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6 Things to Know About iPhone 4S


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Published in: Business, Technology

6 Things to Know About iPhone 4S

  1. 6 THINGS TOKNOW ABOUTiPHONE 4SWhat the new featuresmean for marketers
  2. The newiPhoneis finallyhere.
  3. Same exterior, different insides.
  4. 1. A5 chip: 7x fastergraphics, 2x fasterdownloadsGives marketers the freedom to createeven more complex experiences. Hugeopportunity for gaming.
  5. 2. New antenna systemmakes iPhone a worldphoneImproved reception and battery life.Frees consumers to use their deviceanywhere in the world, which meanscontent must be 100% relevantand beneficial.
  6. 3. New Cameraand VideoMobile experiences willbecome even more engagingand gripping. Raises thebenchmark for content quality. “To many customers this will be the best still camera they’ve ever owned and the best video cameras they’ve ever owned.” - Phil Schiller, SVP Product Marketing at Apple
  7. 4. Siri:A voice-controlledassistantJust as “touch” revolutionized mobileinterface, so will “voice.” Marketers now must consider voice as an input device when developing mobile experiences.
  8. 5. Sprint Nextel additionand new pricingbroadens iOS reachMarketers will need to monitor andconsider the shifting market sharewhen deciding between iOS andAndroid experiences.
  9. 6. iOS5: Brings connecteddevices to life.Marketers must begin to think aboutcreating integrated experiences. Click for: What iOS5 Means for Marketers Click for: What is iCloud?
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