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Census 2011 briefing pack final


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Census 2011 briefing pack final

  1. 1. Censusbriefingpack1 Censusbriefingpack This briefing pack is produced by Leeds City Council in February 2011 For more information contact Jacky Pruckner on 0113 247 6394The next census takes place communities, covering issues The number of people included in the census significantlyon 27 March. such as health, housing, affects the amount of funding given to each local area. The Office for National employment, skills levels and transport. The Government allocates millions of pounds to localStatistics (ONS) is responsible and health authorities on the basis of the census which isfor conducting the census . It provides the basis why we need to make sure that everyone is counted and In March they will be for central and local Leeds gets it’s fair share of funding.sending out questionnaires government, health authorities and many other In 2001 only 91% of households in Leeds completedfor around 25 million organisations to target the Census. This is slightly below the national average. Thehouseholds in England and their resources and to ONS has identified a number of groups and communitiesWales to complete. plan housing, education, that may be harder to reach. employment, health,Why is the census important?The census is completed transport and other services for years to come. The Census is Non-English speakers Traveller, Gypsy and Roma / Black Caribbean community on 27 Marchevery ten years and is the Romani groupslargest piece of social research Adults aged 80+undertaken in the country. Long and Short Term Indian community HANDY Migrants It tells us how many people People with physical /live where and provides LINK Asylum seekers sensory impairmentsvaluable information The website of the Office Bangladeshi community for National Statistics has Pakistani communityon the make-up of local Illegal immigrants a huge amount of census Students information Black African community Homeless people / rough Chinese community sleepers Young peopleGot a story? Email
  2. 2. 2 CensusbriefingpackCompleting ACCESSIBILITYthe census The census website is a great source hearing, language, literacy and other difficultiesThe 2011 Census will be in a box. OTHERconducted differently from Help and support is LANGUAGESall previous censuses, when available from online help There is a lot of materialONS staff delivered and at and available in a variety ofcollected the forms. from 4 March there will be languages This time, 95% of a helpline for people to will be call, and guides available Publicity-materialsdelivered by Royal Mail and in other languages, Braille,households can then choose audio tape and other formatsto return their completed (telephone: 0300 02 01 101).forms in a pre-paid envelope Completing the census is Personal census information is never shared with anyor to complete the census a legal requirement: the few other government department, nationally, regionally oronline. people who don’t complete locally. Completing the their census questionnaire The information that is collected is kept confidential bycensus questionnaire is may be prosecuted for ONS and is protected by law. It is only used to providestraightforward – most breaking the law, could face aggregate statistics. The census is exempt from requestsquestions can be answered a criminal record and may be for information under the Freedom of Information Act.simply by ticking, or clicking, fined up to £1,000.Got a story? Email
  3. 3. 3 CensusbriefingpackGood contactsThere are two ONS Area Managers for Leeds. Chris Bennett: ONS Area Manager (Leeds North) 07801 331320 Elaine Thornton: ONS Area Manager (Leeds South) 07801331322The Council has nominated a liaison officer to work with them to raise awareness and toensure that the 2011 Census is as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. Jacky Pruckner: Council Assistant Census Liaison Manager 0113 2476394Got a story? Email
  4. 4. 4 CensusbriefingpackGet the GET YOUR POSTERS HEREword out The census website has a great store of posters to download and display Communications-toolkit/The-tools/Advertising-materials Alternatively, click this itemEasy ways to good promotion Staffnews 1 Staffnews Key legal points February February 2011The following are just some 2011 News Monthly Monthly Issue 24 Issue 24 The census is on 27 March. For Leeds, like other cities, it can have an...ideas of ways in which INCREDIBLEyou might be able to helppromote the census. IMPACT THE next census is on 27 March – it will have a big impact on This means decisions, like who in Leeds needs facilities in the You can fill in the paper Help is at hand for those For those involved in the relevant declarations of confidentiality, etc questionnaire and post Census, here are some legal Leeds City Council. future, are made with accurate, needing it. A home it back with the pre- visit could also be It is vital that any staff who live relevant details provided by the paid envelope. MORE arranged.n Include articles about in Leeds complete and return census. the city could lose an estimated Alternatively, Your census their census form. Money is also a factor. The £500,000 government allocates cash to local per year for the next for the first NEXT MONTH a n s w e r s The census – done every councils and health authorities 10 years. time, you can All the news on the census are always 10 years throughout England So, not only do the census do it online at in the March edition confidential. based on the census findings. points to consider. n all questionnaires will and Wales – tells us how many www.census. The more local people who do yourselves... tell your family and from 4 If you cant wait visit The 2011 people live where in Leeds. the census in any the census correctly, the more friends the importance to Leeds March. Census is run It also tells us what types of money Leeds gets to benefit the of doing the census too. by