Create a New Hire Welcome Message to Inspire Enthusiasm and Drive Engagement


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Creating a new hire welcome message isn't rocket science, but many companies skip this important step.

It's critical to craft a well-written and meaningful message to each new hire in order to jump start employee engagement and drive business results before they walk in the door.

Check out this slidedeck for more information on what to include, why it's valuable, and how to organize your new hire welcome message.

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Create a New Hire Welcome Message to Inspire Enthusiasm and Drive Engagement

  1. 1. Create a New Hire Welcome Message toInspire Enthusiasm and Drive Engagement
  2. 2. Contents1. What to cover in a welcome message2. Why its worth the effort3. Crafting the message step-by-step4. Additional resources
  3. 3. What to CoverCritical elements of a new hire welcomemessage:● Make them feel welcome● Set expectations● Communicate valuable information● Offer assistance● Close with enthusiasm
  4. 4. Why it mattersA warm, enthusiastic, and authentic greeting issomething that we cant help but enjoy. Itsatisfies our primal need to be a part ofsomething bigger, and a well-developed newhire welcome message can start the clock onengagement before the employee walks in thedoor on day one. Ben Eubanks,
  5. 5. How to do it-Start with careDear [Name],Welcome aboard our team! I am pleased tohave you working with us. You were selectedfor employment due to the attributes that youdisplayed that appear to match the qualities Ilook for in an employee.
  6. 6. How to do it-Generate enthusiasmI’m looking forward to seeing you grow anddevelop into an outstanding employee thatexhibits a high level of care, concern, andcompassion for others. I hope that you will findyour work to be rewarding, challenging, andmeaningful.
  7. 7. How to do it-Set expectationsI will expect your best each day. Know that I amconcerned about your development and thatmy door is always open. The keys to yoursuccess will be being dependable, reliable...and following the policies and procedures.While doing these things you will be successfuland so will [Company Name].
  8. 8. How to do it-Close with carePlease take your time and review our yearlygoals so that you can know what is expectedand make a positive contribution. Again, I lookforward to seeing you grow as a professionalwhile enhancing the lives of the clientsentrusted in your care.Sincerely,[Name]
  9. 9. Additional Resources● Crafting a Welcome Letter to New Employees● How to Create a New Hire Welcome Letter● Define Corporate Culture to Make Better Hires● How to Read a Resume for Culture Fit