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Blogging as an Effective Content Marketing Tool for Businesses


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Blogging as an Effective Content Marketing Tool for Businesses

  1. 1. Blogging as an effectiveContent Marketing Toolfor Businesses@benfrancia#bentalks2013#iblog9
  2. 2. Who is Ben Francia?• Internet Marketing Consultant• Outsourcing Business• Certified Life Coach• Goldfish Addict#bentalks2013#iblog9
  3. 3. How I started Blogging?#bentalks2013#iblog9
  4. 4. What is Content Marketing?Content marketing is a marketing technique of creatingand distributing relevant and valuable content toattract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined andunderstood target audience – with the objective ofdriving profitable customer action.- Content Marketing Institute#bentalks2013#iblog9
  5. 5. Content Marketing and the Power of Story#bentalks2013#iblog9Full video on:
  6. 6. #bentalks2013#iblog9
  7. 7. Bloggings as a PowerfulContent Marketing Tool•Communicates without Selling•Non-Interruption•ProvidesValue•Rewarded with Customer LoyaltyandTrust#bentalks2013#iblog9
  8. 8. My Top Blog ContentMarketing Tips•Provide Answers and Solutions•Be Personal•TellYour Story•UseVideos•Be Remarkable#bentalks2013#iblog9
  9. 9. “Be yourself. Everyone elseis already taken.”– Oscar Wilde#bentalks2013#iblog9
  10. 10. Thank You!