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5s system PDF from Floor Tape to visual Labels
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Free Guide to 5S

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This guide to Lean manufacturing helps guide you to starting and keeping on task you lean manufacturing process. For more information on 5s search for

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Free Guide to 5S

  1. 1. for more 5S tools, training, & supplies - visit us at www.creativesafetysupply.comWRITTEN BY CREATIVE SAFETY SUPPLY | © 20135Sa user’s guide to achieving sustainedorganization and a visual workplace
  2. 2. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comWhat is 5S??If your company is like most organizationstoday, you’re searching for a competitiveedge. Something that will reduce costs,increase sales and make you more agilein a changing business environment.Well you’ve found it.Simply put, 5S is a systematic approach to workplace organization.But it’s also much more than that. 5S is about efficiency,competitiveness and survival. It is a deceptively simple system thatcreates an organized and productive workplace.But it’s not just about cleaning up and eliminating toolboxes. 5Screates a workplace environment that can adapt and succeed inthese turbulent times. Chaos and unproductivity are your enemies;organization and efficiency are your 2
  3. 3. 5S: a user’s guide |• Lower costs• Better quality• Improved safety• Increased productivity• Higher employee satisfactionIf implemented correctly and followed diligently, 5S will lead to:From the offices of upper management to the workstations in the factory,the power of this system will quickly reveal itself in your bottom line.5S is sometimes called thefive pillars because just likethe physical pillars that holdup a structure, 5S has fiveelements that support theeffectiveness of the system.And just like the pillars ofa building, if one was toweaken or fail, the entirestructure could be 3
  4. 4. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comOriginally developed by Hiroyuki Hirano for manufacturing companiesin Japan, the principles of 5S translate well to the laboratory, therepair facility, and even the corporate office. Almost any workplaceenvironment will benefit from the structure and efficiency that thismodel provides.SortSet In OrderShineStandardizeSustainEliminate all the things in the workspace that arenot being used and store them away.Arrange the items used on a daily basis so thatthey can be easily accessed and quickly stored.Everything is cleaned and functioning properly.Develop routines for organizing your work spacesas well as visual cues to assist in the process.Create a culture that follows the steps of 5S on adaily 4The 5 steps of 5SThroughout this guide, you will find this icon.Click on it for more info about the featured product.
  5. 5. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comSortSort is the process of removing all the items thatare not needed for current production from theworkspace.The goal is to eliminate all of the unneeded tools and materials and tocreate a space that is free of clutter- this allows for a workflow free fromdistraction.If you do not use it on a daily basis – throw it out. Leave only thethings that you absolutely need to get you job done. This includestools, materials and machinery.Sorting is the cornerstone of 5S.It will get rid of problems like:• Tools and materials impeding workflow• Wasted time looking for parts and tools• Stockpiling unnecessary and expensive inventory• Safety hazards resulting from clutterpage 5
  6. 6. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comIdentifying unneeded parts and tools is not always an easy task.Employees and managers get so used to the chaos that they don’teven see it anymore. 5S has an effective tool that will help you withyour sort – it’s called the Red Tag Strategy.When executing the Sort step, you must be vigilantand ruthless. Doing this first step correctly will lay thegroundwork and ensure a successful implementationof the 5S model.* The Red Tag Holding Area is a central location where you can put items that you aren’tfully sure about disposing of yet. Perhaps you’re not sure of the quantity that you need at theworkstation. Or maybe you don’t know how often you need it, or if you need it at all.1 Leave the item where it is 3 Dispose of the item2 Relocate the item[ ]4 Place in Red Tag Holding Area*The Red Tag Strategy is a great way toidentify all of the objects that need to beremoved from the workplace. When yousee something that you think may need tobe removed, you literally put a “red tag”on it. This is a flag that lets everyone knowthat this item needs to be evaluated.There are a few actions that can be takenat this point:page 6Need Red Tags? See our selection online
