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Social media has become an intergal focus for sports brands. We take a look at how the MLB and other brands use SM and examine the shift to visual media like Instagram. How can brands leverage Instagram to engage fans?

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#MLBSM Presentation

  1. 1. Dan Connors Brian Burr @DanConnors1 @bmburr #MLBSMBen Glidden Rayna Linowes @beneg92 @relinowes
  2. 2. MLB and SM• @MLB• Facebook Fan Page• Pinterest: MLBAM• Google+ and Live Statistics
  3. 3. Twitter: @MLB• 2,547,161 Followers• +40,000 Tweets• Post Photos, Links, and News• Utilize Trending Tweets• Interact With Big Name Users
  4. 4. Facebook.com/MLB• 4.2 Million Likes• Posts Mostly Pictures with Links• Ask For User Engagement• 2nd Most Active Vehicle
  5. 5. Google+: +MLB• +1,403,009• In 1,375,412 Circles• Not Used as Frequently• Post photos with Links
  6. 6. Pinterest.com/MLBAM• 14,557 Followers• 23 Boards, 544 Pins• Strictly Photos• Newest and Smallest Medium
  7. 7. Effective Use of SM• Linking Between Platforms• Individual Teams with Individual Platforms• Expansive Content Curation• Incentive For Users• All Media directs to MLB.com
  8. 8. Members Only Campaign• “9/20/12 It begins” #MLBMembersOnly• Encouraged People to “Follow Before It’s Too Late”• MLB Closed Twitters to “Members Only”• Gave away prizes
  9. 9. Members Only Campaign• +8,000 New Followers in <24 hrs• +4,000 Hashtag Mentions and +5,000 Mentions @MLB• Created Anticipation for Upcoming Playoffs
  10. 10. Why Use Instagram• Fan engagement• Behind-the-scenes access to professional sports teams and athletes• Constant communication with fans• Visual, fun, viral• For athletes, these are photos by the actual athlete on and off the playing field.• Creates a stronger connection with fans
  11. 11. Instagram’s Notable Follower’s List: Sports@tonyhawk @jimmiejohnson @clint_dempsey@kingjames @shawnjohnson @kellyslater@carmeloanthony @celtics @julianwilsondotcom@dwaynewade @nyknicks @tpolamalu@trey5 (Kevin Durant) @chicagobulls @ochocinco@serenawilliams @okcthunder @floydmayweather @dallasmavs @mike_tyson@bmdc27 (Matt Kemp) @lakers @jeremymcgrath2@kaka @miamiheat @travispastrana@sacamentokings @milwaukeebucks @lewishamilton@philadelphiaeagles@kcchiefs@patriots@49ers@nhl@nhlbruins@nyrangers@buffalosabres@gopro
  12. 12. MLB & Instragram in Sports Illustrated Since spring training, SI contributor Brad Mangin has been snapping pictures of MLB ballparks with his iPhone 4S, using a filter to give them an old-time feel.
  13. 13. July 23, 2012, issue featured a six-page spread of imagesprocessed using Instagram from contributingphotographer Brad Mangin.Mangin spent a few months shooting with his iPhone 4Sat spring training and major league ballparks in theWest, then posting the resulting photos to his ownInstagram feed (@bmangin) as well as SportsIllustrated‘s (@SportsIllustrated).Terry McDonell, editor of the Time Inc. SportsGroup, says that putting some of those images inthe physical magazine was a decision born out ofsocial networking’s impact on media andjournalism.“This week’s Leading Off reflects the ‘socialization’ ofphotojournalism,” McDonell told Mashable in an email.“Great pictures, with intimate access to the MLB, sharedwith Instagram.”
  14. 14. During each week of the season an official NFL blog collects and curates the best Instagramphotos from our NFL photographers.Each week, NFL selects two teams for a “Social Media Showdown,” encouraging fans to usethe team’s hashtag on Instagram and other platforms and compete off the field for mostfavorites/likes/tweets.
  15. 15. A regular feature titled, “#PatsGameFace”, which showcases some of the best game facesfrom young Patriots fans, sporting their favorite team’s gear.
  16. 16. Nick Kioski, Director of New Media and Technology for the Los Angeles Lakers:“Basketball is a visual medium and Instagram is a useful tool for showing everything thatgoes on... It is more than just a means to push out our photo content… Extends our reachand photos have a longer shelf life on Instagram than they would purely as a tweet….Somuch of what we market as a team is an experience and that can be shown so much betterand more tangibly through images.”