the Office for people they are – for example, local population. Either way, it National Statistics It’s simple to complete your should take each are they young, old, married or For every 1,000 people who census form. The questions are (ONS). Leeds City single? person about 10 minutes Council is helping the ONS do not complete the census, straightforward. be tracked using the to do. with the census locally. Got a story? Email newsletters that you n only ONS can deliver produce and collect census ONS system prescribed pack to any partner by lawn Display posters in your organisations that you questionnaires building n anyone disclosing think will be able to help n only staff appointedn Incorporate information any personal census by ONS to undertake information is liable to about the census in any n Consider hosting a the census can do this prosecution and up to meetings that you attend completion event if this n ONS staff will sign the 2 years in prisonn Distribute this briefing is appropriateGot a story? Email
  5. 5. 5 CensusbriefingpackFrequently asked questions1.What is the census? 3. Who organises it?The census provides a high quality estimate of the In England and Wales the census is planned and carried outpopulation. by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).It is a count of all people and households in England and The Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA)Wales and is carried out by the Office for National Statistics takes the census in Northern Ireland and the General Register(ONS). Office for Scotland (GROS) takes the census in Scotland.Everyone is asked the same questions on the same day in HISTORY All three take place on the same day to provide consistentorder to take a snapshot of the population at one point LESSON population statistics for the whole of the time. The statistics describe the population at national,regional and local levels. 4. How often does it take place? The first census took place in 1801 after demographer2. Why do we have a census? Censushistory Thomas Malthus told how population growth would soonThe information collected on the questionnaires is used to outstrip supplies of food and other resources, leading Britainhelp government and local authorities plan the services into famine, disease and other disasters.and resources people need, such as transport, housing, People quickly began to see the need for a census, Parliamenthealthcare and education. passed the Census Act in 1800 and the first official census ofThe amount of money your council has to spend on these England and Wales was taken on 10 March 1801.important services is based on population statistics from the Since then we have taken a census every ten years – except incensus. That is why it is so important that everyone takes 1941 during World War II).part.Got a story? Email
  6. 6. 65. Is the UK the only country that has a census? Censusbriefingpack 9. How long will it take?No. Some 200 countries worldwide carry out regular You will be able to answer most of the questions simply bycensuses. clicking or ticking a box.The United Nations and European Union encourage all It should take around 10 minutes for each person (less forcountries to collect census-type information. children), plus an extra few minutes to answer the questions about the household.6. When is the next census? 10. By when should I return my completed questionnaire?Census day will be on 27 March 2011. You will be able to complete your 2011 Census questionnaire ANY before, on or just after census day and submit or return it as7. When will I get my 2011 Census questionnaire? CONCERNS? soon as you have finished.Questionnaires will go out by post to all householders during What? When? Any delay could mean the organisers* system will show you asMarch 2011 ready for completion before, on or as soon as Why? How? a non-returning household, indicating the need for a visit frompossible after census day, 27 March. The My Census website one of the Office for National Statistics census representatives.If you don’t receive one in the post, you will be able to call the section is a great store of *The organiser is the Office for National Statisticscensus helpline and ask for one to be sent to you. information http://2011.census. 11. What will happen if I’m not at home on 27 March8. What will I have to do? 2011?You will need to complete the online version of your You should complete your questionnaire as soon as possiblequestionnaire or fill in the paper questionnaire and return it after 27 March post in the pre-paid envelope provided. Or do it before you go away if you’ve already received your questionnaire. If everyone in the household is away onYou should complete and return your questionnaire before, census day you should complete your questionnaire as soonon or as soon as possible after 27 March 2011: just make sure as possible after your return. If the household is absent foryour answers refer to that date. more than six months after census day, you do not need to complete the questionnaire. Anyone away from home for up to 12 months should still be included on your questionnaire.Got a story? Email