  7. 7. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comSet in OrderSet in Order is the process of putting everything ina place that is easy to get to and easy to put away.Everything should be clearly marked so that anyonecould easily find its proper home.You begin the Set in Order phase of 5S only when the Sort phase iscomplete. This phase will be useless if there is unnecessary clutter inthe workspace.The goal of Set in Order is to create a standardized and consistentway to store and retrieve tools and materials. The key here isstandardization. The user must develop this system based on howoften the tools and materials are accessed, and the process by whichthey are used.Anyone that has ever shared a workbench, a laboratory or an office space withother people knows that searching for and losing items can be a big problem.How many man-hours have been wasted looking for lost or misplaced tools?page 7
  8. 8. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comSome guidelines to consider:The Set in Order step utilizes several different strategies toaccomplish its goals, including (but not limited to):• If items are used together, store them together.• Put the frequently used items closest to the user.• If possible, devise a let-go system in which tools are attached to aretractable cord and automatically go back to stored position.• Place items so that the user’s twisting and bending is kept at aminimum when accessing them.• Arrange tools and materials in order of 8Label & SignStrategyUses labels andsigns to indicatewhere workplaceitems are to bestored, which itemsare to be storedthere, and exactlyhow many itemsbelong there.Paint & TapeStrategyUsed to clearlymark walkwaysfrom workingareas. Separatingoperational areasfrom walking areasallows for a safer& smoother flow ofgoods in the facility.Tool OutlineStrategyCreates a visualhome for your tools.Each tool has anoutline drawn ofthe tool so that youknow exactly whereit goes, and so thatyou also know whena tool is missing.
  9. 9. 5S: a user’s guide | page 9Label & Sign StrategyA key component to any organization program, labeling is the easiestway to quickly & visually identify proper placement of items, tools, andequipment. This makes it easy for even people unfamiliar with yoursystem to locate items, and return them to the right place. It also helpswith sustaining organization processes, because once everything isproperly labeled, it’s easier for employees to keep 5S in focus on adaily basis.In addition, larger signs, banners, or posterscan be used to boldly convey messages oforganization or safety, including remindersof the 5S process.Together, these create a great backbone forany visual organization or safety program. 5S Steps Awareness Packagewww.creativesafetysupply.comMaintenance work area organized and labeled with the LabelTac 4 Industrial Labeling System. Find out more at
  10. 10. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comProfessional vinyl signs, right from your desk or workbench.Get a LabelTac -- the cost-effective solution for your 5S, Safety, Arc Flash, & Pipe Marking labeling needs (and more!)Labels printed with LabelTac are:To learn more about LabelTac printers, visit or call us at 1-866-777-1360WaterResistantChemicalResistantUV/SunResistantSmearResistantCall us today forfree printed samples1-866-777-1360
  11. 11. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comPaint & Tape StrategyPainted or taped lines are often associated with Safety (pedestrianpaths, forklift and equipment paths, etc) but they are also very usefulfor marking work areas, as well as locations for pallets, raw materials,finished goods, shipping areas, hazardous areas and other staticlocations.Industrial Floor Tapes such asSafetyTac are often preferredto painted lines as theyare more resistant to footand forklift traffic and don’trequire long dry times whichcan cause costly downtimes.They are also easier to cleanand require less upkeep.OSHA/ANSI Floor Marking Color Code ChartMost pathways, including:Aisleways, Traffic Lanes,Work CellsMaterials & Manufacturing:Raw MaterialsProduction, Racks, Machines,Carts, Benches, and otheruncategorized equipmentMaterials & Manufacturing:Works In ProgressAreas presenting Physical orHealth Risks- Extra cautionshould be exercisedMaterials & Manufacturing:Finished GoodsAreas to be kept clear forsafety (ex: Emergency AccessPoints, Electrical Panels, etc.)Markings that do not fallunder other color standardsAreas to be kept clear foroperational purposes(non-safety related)Health Emergency areas suchas Eye Wash Stations and FirstAid StationsDefects / Scraps / Red TagMaterial or Product InspectionOREnergized Equipment WarningYellowBlue Black Green Gray/Purple/BrownBlack&Yellow Red&White Black&White Green&WhiteWhite Red OrangeProduction floor utilizing floor tapes for marking paths and work areaspage 11
