Analysis Questionnaire Tara


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Analysis Questionnaire Tara

  1. 1. Analysis comparing some of the questionnaire issues Age frame: 17/19 years old Man: 27 -> 60% Woman: 18 -> 40% Preliminary study, not conclusive The survey on alcohol consumption consists of 39 questions that inquire about information related to the origin and maintenance of the onset of the drinking age, presence of other people, frequency of the consumption, type of drinks, places, regularity of drunkenness state; friends, classmates and family affected by their influence, motives that drive ...
  2. 2. Question No 4 How old were you when you took alcohol for the first time? Most respondents reported age of onset as between 14 and 17 years of age. In this case no significant differences between being male or female, and only 7% said they had not taken alcohol before.
  3. 3. Question 5 If you drink, how often you drink alcohol? At the stage of adolescence in which they are, 78% mentioned the consumption of alcohol, sporadically or frequently, in which we are facing a worrying tendency towards alcoholism, because if we add our socio-cultural context, we find ( and indeed we find) in grave danger to the health of young people. As demonstrated by some studies, adolescents, unlike adults, are more likely to use alcohol and then pass to other drugs instead...
  4. 4. Question No 9 What limits your drinking? When asked about what limits their consumption of alcohol, 40% answers to get home without having an accident . This is evidence that they are aware of the danger that involves drinking and driving.
  5. 5. Question No 11 Have you used alcohol to change your mood? We also observed a gender gap when it comes to drinking to change their behaviour. Boys are more influenciable (almost 60% versus 30% of girls.)
  6. 6. Question No 13 Does it affect your drinking the presence of your teammates or the people around you? Nearly 2 / 3 of those polled say they are not influenced to drink when friends are present, but also in this question, there is a marked gender gap (with almost 40% of boys recognize that it affect them, while in girls it doesn't reach 20%)
  7. 7. Question No 27 Would you enter in a car with someone you know has been drinking? In the next question, although the results are very similar to those previously discussed, the concern is that 35% of students are still getting into a car knowing the driver is drunk.
  8. 8. Question No 35 Have you (or someone you know) been injured as a result of drinking? Although it doesn't reach 30%, it's significant that the vast majority are men. This has two readings: either the majority of drivers are men or women are generally more cautious drivers.
  9. 9. Question No 38 Have you ever used alcohol in combination with other drugs? Finally, over 40% admit combining alcohol with other drugs. Here gender statistics are altered and are the girls who recognize being more involved in this practice.