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Presentation Of The EU SME Centre China


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Discover how the EU SME Centre’s China can help SMEs in their effort to export.

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Presentation Of The EU SME Centre China

  1. 1. Presentation of Services A project funded by the European Union
  2. 2. The Importance of SMEsSMEs have a vital role in the European Union, they: • represent 99% of all enterprises in the EU (21 Million) • account for 58% of the Union’s total economic added-valueEU SMEs are: • Flexible structures able to adapt to the China market • Key generators of employment • An important source of innovationBut SMEs who are interested in China often: • lack sources of information and contacts • lack resources • lack understanding of the Chinese market
  3. 3. Purpose of the CentreThe core purpose of the Centre is to:• Support EU SMEs to establish, develop and maintain commercial activities in the Chinese market• Support SMEs intermediaries in their effort to assist the SME members of their networksThe EU SME Centre helps overcome the barriers and constraintsSMEs face in their efforts to invest in or export to the Chinese market.And allows SMEs Intermediaries to become an all inclusive service tothe members of their networks.
  4. 4. ExpertiseThe EU SME Centre has a multi-cultural team of 15 full-time staffmembers, including advisors and specialists :• Market Access Advisors – experts specialised in the fields of Business Development, Legal issues, Standards, and HR• Non-Key Experts – a large pool of freelance experts on hand to offer specific sector-related advice
  5. 5. 4 main areas of expertise Business Legal Issues Standards & HR Issues Development Technical Issues • Resources with• Market information • Transparency and • Product quality specific skill sets,(e.g.: opportunities, predictability in the including languageschallenges, best legal system • Chinese markspractices) • Advice on how to • Access to practical • Conformity limit the turnover of• Business and legal information assessment personnelmarketing advice • IPR (in • Labelling • Referral to training• Matchmaking cooperation with sessions/expertise the China IPR SME • Search tool for• Business centre Helpdesk) standards • HR advice and(e.g.: hot-desks, databases supportmeeting rooms) • Referral to service providers (e.g.: lawyers, tax advisors)
  6. 6. Online PortalRegister for free on ourwebsite and access our: Ask-the-Expert service for any question you may have Knowledge Centre for up-to-date Reports & Case Studies Service Providers & Exhibitions databases Hot-desking & Secretarial Services
  7. 7. Knowledge Centre : PublicationsAccess latest and essential information on China for free on ourwebsite through 50+ Documentations.
  8. 8. Knowledge Centre : Exhibitions & Service Providers Find the right Fairs and Exhibitions for your China business with our 150+ updated database, covering all regions and industries.And browse through our 100+ qualifiedServices Providers, commercialservices and organisations to get theright help, advice and assistance.
  9. 9. Enquiries Ask-the- expert How enquiries are handled: • Within 24 hours, the relevantEnquiries@ Expert will be in touch with the SME • A full response will be sent within 7 working days Direct • Signposting to MS trade organisations in China and Referrals/ local service providers Partners
  10. 10. EnquiriesFind the answers you are looking for all of your questions! What are What are the the standards labour costs to import my and taxes? products? How do I set a WOFE ?
  11. 11. Hot Desk & Secretarial ServicesGet a free access to the Centre’s • Hot-Desk Area • Training and meeting roomsas well as simple secretarial services to : • translate and answer a short email • set up appointments over the phone and by email • find an address in Chinese
  12. 12. How you can benefitGet the most from the EU SME Centre! Our Experts can:• Help you answer your members questions• Welcome your delegations to China (e.g. Feb ‘12, our Experts welcomed a Spanish Agronomy Delegation for a training; March ‘12, the Centre organises a presentation to Slovenian businessmen)• Support your events in the EU (e.g. January and February 2012, the Centre co-organised trainings and consultation sessions with the Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce and JAPTI in Slovenia …)• Provide you with up-to-date articles for your members’ newsletter
  13. 13.