  12. 12. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comTry it for yourself! For a free sample of SafetyTac, call us at 1-866-777-1360• Strongest industrial floor tapeWhy SafetyTac?...• Peel & stick application• No dry or cure time needed• Available in 2”, 3”, 4” & 6”• Comes in 10 colors• Non-toxic#1 Rated Industrial Floor Tape on the MarketThe days of using paint to mark aisles,pathways, and safety lanes are over!Industrial floor tapes are now widely regarded byboth large and small companies alike to be themost effective, longest-lasting method for markingtheir warehouses and manufacturing floors.SafetyTac is our #1 selling floor tape, and for goodreason: it’s designed to outperform paint in eventhe harshest industrial environments.More info:
  13. 13. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comPaint & Tape Strategy (continued)Often times companies with 5S organization programs will use thinnervinyl tapes (0.25” to 2” width) of different colors to mark workbenchesand work cells to create visual cues for employees, or to mark thelocations of tools or equipment that shouldn’t move. This helps keepwork areas clear of clutter and keeps these static items in their optimalpositions.Smart Stripe Tape is an ideal choice forwork cell taping and light floor marking. Itis available in 10 different OSHA-standardcolors and is very durable.Unlike most vinyl tapes, it features aremovable backing, and won’t curl, stretch,or snag.For more information about Smart Stripe Tapes,visit us at www.creativesafetysupply.comThis work cell organizationsystem can be used for workcells of any kind- in both officeand industrial settings. This willimprove workflow and resultin better productivity and timemanagement. Additionallymisplaced items and equipmentare easy to spot.A typical office work cell utilizing colored vinyl tape and labels fororganizationpage 13
  14. 14. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comTool Outline StrategyTool outlining simply means that you create a visual outline of your toolto be able to quickly return it to its proper home.For pegboards and other hanging tool systems, this is done usingpainted or vinyl cutouts of your tools, which are then placed behind thetools. Vinyl “tool outlines” are preferred since they are easier to applyand require no maintenance. This method is called shadow boarding.For tool drawers, you can use customizable foam to create a toolorganization system to not only see where the proper homes are foryour individual tools and see when they are missing, but also to helpprotect your toolbox and tools from damage.In the first step you eliminated the chaos of theworkspace, and in this second step you’ve put inplace a logical system of organization. Now we moveto the third pillar of the 5S philosophy – Shine.Tool Outline Vinyl fromwww.creativesafetysupply.comSimply trace your tools on theback, cut out, and apply!Custom Foam Tool Organizers available atwww.creativesafetysupply.compage 14
  15. 15. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comShineShine literally means to remove all the dirt and thegrime and to keep it that way on daily basis. Youwant to get it clean and keep it clean.You eliminated clutter with Sort and you organized with Set in Order,now it’s time sanitize with Shine.And that means greater productivity and fewer costs.When you implement this step, two things will happen. First, youremployees will love coming to work in such a clean and brightenvironment. And second, because you are keeping the equipmentand your surroundings in such great shape, you will have fewer injuriesand fewer equipment breakdowns.With the 5S system, cleaning is everyone’s responsibility.Although you may still use a janitorial staff to tackle the dailylarge-scale jobs, the detailed cleaning will be done by youremployees. You must train your staff to view dirt and chaos as anintolerable situation. It must be a culture that is followed from theCEO down to the 15
  16. 16. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comStandardize your cleaning program for best results. Train youremployees how to do it correctly. Make sure that they know whatthey are responsible for and give them the tools to do the job. Utilizechecklists and diagrams for consistency.The goal for Shine is to keep everything in great working orderto ensure that it doesn’t break down and that it lasts for as longas possible.Clean and properly maintained tools and machines also greatlyincrease the safety level in the workplace. Less injuries and lessdown time equate to higher morale and higher productivity.Cleaning is just the first part of Shine.The daily Shine ritual should also includeinspection and routine maintenance.As your employees are doing their dailycleaning routine, they should be inspectingthe tools and machinery for damage ordefects as well. Include it in the dailychecklist to make sure it gets done.Periodic routine maintenance should also bedone at this time. Some examples would beto check the oil level in the machinery, tightenup belts, hoses, nuts and bolts, or to check iftools need sharpening.Employee inspecting welding equipment duringthe daily shine 16
