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Succeeding Online in the Age of Austerity


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Ben Cotton looks at ways to succeed online in the age of austerity.

Published in: Business
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Succeeding Online in the Age of Austerity

  2. 2. BUDGETS ARE SHRINKINGMarketing budgets are contracting and have been for a while. There is a very realneed to be able to pick marketing wins with more accuracy so that budget foractivity is allocated more effectively.
  3. 3. TRUST IS FALLINGTrust is fragile and we now live in an age of scepticism. Institutions now have towork much harder to earn trust. They need to communicate across multipleplatforms so their messaging is received.
  4. 4. PAGE VIEW LED NEWSROOMMedia across Europe are reducing headcount as they explore ways to generaterevenue. Everything from paywalls to community hacks have been mooted. Untilthis conundrum is solved media will increasingly focus on page views.
  5. 5. STOP TRYING TO WOW YOUR CUSTOMERSBrands should focus on doing what’s expected of them. Every brand would love towow every consumer, but only few can. The rise of the savvy shopper has changedexpectations and businesses should now focus on meeting, not exceeding them.
  6. 6. RISE OF THE MARKETING MATHEMATICIANMarketing mathematicians are the movie stars of the digital world. With the riseof big data, moneyball marketing and powerful BI tools marketing budgets can bespent more wisely. Hire one now to make sure you’re not dazzled by the data.
  7. 7. FUNCTIONALITY, NOT FANFAREWe’re going to see a return to functionality over fanfare with a sharper focus onbusiness benefits. This new perspective will require a new approach from someagencies. In the age of austerity we need projects that drive action, not chit-chat.
  8. 8. THE PERSONALISED WEBWe’ve had a taste of the personalised web thanks to Facebook, Google+, Amazonand eBay. In the future we’ll be served content tailored to our preferences andthat of our networks as algorithm served content becomes pervasive.
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