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Measuring the Success of Your Website


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Ben Cotton looks at KPIs to set and measure the success of your website.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Measuring the Success of Your Website

  1. 1. socialwebthing.comMEASURING THE SUCCESS OF YOUR WEBSITEBy Ben
  2. 2. THE BARCELONA PRINCIPLESsocialwebthing.com1. The Importance of Goal Setting and Measurement2. Media Measurement Requires Quantity and Quality3. AVEs are not the Value of Public Relations4. Social Media Can and Should be Measured5. Measuring Outcomes is Preferred to Measuring Media Results6. Business Results Can and should be Measured Where Possible7. Transparency and Replication are Paramount to Sound Measurement
  3. 3. WHAT ARE OUTPUTS, OUTTAKES & OUTCOMES?socialwebthing.comOutputsThese really are the low-hanging fruit of measurement. They are easily quantifiednumbers, such as visitors, unique visitors and new vs. returning visitors. Historically,too much emphasis has been placed on Outputs; they should be considered the firststep of measurement, not the only one. They offer context, not insight.OuttakesOuttakes go somewhat deeper and measure more meaningful activity. This could bepageviews, avg. duration per visit and bounce rate. As digital marketing professionalsI believe this is the level everyone should aspire to as a minimum requirement. Ifyour agency just gives you Outputs it may be time for a change.OutcomesFinally, Outcomes are measured over a longer term, require more buy-in from theclient and greater resource to measure, but most importantly are linked back tobusiness objectives. Outcomes are high value activities, such as data capture, leads,sales, conversion rate and traffic acquisition cost. In short, Outputs and Outtakes areuseful, but Outcomes show digital activity in its most impactful light.
  4. 4. OUTPUTS, OUTTAKES & OUTCOMESsocialwebthing.comOUTPUTS• Visitors• Unique visitors• New vs.returningOUTTAKES• Pageviews• Avg. visitduration• Bounce rateOUTCOMES• Data capture• Leads• Sales• Conversion rate• Trafficacquisition costBUSINESS VALUELOW HIGH
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