  17. 17. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comWhat if an employee sees a pool of oil that wasn’t there before, ornotices a safety hazard?If it’s a quick fix, put a maintenance tag on it to notify your supervisor.If it is something that needs further evaluation, there should be amaintenance log that you can fill out that will ensure further action.And don’t forget your computers and other office equipment! Theyare some of your most valuable and important items. Teach youremployees how to clean and maintain them properly. They need to bedefragmented (PC’s) and air-dusted periodically to keep them in primerunning order.Everything is coming together. The groundwork has been set fora successful 5S implementation. Now we move on to the pillarthat will be the glue that keeps it all together: 17
  18. 18. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comStandardizeStandardize creates a system of tasks andprocedures that will ensure that the principles of 5Sare performed on a daily basis.We all have our own way of doing things. This kind of individuality isgreat in our personal lives because it makes life much more interestingand fun.But non-conformity can be unproductive in the workplace. If youremployees started doing things their own way, then things could beginto go missing and conditions will slowly start to deteriorate.The Standardize pillar seeks to utilize a set of schedules and checkliststhat can be easily followed so that each step is performed exactly thesame way every day.This way, each employee knows what he needs to do, when he needsto do it, and exactly how to do it.There is no room for 18
  19. 19. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comStandardize uses three steps to make sure that the 5S pillarsare getting done consistently and correctly:Make sure that each employee knows his responsibilities.If they don’t know exactly what is expected of them, then how can they do it?They should have a clear understanding of their daily and weekly Sort, Set to Orderand Shine tasks. Their responsibilities should be clearly written out on a checklist or achart so that it can be easily accessed throughout the day.Periodic evaluation.Once the steps are in place, you can evaluate the performance at regular intervals.You can either form a committee made up of employees of different departments, orassign it to department supervisors. Either way, you will need a system to ensure thattasks are consistently getting done.** Check out our helpful downloadable 5S Audit Scorecard available at www.creativesafetysupply.comMake it a part of their daily routine.If you train your employees correctly, they will be executing the steps of 5Swithout even thinking about it‘That wrench is out of place- its home is here.’ -or- ‘I know the next tool I need isthe screwdriver because my tools are stored in the order that I use them.’ No extrathought is needed; they flow through their daily routine because they can see that itmakes sense.Standardize is essential to the success of your 5Simplementation. If your staff has procedures to follow to completethe steps, you will ensure long-term success and reap all of therewards of 19
  20. 20. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comSustainSustain is the final pillar of the 5S system and itschief objective is to give your staff the commitmentand motivation to follow each step, day in and day out.Once you start the 5S model in your place of business, you will see theimprovements very quickly. But the key to key to long term success issimple – diligence.Have you ever gone on a diet to lose a few pounds? In thebeginning, you really keep at it. You stay away from those Frenchfries, eat more fruits and veggies, and may even go for a jog acouple of days a week. You lose six pounds in two weeks.But inevitably, you start to slip. You’re out with friends and youindulge in dessert. Or you hit your favorite fried chicken joint. It’sonly this one time, you say. Before you know it, you’re back toyour old bad habits and have gained all of your weight back.That’s just human nature. If there is nothing to keep you motivated,you will start to cut corners and slip. The fifth pillar, Sustain, isdesigned to keep your staff motivated and on 20
