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10 Commandments of Office Etiquette


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This is a humorous list of 10 things that every cubicle-dweller should keep in mind regarding office etiquette.

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10 Commandments of Office Etiquette

  1. 1. 10 Commandments of Office Etiquette 1. Phones: In space, no one can hear you scream. In the office, everyone can. Use the phones wisely. 2. Speakerphones: The speakerphones are broken. Don't try to use them. Ever. Please. 3. Kitchen: We all eat from the kitchen, please keep it clean. The janitor is scary in person. 4. Refrigerator: Everyone loves pulling fungus out of the fridge. Wait, they don't. Toss it. 5. Cell phones: Keep cell use minimal (and silent). There's a problem if the beeps from your cube sound like an Atari convention. 6. Aroma: Cologne is a nice touch, but if the scent carries to the next floor of the building, please tone it down a notch. 7. Privacy: "Shh! I'm listening to Bob's conversation in the next cube. I'll get back to you later." If this is happening, it shouldn't be. 8. Smoking: Smoking is your thing, that's cool. Keep the breaks short and the butts in the trash. Or else. 9. Clothing: Welcome to the OFFICE. Not the beach. Not a party. Not high school. Dress appropriately. 10. Internet: Surfing. It's an awesome outside sport, but doesn't work well inside. At work. At your desk. Capiche? Developed by Kelly Mitton and Ben Eubanks