Dr Hwa-Wei Lee: The Respected, Loved and Adored


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A presentation prepared for Symposium on Dr Hwa-Wei Lee's Library Contributions and Thoughts on November 17, 2011 in Shenzhen, China.

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  • Zappos chief Tony Hsieh is an avid Twitter user, but he hates the phrase "social media" so much that he imposes on-the-spot fines on anyone he catches saying it. His point is that it's more important to focus on engagement and human interaction than on buzzwords and technological tricks. "What Tony is pointing to is a cultural mindset of an organization. Either you are truly engaged with the person on the other end of that interaction or you aren't," this blogger writes. The Takeaways: What You Should DoSocial is a given. So much so that the product marketing manager for YouTube went so far as to so “social, as a buzzword, is dead.” Connecting with people as people…based on THEIR core motivations is critical. (See here for more. Full free book here)Practice creating engaging experiences. A quick way to do this is Think Mobile First. Simply put…how would someone feel if they encounter this on their mobile device? (That’s a different paradigm-as you know-than a PC. We just need to catch up.)Campaigns are dead (or at least dying) because they are increasingly expensive ways of getting new customers. This, however, is a really, really cheap way of doing that.The CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh has 1.8 million followers on Twitter, but he dislikes the term “social media.”In fact, if you say the word near him, you owe him a dollar.What Tony is pointing to is a cultural mindset of an organization. Either you are truly engaged with the person on the other end of that interaction or you aren’t. It doesn’t matter if that interaction occurs in person, on a phone call, via a website,  or on Facebook, Twitter, or a YouTube channel.
  • Research reveals the right medium for every marketing needThe best medium to use to reach your customers depends on the time of day and your target audience. Research has found radio is king in the early-morning commuting hours, while television shines after 5 p.m. The Internet is popular throughout the day with a range of age groups, while newspapers are most popular with the baby boom generation.http://smallbiztrends.com/2011/10/best-media-buys.html
  • Dr Hwa-Wei Lee: The Respected, Loved and Adored

    1. 1. 付未 FuWaye Bender 华裔美国图书馆员协会中西部会长Consultant, Nationwide Insurance Company fuwaye@gmail.com
    2. 2. 瑾献给李博士自华裔美国图书馆员协会中西部A present from Chinese AmericanLibrarians Association MidwestChapter
    3. 3. 名言 Quote“他将成为一个领导者必须是一个桥 梁” --威尔士谚语"He that would be a leader must be a bridge." -- Welsh proverb
    4. 4. 李博士在哪里 ? Where is Dr Lee? Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Twitter Animoto Ourstory Storybird Wordle Google+ SlideShare
    5. 5. 李博士是… Who is Dr Lee?“弄清楚自己是谁,是人类经验的 整点。”-- 安娜, 昆德伦, 美国记者和作家 “Figuring out who you are is the whole point of the human experience.“ -- Anna Quindlen, American journalist and author
    6. 6. Wordly.com用一个词来形容李博士?What is one word to describe DrLee?
    7. 7.  Energy Leader
    8. 8. Ourstory.com用文字和照片,捕捉李博士的故事,与同事和朋友分享的故事.
    9. 9. Ourstory.com/CALAMW
    10. 10. FacebookFacebook.com/CALAMW
    11. 11. Facebook.com/CALAMW
    12. 12. 照片变成视频幻灯片 Animoto.com
    13. 13. 即时连接; 追随朋友,专家,名人和突发新闻 Twitter.com
    14. 14. 专业网络 Professional Network LinkedIn.com
    15. 15. PPT共享 SlideShare
    16. 16. 重新定义分享 RedefinedCustomized Sharing Google+
    17. 17. 协作讲故事 Collaborative Storytelling Storybird.com
    18. 18. Dr Hwa-Wei Lee is a Cup of Tea
    19. 19. Dr Hwa-Wei Lee, Are We There Yet?
    20. 20. 我们为什么使用社交媒体? Why weuse social media?不是你认识谁,而是谁知道您It’s not who you know, but who knows about you.
    21. 21. 名言 Quote“你要么第一,要么最好的, 要么 与众不同.” -- 洛雷塔琳, 美国乡村歌手“You either have to be first, best or different.” --Loretta Lynn, American country singer
    22. 22. Social Media Landscape
    23. 23. 社会化媒体 Social Media 被视为一种迫切的必要的社交网络服务
    24. 24. 谷歌Google & Facebook Facebook和社会商业的兴起 Facebook and the Rise of Social Commerce 谷歌和“无处不在”的电子商务战略 Google and the “It’s Everywhere You Want To Be” Commerce Strategy
    25. 25. 社会媒体和教育 Social Mediaand Education
    26. 26. 趋势 The Big Debate/Trend 我们应该怎样做社会化媒体? vs 我们如何把 社会媒体做的更好 “Should we do social media?” to ‘How do we do social media better?“ 社会媒体科学 “Social media science" - tools, platforms, and add-ons 视频将继续爆炸 Video will continue to explode 社会化媒体变成一种技能 vs 工作 Move towards social becoming a skill, versus a job.
    27. 27. 新应用程序 New Tools toSimply Online Life Trendspottr pulls trending topics from various platforms and can project the viral future of a certain topic. Awesomize allows a user to manage all personal and professional profiles from one place. Local Response uses aggregated check-ins to deliver mobile advertising in real time. Pixable collects photos from across the Web to let a user see friends’ images in one spot.
    28. 28. 带走的心思 Take Away 有Facebook之前的生活,也会有之后的生活 There was a life before Facebook and there will be one after 没有一样工具可以统治所有 There is no tool to rule them all 您不能隐藏了 You cannot hide anymore 关键绩效指标 Which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)? 这是一个漫长的旅程(但你仍然可以实现它) This is a long journey (but you still can achieve it)
    29. 29. If you don’t post it on Facebook,Did it really happen?
    30. 30. Don’t Talk to Zappos’s Tony Hsieh about“social media”The story: The CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh has 1.8 million followers on Twitter If you say the word near him, you owe him $1. Tony believes a cultural mindset of an organizationThe takeaways: Social is a given Practice creating engaging experiences It doesn’t matter if that interaction occurs in person, on a phone call, via a website, or on Facebook, Twitter, or a YouTube channel.
    31. 31. 恰当的媒介 The Right Medium Radio TV Newspaper Internet/Social Media Time of the day Target Audience
    32. 32. 名言 Quote培根说:“如果一个人对陌生人 亲切和礼貌,就说明他是一个 世界公民.” 李博士正是这样的人 . Francis Bacon said: "If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers it shows he is a citizen of the world”. And that’s who Dr. Lee is.
    33. 33. 名言 QuoteB.K.马林诺夫斯基说:“基本上 是卑微的...和谦虚,他取得了正 式的最高荣誉和荣誉.” 李博士正 是这样做的. B.K.vMalinowski said: "essentially humble...and self- effacing, he achieved the highest formal honors and distinctions". And that is how Dr Lee is.
    34. 34. Happy Birthday,& Many ManyMore, Dr. Lee!!!