  21. 21. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comHere are some great techniques to keep your staff motivated:Assign the time to do it.Give your staff the time to do the steps correctly. For example,designate the fifteen minutes before lunch and shift end as Shine time.During this time, their main focus is cleaning and organizing accordingto their checklists.Start from the top.Your whole organization must be on board if 5S is going to work in thelong run. If your employees see that management is not following thesteps, do you think that they will continue to do it?Create a reward system.Have friendly competitions between departments each month andreward the winner. Buy them lunch, let them go early one day, or givethem priority parking. It doesn’t have to break the bank; you just want toshow them your appreciation for a job well done.Get everyone involved.Form a committee made up of employees and supervisors of differentdepartments. Their job will be to oversee the implementation of 5S for afixed period, maybe six months. Then you can rotate in new members.Let them see it.Posters, banners and newsletters can be a constant reminder of theimportance of 5S.That’s it. With these five pillars you will see a remarkable changein your workplace. But there is one more point we want to 21
  22. 22. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comThe “6th S”: SafetyTraditionally there are only 5 pillars or steps in the 5S system, but manycompanies and organizations opt for adding a sixth pillar: Safety. Thissystem is then usually referred to, naturally, as “6S”.Safety plays such a critical role in any company, and goes hand inhand with proper organization, so it makes a lot of sense to highlight itat the same time as 5S. In fact, implementing the 5S model is a hugefirst step in creating a safe environment for you and your staff.What are some other things you can do?• Make sure that your employees have the correct equipment fortheir job. Hardhats, coveralls, gloves and steel toe shoes are sometypical items required in the warehouse or manufacturing complex.• Train your staff to use the equipment correctly. Heavy equipment,electronics, forklifts and power tools are all dangerous to those whouse them incorrectly.• Easy to understand labels, signs and space markings contribute agreat deal to creating a safe, visual workplace.• Train your staff on exactly what to do in an emergency. From theseemingly small incidents like cuts and bruises, to the larger oneslike injuries and fire, each employee should know what they need todo or whom they need to 22
  23. 23. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.com5S is a system, a philosophy and a culture. The true power of 5Sreveals itself when your whole organization embraces its ideals andyour employees see that your business is transforming itself.The 5S model for workplace efficiency and organization is bothpowerful and simple. It has the potential to transform your companyinto a safe and productive warehouse, manufacturing facility or office.One of 5S’s most powerful aspects is that it’s a visual model. Eachtool has an outlined home and each pathway is marked with lines.Vision is our dominant sense, and because 5S uses colors and linesand labels to organize, following the steps becomes second naturevery easily.Remove the clutter with Sort, organize with Set to Order, cleanwith Shine, set your routine with Standardize and motivate withSustain.It’s that easy.Summarypage 23
  24. 24. 5S: a user’s guide | www.creativesafetysupply.comAbout us.Here at Creative Safety Supply, we have helped thousands of companiesof all sizes with many aspects of their 5S & Safety program implementation.Our knowledgeable staff can help you find solutions custom tailored to fitthe individual needs of you and your company.For 5S programs we offer a variety of useful tools including:• Red Tags & Tag Boards for clutter removal and sorting• Label Printers for organization and safety labels / signs• Floor Tapes for floor and workspace marking• Floor & Wall Signs for communicating messages around the facility• Tool Outline Vinyl for shadow boarding tool walls• Custom Foam Tool Kits for tool drawer organization• 5S Books, DVD’s & Powerpoints for learning more about 5S• 5S Banners and Posters for reminding employees of the steps of 5S• 5S Audit Scorecards for periodic evaluations• 5S Starter Kits for getting started quickly with 5S implementation... and much much more.Give us a call today at1-866-777-1360Or visit us online atwww.creativesafetysupply.comWe’re here to help!page 24
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This guide to Lean manufacturing helps guide you to starting and keeping on task you lean manufacturing process. For more information on 5s search for


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