  7. 7. 712. Will I have to complete my questionnaire? Censusbriefingpack 15. How will you protect the information I provide online?Yes. Every householder must, by law, complete and return a The security of the 2011 Census website has been tested by2011 Census questionnaire. independent experts.A householder is the person who owns or rents the property They have checked that the site complies with industryand is wholly or partly responsible for paying household bills. and government standards, protected from accidental or deliberate interference or misuse, and that we have effective13. What happens if I don’t complete my questionnaire? measures in place to protect the confidentiality of personal data.You could face prosecution, a hefty fine (up to £1000) and a You will not be able to complete your online questionnairecriminal record. NATIONAL until you enter the unique internet access code from your CONTACTS paper questionnaire.14. Will I be able to do it online? Dont forget as well as This will act as a password (key) to make sure the rightYes. The 2011 Census will be the first time that you can Leedss very own contacts, you can also get in touch questionnaire is loaded. You will need to use your code everycomplete your census questionnaire online. with national organisers time you need to access your online questionnaire.Your paper questionnaire will include an internet access code enable you to do this securely. uk/Contact-us 16. What should I do with my paper questionnaire afterThis service will be available from 4 March 2011. I’ve submitted my online questionnaire?You may find online completion faster and more convenient. You will be able to safely dispose of your paper questionnaireFor example, the online questionnaire will automatically skip once you’ve submitted it.any questions that don’t apply to you and give you hints and You should destroy and/or remove your name, address andtips along the way. You won’t have to complete everything in internet access code on the front page, and then dispose ofone go. You’ll be able to just save the answers you’ve given so the rest of the questionnaire as you would any other personalfar and come back to it later. document.You will need your internet access code each time you loginto your online questionnaire, so don’t dispose of yourpaper copy until you have finished and submitted yourquestionnaire online.Got a story? Email
  8. 8. 817.What questions will I have to answer? Censusbriefingpack 20.Who should I include?The Office for National Statistics ask about work, health, Everyone living or staying in the household on census daynational identity, citizenship, ethnic background, education, must be included on your household questionnaire – evensecond homes, language, religion, marital status and so on. babies.All these things are important in capturing a true snapshot of You should also include any visitors staying with youthe population as it stands on census day. overnight on census day.You must answer all the questions. Only the religion questionis voluntary. 21.What if I’m in halls, a residential home, a hotel or some STUDENTS other communal establishment on census day?18.What if I make a mistake? If you have lived, or intend to live, for more than six monthsThe Office for National Statistics will be providing many in a communal establishment, you will be given an individualways for you to get help if you have difficulty with any of the questionnaire to complete by a manager or another memberquestions. of staff.The 2011 Census online questionnaire will make it easy to uk/The-2011-Census- The 2011 Census is making special arrangements forcorrect mistakes, and the paper questionnaire will explain student-campaign universities and some types of communal establishmentshow you should correct handwritten answers. such as prisons and military camps.If you have any problems, you can check online help orcontact the census helpline. 22. What if I or someone else in the household has a disability that will make it difficult to complete the19.Will everyone in the household have to complete the questionnaire?questionnaire? Ask a family member, friend or carer to help.It will be the householder’s or joint householder’s The Office for National Statistics will be providing plenty ofresponsibility to complete the questionnaire. help to enable as many people as possible to complete theirThe householder is the person who owns or rents the questionnaire independently. These include a British Signaccommodation and/or is responsible for paying household Language (BSL) video, audio, Braille guidance booklet guidesbills and expenses. and large print questionnaires.Got a story? Email
  9. 9. 9 Censusbriefingpack23. Would I be able to get someone from the census to 26. How can I get help to complete my questionnaire?come round and help me complete my questionnaire? Plenty of help will be available if you have any questions orYes. But before you do that, you should check the accessibility ACCESSIBLE difficulty completing the questionnaire.guides, online completion and online help options first. CENSUS n Online help at none of these is suitable, you should call the helpline to n Census helpline in over 50 languagesarrange a convenient time to visit. n Text Relay (for people with hearing impairment) n Wide range of tools and other materials to assist24. What if a relative who usually lives with me is in completion available online or via the census helplinehospital on census day? Could a nurse or carer do the n Video and audio guides at for them? uk/The-accessible- With the exception of accessible formats (available fromIf your relative has been in hospital for six months or more, census December 2010), all help services will be available from 4they will be given an individual questionnaire to complete by March 2011.someone in the hospital, such as a manager. If they are onlytemporarily in hospital (and will have been there for less thansix months) you should include them on your household 27. What will happen to my information?questionnaire. If needed, another member of the family, Your answers will be turned into statistics about thea friend, or member of hospital staff could complete the community and groups within it.questionnaire on their behalf. Personal census information is kept confidential for 100 years and is not shared with anyone else, including any other25. What if I don’t speak English? Accuracy government bodies or departments.If English is not your main language you will be able to: Quality and accuracy is of paramount importance ton Download or request a translation booklet containing the organisers, the ONS guidance and a sample questionnaire in any of more than 50 languages through online help at Online help is available from 4 March Quality-and-coverage- surveysn Request a translation booklet or seek further help and advice through the census helpline, which opens 4 March.Got a story? Email