  17. 17. The Celtics understand the impact a powerful photo can make. They rally their fan base andinspire confidence through social media.One of the top Instagram brands in the world.
  18. 18. • Peter Stringer, Senior Director of Interactive Media, snapped a photo of a simple message on the dry erase board in Celtics’ locker room after Game 6 of Eastern Conference Finals vs. Miami• A motivational message from the coaching staff to players, and by sharing that picture with fans on Instagram, sent a message of hope to a fan• Simple, raw and powerful.• Insider access and emotional marketing.
  19. 19. Howard Jacobs, Madison Square Garden’s executive vice president of sales and marketing,says Instagram is a natural fit for sports teams.Sometimes the players themselves often take over the feed, posting photos from inside thelocker room or on the plane ride to their next game.
  20. 20. April 21, 2012: NY Rangers vs Ottawa Senators pivitol playoff game at Madison Square GardenSix popular Instagram photographers were brought in to document the game with a social media twist.The honorary photographers were picked for being especially popular on the network.Each has between about 80,000 and 200,000 followers.During and after the game, their photos will be found on Instagram via the hashtag #NYRDelta, in albums postedto Facebook and on the Rangers’ official fan site.
  21. 21. Olympic Athletes’ Hub aggregated the Twitter and Facebook streams of Olympic athletesand served as the window to all of the IOC’s other social endeavors.Instagram has also collaborated with the IOC on a special section for the hub called “Faces ofOlympians” which collects photos taken of the athletes during the Games.
  22. 22. • Athletes post behind-the-curtain shots that give their followers previously unimaginable levels of Olympic access.• Fans share photos from venues and landmarks as individual keepsakes, and to share memories with friends who aren’t in London.• Journalists upload casual Instagram shots to go along with their more traditional news-gathering tasks.• More than 650,000 photos have been posted with the #olympics hashtag.• More than 263,000 have been uploaded with the #london2012 hashtag.• And a whopping 27,000 photos have been shared with the hashtag, #michaelphelps.• More than 7,600 photos were posted from Olympic Stadium.
  23. 23. THE RED BULL KING OF THE ROCK INSTAGRAM CONTEST• Red Bull King of the Rock is a one-on-one basketball contest with 64 of the worlds best players.• Red Bull hosted an Instagram photo contest to win an all-inclusive trip for two to the 2012 Red Bull King of the Rock Finals scheduled to be held in San Francisco• To enter: take a picture of you holding a basketball in the most unexpected or surprising location you can think of to play ball.• Upload the photo to your Instagram account and caption it @redbullSFO #TakeMeToTheRock
  24. 24. •Multiple SM Curation Campaigns•Use of Hashtags to crowd source•A visual representation of twitter•Offer incentives for IG use
  25. 25. #Pictober
  26. 26. #FlyWitness
  27. 27. #IStandUpFor
  28. 28. Josh Lukin @CoffeeOn3rd Klout: 58 Director, Club Initiatives - MLB Advanced Media Facebook = network among friends Twitter is broaderInstagram is the visual interpretation of thatSports Brands Unique because fans already exist
  29. 29. Curation Tools:•Statigr.am•Ink361.com•This Is Now: now.jit.su
  30. 30. Katie Richman @ESPN_ProdGirl Klout: 62Director of Social Media Strategy at ESPNInside Scoop: Disney in Talks with IG Stresses importance of content curation Sports is the #1 topic on SM every day. How can we harness that?
  31. 31. Tariq Ahmad @tariq_ahmad Klout: 55 Professor of SM at Columbia University Founder of #SMSportsChat“It gives fans the opportunity to show why their team is the best” Find a Niche Learn HTML
  32. 32. Jameson Fleming @JamesonFleming Social Media Editor: CBS Sports Stressed in instant nature of sports coverage. “Advertising in other industries isntabout getting consumers to purchase something right now, its about making consumers subconsciouslychoose your brand when the need to buy the product arises.”
  33. 33. Shanna Bright @shannabrightProvides SM strategy to sports brands Criticizes Instagram No two-way communication Not enough featuresCan’t manage from HootsuiteNo web presence ... until now
  34. 34. How can YOU use Instagram?•Post Smart•Find a niche•Curate