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10 Great Data Visualization Tools


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In my day to day role I often need to create a graph, chart or table to simplify what can sometimes be a lot of data into a salient point or two. Here are 10 free data visualizations tools; some provide the metrics, whilst the others highlight relationships between the data, as well as displaying the information in a visual, understandable and digestible way. You may find them useful for that pitch, presentation or assignment.

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10 Great Data Visualization Tools

  1. 1. 10 Great Data Visualization Tools
  2. 2. Forrester Consumer Profile Tool
  3. 3. Google Insights Insights
  4. 4. Global Web Index
  5. 5. Gary Hayes' Social Media Counts
  6. 6. Google Public Data Public Data Explorer
  7. 7. Wordle
  8. 8. Social Collider
  9. 9. Social Collider Open Heat Map
  10. 10. Social Collider Pivot Viewer
  11. 11. Social Collider Twitscoop
  12. 12. Social Collider Thank you Contact details