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Elephant poaching


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Elephant poaching

  1. 1. Help protect against Inhumane Elephant Slaughter
  2. 2. In Chad alone there were a combined total of 300,000 elephants ( 1970 ). In 2006 there were only a recorded number of 328 elephants left . In every African country thousand of elephants are being brutally slaughtered
  3. 4. Over 95% of elephants will endure the same fate as many other generations of elephants have... DEATH
  4. 6. Elephants are fully grown at the age of three they are usually killed by poachers at the age of 4. Only 5% of there life span.
  5. 8. The poachers use multiple methods to kill the elephants . Methods what include uses of cable snares, spike traps, and silenced weapons . All which would be considered torture if used on a human.
  6. 10. Once the Elephant ceases movement the tusks and bones are ripped from the flesh . Once the ivory is collected the carcass in left and the ivory is sold in the black market . And or to multiple self cleaning company’s
  7. 12. The ivory trade is a multimillion money making company and has been for many years. The only way it can be stopped is for others to take action in bringing this act of greed to a end.
  8. 13. Please help The elephants by joining other anti-poaching groups that are in the process of stopping the illegal ivory trade. ex. The bloody ivory group. Also if you want to help you can tell others about this presentation and whats happening to the elephants. Because the more people that know the better chance they have to survive. Please visit this link for more info.
  9. 14. All they need is someone that is willing to help .
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