5 Key Daily Deal Sites


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Differences between five key daily deal sites and best practices for merchants interested in this service.

Key Sites: Groupon, LivingSocial, FB Deals, Google Offers, Amazon Local.

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5 Key Daily Deal Sites

  1. 1. A VISUAL GUIDE TO5 KEY DAILY DEAL SITES LIVING FACEBOOK AMAZON GOOGLE BROUGHT GROUPON TO YOU BY SOCIAL DEALS LOCAL OFFERS Daily deal sites deliver personalized deals that are limited in number to customers. Key differences among the most popular sites are visually outlined below. Last updated August 2011.MARKETS Facebook Deals · 5 Google Offers · 6* Amazon Local · 14 Facebook Deals · Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco Google Offers · NYC (Uptown, Midtown, Downtown), San Francisco, Oakland, Portland *Coming soon to Austin, Boston, Denver, Seattle, Washington DC (July 2011) Amazon Local · Palm Beach, Boise, Chicago, California (7), Washington (4) LivingSocial · 54 cities in Europe, 44 cities in Australia, 316 cities in North America Groupon · 43 countries, 182 cities in North America LivingSocial · 200+ Groupon · 565+SUBSCRIBERS = 10MM LivingSocial · 40MM Groupon · 83MM Google Offers · 200MM* Facebook Deals · 600MM* Amazon Local · N/A (beta)* Google and Facebook accounts needed to receive deals. Having an account results in automatic subscription.DEAL TYPES FOOD SERVICES TRAVEL FAMILY/GROUP EVENTS Groupon Groupon Groupon LivingSocial Facebook Deals LivingSocial LivingSocial LivingSocial LivingSocialFacebook Deals Facebook Deals Amazon Local Amazon Local Google Offers Google Offers NUMBER OF DAILY OFFERS MOBILE APPLICATIONS INTEREST PERSONALIZATION Mobile iPhone Android BB Web * Google Offers does not currently have mobile apps but will likely offer iPhone and Android. ONE MULTIPLE YES NO YES NO Google Offers Groupon Groupon Google Offers* Groupon Google Offers Amazon Local LivingSocial LivingSocial Amazon Local LivingSocial Amazon Local Facebook Deals Facebook Deals Facebook DealsSOCIAL COMPONENT FREE SOCIAL REFERRAL REFERRAL GROUP 3 FRIENDS SHARING MONEY DISCOUNT BUYING BUY=FREE Groupon Groupon Facebook Deals Groupon LivingSocial LivingSocialFacebook Deals Amazon Local Google OffersU.S. SITE SNAPSHOTSGroupon led the daily deal site trend Google Offers is in its elementary LivingSocial is more selectiveand is in the most markets with the phase but has potential when with merchants and skews towardhighest number of subscribers. combined with Google Wallet. younger, more active and social customers, with bigger ticketAmazon Local will likely continue to Facebook Deals gives every items. Family deals are uniqueessentially serve as an extension of Facebook user automatic access. to LivingSocial.LivingSocial, with its key differentiator Its success will depend on customerbeing shorter expiration dates. willingness to purchase in a purely social setting.BEST PRACTICESDEFINE GOALS UP FRONT PREPARE FOR THE DEAL NEGOTIATE SMARTLYMerchants often run deals with the Ensure that there are enough staff Everything is negotiable: fromhopes of gaining new customers, members and supplies to support the percent the deal site takes,only to realize that they essentially the deal redemption. Train staff on to expiration dates, to payment.gave their existing customers a 50%+ daily deal redemption and customer Understanding the terms ofdiscount. Determine whether driving service. Remember, if the goal is to competing deal sites will aidimmediate sales or gaining new life- gain long-term customers, a poor first in negotiation.long customers is the goal. Then experience is hard to overcome.structure your deal accordingly. © August 2011. This only shows the major players. There are hundreds of other daily deal sites worldwide. Find us online @T3ThinkTank and www.T-3.com