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A2V Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd is an India-based company with its business focus on Program Management, Training Delivery & Strategic Consulting in Education. We are looking forward to explore synergies with academic institutions and other global organizations looking forward to India as a go-to-destination.

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A2 V Public#1

  1. 1. Adding Advantage To Value A2V Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. rd Address:#301,3rd Floor,Qutub Plaza, DLF Phase I, Gurgaon- 122002, New Delhi(NCR),India Homepage: http://www.a2vinfosolutions.com Phone: +91- 124 -4267052 A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd Adding Advantage To Value
  2. 2. About The Company Name Of The Company: A2V Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Year of Incorporation: October 2008 Chief Executive Officer: Aditya Jha Chief Operating Officer: Ankur Mehra Area of Business: Training Management, Project Management, Strategic Consulting Address: #301,3rd Floor, Qutub Plaza, DLF Phase I, Gurgaon- 122002, India Homepage: http://www.a2vinfosolutions.com Institutional Partners: BIMTECH Institute, NIIT Co. Ltd. Bankers: Citibank, Axis Bank Investors: Founders Promoted Company A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 2 Adding Advantage To Value
  3. 3. We Work With #Some of the prominent organizations we work with A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 3 Adding Advantage To Value
  4. 4. What We Do? • Successful Program Management of Multi-Mn USDProjects • Training Management for Leading Companies • Strategic Consulting to ITES Companies • Helpdesk Support for Leading Companies We help make Our Operations: We Add We are based at distinctive, •Strategic Consultancy Advantage New Delhi-NCR, lasting, and •Training Management to Value for •Project Management Gurgaon,India substantial our customers improvements A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 4 Adding Advantage To Value
  5. 5. Services We Offer A2V’s core competencies lie in : Strategic Consulting Training Management Project Management • Our hand-picked team has an in-depth understanding of each of these domains that helps catapult our clients’ growth by manifolds. • Our aim is not only to meet, but exceed your expectations in terms of quality and performance. • We are extremely proud of our proven track record of successfully executing challenging projects in new industries with great acumen. A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 5 Adding Advantage To Value
  6. 6. A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 6 Adding Advantage To Value
  7. 7. Strategic Management : Services Business Research and Competitive Intelligence • Industry trends and drivers analysis • Industry and sector analysis and reporting • Competitor profiling, benchmarking and positioning • Market opportunity, sizing and requirements • Financial analysis including segment analysis, market share and profitability • Technology landscape mapping • Industry best practices evaluation • New market entry assessment • Actionable market intelligence • Knowledge building support • Customized knowledge products A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 7 Adding Advantage To Value
  8. 8. A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 8 Adding Advantage To Value
  9. 9. Our Approach We adopt the Systems Approach to Training (SAT)) approach to the production of a training solution - This is a systematic, problem solving approach to developing a training solution. A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 9 Adding Advantage To Value
  10. 10. Training Management: Services Training Management • Course Management • Database Management • Internal Marketing • Learning Management • Material Management • Session Logistics Training Delivery • Soft Skills Training • IT Training • Leadership Training • Sales Training • Customized Training • Self paced Online Courses and many more… A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 10 Adding Advantage To Value
  11. 11. Training Management: Services Training Customization • Product Training • Pre-launch Training • HR Training and many more… A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 11 Adding Advantage To Value
  12. 12. A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 12 Adding Advantage To Value
  13. 13. Project Management Project Management is not just about a set of rules, tools and processes. It requires: • In-depth understanding of project requirements • Ability to align the project with the strategic objectives of the company • Ability to integrate essential project management disciplines into the company’s environment Our team consists of PMP and PRINCE2 certified project and program managers with an ability to match client’s expectations with tailored quality solutions. A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 13 Adding Advantage To Value
  14. 14. Our Approach A2V logically and systematically integrates the management of various projects and resources along the four core management functions of scope, quality, time and cost through the facilitating functions of communication, procurement, human resource and risk, progressively throughout the Project / Program life cycle, with the aim of satisfying the stakeholders, in alignment with the objectives and strategic goal. GOAL SCOPE QUALITY TIME COST OBJECTIVES COMMUNICATION PROCUREMENT RESOURCES RISKS A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 14 Adding Advantage To Value
  15. 15. Project Management: Services Project Management Program Management • Project Management Capability Development • Scope Management • Project Management Resourcing and recruitment • Time Management • Project Management Training and Coaching • Resource Management • Process gap analysis • Cost Management • Project Expediting • Procurement Management • PMO Set-Up • Risk Management • Project Management • Quality Management • Project Leadership • Integration Management A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 15 Adding Advantage To Value
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  17. 17. Alliance & Partnerships A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 17 Adding Advantage To Value
  18. 18. A2V Infosolutions Pvt Ltd 18 Adding Advantage To Value