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3 Trends, Technologies & Tech Companies From SXSWi to Watch in 2013


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SXSW Interactive serves as a great crystal ball for what's next, which is why we put an army of T3 technologists and creatives on the streets of Austin to find the top trends, technologies and tech companies likely to make an impact in the coming year.

Finding great ideas at SXSWi was no more difficult than spotting hipsters, but paring them down to three things that we really think bear watching in 2013 tested our predictive powers. Take a look at the slideshare below to see what floated to the top of our list.

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3 Trends, Technologies & Tech Companies From SXSWi to Watch in 2013

  1. 1. PPT Template and Style guide
  2. 2. We sent an army ofT3ers on a mission tofind #kickass trends,technology andcompanies.Here’s the top 3 of each.
  3. 3. TrendsJust a divider slide – need a background for this one (can be SXSW related)
  4. 4. This year was all about storytelling.Panel after panel encouraged brands toavoid simply shouting their features to fansor offering short-term incentives forcustomers to engage.Instead we saw countless examples of brandsthat slowly, but successfully, built theiraudiences by finding shared interests.Stories are what audiences are looking for, andthe brands that are winning at social are theones telling them well.
  5. 5. Adios, CES! From the LeapMotion Controller to the OUYAopen-source gaming console, alleyes were on hardware.Hardware companies are optingto launch at SXSWi instead oftraditional shows like CES asthey look to reach influencersand early adopters.
  6. 6. This theme was clear. It’s time to stopdesigning for screens and startdesigning for people.New methods of input (voice, GPS,sensors, AI, etc.) allow us to providejust the right information at the righttime.The big question is how can wecombine these methods to minimizeon-screen interfaces and get betterexperiences?
  7. 7. With advancements in mobile tech,cheap and accessible sensor technologycombined with faster internetconnectivity, powerful AR experiencesare just around the corner.
  8. 8. From low-cost product prototypes forsmall businesses to affordableprosthetics and medical devices, 3Dprinting is already being used inextraordinary ways.This year, a host of new companies aimto bring 3D printing to the masses andhelp move us from mass production topersonal production.
  9. 9. As devices become moreconnected, the focus willshift from apps to APIs for aseamless user experienceacross platforms. In the very near future, your API will be your app.
  10. 10. We need to change thebackground to be ouroffice.
  11. 11. Plotter — the winner of theSXSW accelerator award.Plotter is the first socialnetwork for maps. Not onlydoes it bring much-neededfeatures to mobile mapslike viewing multipleplotted locations at once,but it also lets you crowd-source and discover mapsfrom friends and experts.
  12. 12. Gesture-based computerinteraction removesinterfaces and creates animmersive experience.
  13. 13. The MakerBot DigitizerDesktop 3D Scannerallows consumers to scana physical item, digitize itand print it in 3D — withlittle or no designexperience.
  14. 14. He was the most talked-about event at SXSWi.SXSWi: Grumpy Cat Crowned Queen of Social — MashableThe unlikely star of SXSW: Grumpy Cat — CNNThe Biggest Celebrity at SXSW: Grumpy Cat — Yahoo! NewsI Met Grumpy Cat At SXSW — ForbesIf Grumpy Cat is the biggest news of all, is SXSW in trouble? — CNETAs SXSW Interactive winds down, Grumpy Cat is clear winner — CBS