others, is illegal. It may be illegal, but it’s for the greater good. The health and safety of others may be at stake. The health and safety of others may be at stake. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Benito Mussolini have all used mind over matter to become some of the most hated men in history, notorious for their brutal behaviors. In order to defeat these dictators, we have used weaponry. The Analects is all
  2. 2. about being upright, sincere, and adherent. But being all of these things may be giving up power and losing our sense of security. American people may need to be upright yet able to protect themselves. The Analects states that if someone has their mind set on truth, but is ashamed for living in poverty, they are not to be consulted with. But if someone is living in poverty, but has their mind set on the truth and nothing else, they should be consulted with because they have done no wrong. To be ashamed what you have or don't have is not an error of moral excellence, but a lack of self-worth. The Analects would demoralize American people. The Tao Te Ching on the other hand, teaches the scholar to live in poverty, or with the least amount of supplies needed. The Tao Te Ching says to be simple in life, and not bare arms, just as the Analects did. The Tao Te Ching is the second prose with the least amount of potential for an individual American, but also shows that. It tells people to live a simple and subtle live, but why wouldn't people live a life of wealth and luxury if they can do so? The Tao Te Ching also states that labels should be forgotten. Labels can also be good for some people, depending on what the label is. It also states that people should be more like water. Water can be the lightest thing, and yet the strongest. But fire can also be the thing that people should be like. Fire can destroy people's belongings, just as water can. Yet, it can be comforting to people if they do not abuse the way it should be used and are extremely careful. Fire, like water, doesn't need anything to be fire, except help. Which the Tao Te Ching states that man should not want anything to make them up, but sometimes it is good to ask for help. The Tao also says that the use of weapons is wrong and they should not be used in war. If weapons were not used in war, half of the world would be in slavery by the nations that would use weapons. Weapons are necessary if that
  3. 3. action needs to be taken. It also talks about people who are subtle are more flexible, like a living plant. People who are dead, become more stiff, and inflexible. Not only in death does the soul of a person become hard and stiff. If the person is bitter, and shows love or rejoicing, then that person may be more like a dead tree than a living plant even though he may physically still be alive. The greatest pro with the best influence on an individual's life is the Art of War. The Art of War has the most potential influencing an American citizens life. The Art of War has helped many people in the business world. Teaching them that they always be ready for your enemy to be unprepared. Then to take advantage of it and make sales when the enemy is down, and if you procrastinate, your enemy will do the same. There are many different ways to do so, not just one or two. They have to elaborate and use combinations to defeat your enemy, be competitive. It would also benefit in the lives of the American people by teaching them to know what they are doing to lightest exaggeration. The Art of War also teaches people to be very competitive. Some of the things that make it so competitive are deciding which person has the best ability, advantages, discipline and who is the strongest. It is good for Americans to be competitive, because without competition, there would be no football, soccer, wrestling, basketball, etc; The Art of War also encourages self-motivation. Not to be arrogant, but to be confident. In order to be the best, you have to believe that you can be the best. This would help people self esteem if everyone tried to do this. It tells the reader to be number one at all times. Because being number one is going to have the greatest reward when it all comes down to the end. Always want to win, the person in second or third place will be less profitable than the person who comes in first. Also, the Art of War tells you that
  4. 4. no matter how well something has went for you; do not do over a second time. It tells the reader to be creative with their studies. Doing so can and will make him/herself known to the enemy or component. If there was no Art of War, everybody would be unable to stand up for himself or herself, making them meek and feeble. The Analects would be the least influential to an American because of its ways of making people want the lesser things in life when they could be going for the things that could benefit them a lot more. The Tao Te Ching is in between, but is still the second weakest link of the three Chinese prose. It compares people to water, living plants, and dead trees. But man can also be summarized as many other things. People just have to look deep inside them and find the spirit to be the best. The Art of War is the way an American should be living. Always prepared, always alert. There is not one wrong that can come from following the ways of this study. There is no other explanation to describe the vividness of the Art of War and all of its characteristics.