The Beauty Company's Executive Presentation


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The Beauty Company's Executive Presentation

  1. 1. An Award-Winning Strategy Firm That Helps ClientsBuild Beauty Products and Brands Women Want To Buy An Executive Capabilities Deck 2012
  2. 2. Meet The Beauty CompanyAfter founding and exiting three companies, Alisa MarieBeyer founded The Beauty Company in 2006—anaward-winning strategy firm that helps clients buildbeauty products and brands women want to buy. Withproven methodologies, passion and deep industryintelligence, TBC fixes whats wrong, creates from-scratch brands that capture her at "hello," and yieldspositive financial returns. From individual projects tocomplete concept-to-market services, TBC is an expertin results-driven project management. Often referred toas the “McKinsey” of beauty products, we serve brandsat every stage of development. Our expertise spansskincare, makeup, fragrance, hair care, devices, beauty-focused supplements, functional foods and beverages.
  3. 3. Our Clients
  4. 4. Our ServicesProduct Concept Ideation & Testing•  Competitive Landscape Matrix •  Concept Ideation Workshops •  Concept Board Optimization•  Concept Ideation Boards •  Consumer Quantitative Testing •  Strategic Blueprint MemorandumsBrand Strategy & Identity Development•  Competitive Landscape Matrix •  Brand Positioning Platform •  Graphic & Brand Identity Testing•  Brand Drivers Workshop •  Brand Inspiration & Identity Boards •  Brand Usage Guidelines•  Brand Name Development •  Graphic Identity Development •  Creative Brand & Product•  Brand Positioning Story (logo, icon, colors) PhotographyCollateral Development & Design•  Packaging Copy (Primary & •  One Voice Brand Book •  Sales Training Decks Secondary) •  Consumer Usage Guides •  Hollywood Video Trailers•  Websites •  Product Sell Sheets •  Awards Applications•  Facebook/Twitter Pages •  Retailer KitsProduct Strategy & Development•  Product Portfolio Evaluations Management•  Concept-to-Production •  Product Profiles & Benchmark •  Industry Testing Management Management Selection •  COGS & Pricing Strategies•  In-Market Claims Strategy •  Formulator Selection & •  Clinical Trial Protocols & Management •  Strategic Blueprint MemorandumsConsumer Testing Groups•  Claims Strategy & Articulation •  Market-Ready Testimonials•  Market-Ready Self-Perception •  Before & After Photography Claims
  5. 5. Product Concept Ideation & TestingToday, brands have to innovate and work smarter in response to the radical shift in the consumereconomic revolution. As consumers actively engage and interact with their favorite brands via socialmedia and web pages, and it’s no longer enough just to show up on the shelf. If you want your brand tostand out from a sea of sameness, you have to create a concept that sings and then test it with realconsumers before moving on to any brand development or strategy. A brand must entertain, captureattention and offer pure delight – and only focused concept testing will reveal this magic mushroom.Brand and product concepts that we have helped go from replaceable to irresistible include:
  6. 6. Brand Strategy & Identity DevelopmentFor consumers, your brand’s visual identity is also your brand’s calling card—just ask Apple, Starbucksor Target. Ensuring that the visual identity of your brand is seamlessly integrated across all platforms is acritical part of any brand’s success, which is why we’ve got you covered. TBC manages all aspects ofyour brand’s strategy and identity including brand drivers, naming, positioning story, mood and identityboards, logos, icons and color palettes, usage guidelines and brand and product photography, as well astesting the graphic and brand identity elements with consumers for a completely cohesive, identifiableand winning in-market brand identity.Brands whose identities we have kept groomed, shaped and protected include:
  7. 7. Collateral Development & DesignFinding the word or turn of phrase that gets your consumers to sit up and take notice can make or breakyour brand’s chance for true in-market success. But even more than that, carefully worded creative copytouches every aspect of your brand’s life cycle, from packaging copy to websites to social media contentto retailer kits to user guides to awards applications to sell sheets, brand collateral must be conceivedand brought to life for consumers in not just a visually appealing way, but also a verbally appealing way.Is your brand saying what she wants to hear?Brands that we have provided creative collateral direction for include:
  8. 8. Product Strategy & DevelopmentBefore you take your idea for a hot pink face primer or olive oil moisturizer to market, focused product strategy andfollowing a smart path of product development is a must. Good product strategy includes every element from existingportfolio evaluations (do you have the right products?) to identifying and cutting the weakest links to figuring out how tocreate the next Nars Orgasm. You’ve got to ensure that the product concept will resonate with the target consumer,assemble the right mix for launch, and then structure your offer at the right cost of goods so you can make money. Thenyou actually have to create it! This includes developing an intelligent product profile with a strategic claims set that willyield a new consumer “cult” favorite, selecting and managing the right formulator to bring your product to life andengaging in the right validations and testing.TBC has vast experience in commercializing products for a variety of brands. Our proven product strategy anddevelopment methodologies ensure the result is a consumer-accepted product mix that meets the myriad of industryrequired testing, so that once on shelf, your product stays on shelf, and becomes a repeat in her shopping cart.TBC has developed award winning products for the following brands:
  9. 9. Consumer Testing GroupsIf your product isn’t consumer-tested and approved, complete with a set of claims that she’ll salivate over, it’s not a surething in-market. In today’s tight marketplace, fully evaluating and validating your offer is a critical brand developmentstep, and brands must garner real-world results—consumer opinions and insights as well as benchmarked consumerclaims to do it. A Consumer Testing Group* (CTG) or quantitative study reveals what your target consumer thinks ofbrand messages, key consumer insights, reasons-to-believe, as well as revealing purchase intent in order to helpposition your offer. Is she interested? Does your product actually deliver on its promises? Were there unexpected resultsor side-effects that could hinder your offering in-market or that need to be played up? Whether you are in the initialstages or getting ready to roll-out, our breadth of consumer testing (focus groups, quantitative studies, CTGs) will gatherthe right consumers, ask the right questions, get the right answers, garner the best-in-class testimonials and be sure toinspire other consumers—straight from your consumer’s lips! *TBC has fully accredited consumer testing methodologies thathave been approved by the biggest retailers and home shopping networks in the industry.Brands that have used our CTGs to test-drive products with their target consumersinclude:
  10. 10. The PinkReport™ Purchased By:(Just a sample of clients)
  11. 11. Alisa Marie Beyer Founding Partner & CEO A proven entrepreneur who has built and sold three companies, Alisa Marie Beyer is the Founder of The Beauty Company (TBC). In 2006 after the birth of her third child, she decided to bring her “built from scratch” expertise to the beauty industry and launched TBC, a strategy and branding consultancy that hosts a unique blend of beauty clients, from start- ups to multi-billion dollar companies. TBC helps clients build products and brands that women buy. Alisa specializes in helping companies establish a brand position that creates a strong emotional connection to consumers, as well as provides a brand experience that is consistent and highly compelling across all touch points. She has created the next level of brand ambassador—harnessing the power of "story telling"—in order to maximize the powerAlisa launched and sold three of "super fans" to drive brand loyalty and sales.companies before deciding to bring her As a beauty industry, brand and marketing expert, Alisa works with clients from product“built from scratch” expertise to the concept to product development to complete brand identify creation and execution. She hasbeauty industry when she founded TBC successfully conducted the following services on behalf of clients such as Nestle Glowelle,in 2006. Within four years, she has Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, L’Oreal, L’Occitane, Fresh, Bath & Body Works, Guthy Renker, Dr.worked with 13 of the top 15 global Dennis Gross Skincare, Shaklee, Fusion Brands, Breakthrough in Beauty, CLEAN, KAO Brands, Jergens, and Victoria Secret’s companies and has beenrecognized as one of GCI magazine’s • Participating in and contributing to high-level strategy discussions with management team.“20 to Know” in the beauty industry. • Developing, implementing and managing brand marketing strategy. • Overseeing product development and management. • Managing product marketing including the launch of new products, as well as developingEducation effective sales tools and providing general sales support.Bachelor of Science, Economics • Developing and managing key communication pieces to promote purchase reinforcement(magna cum laude) and product knowledge.Wilson College • Driving development of brand standards to ensure that all materials are consistent and appropriately represent the brand—across all touch points and geographies.Favorite Quote • Crafting marketing communications programs that include branding, creative, public“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink relations, advertising, interactive properties (i.e. Facebook and Twitter), white papers ( the wild air.” testimonials), seminars, event collateral and website design and content. — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  12. 12. •  Formulating and tracking key metrics and success criteria for all marketing programs.•  Evaluating through research and empirical studies, market opportunities, the success of sales programs, and advertising/promotion initiatives.•  Maintaining connections with industry associations and other entities that provide market data and intelligence.In addition to her work with beauty manufacturers, Alisa consults with industry trade associations and publications, including the Professional Beauty Association, the Day Spa Association, In Style, Prevention, Allure, GCI Magazine and private equity and venture capital firms.From attending an all-women’s college (which she loved!) to working as a bridal model to building an award-winning women’s swimwear company from scratch, most of Alisa’s professional career has centered on creating great products and brands for women. She has a history of dedication to and investment in women and business, and was a founding investor of, the country’s first all-female angel investment club.Previously, Alisa was the founder of The ProMarc Agency, one of the fastest-growing and most respected business marketing and public relations firms in the United States. While driving The ProMarc Agency’s growth, Alisa acquired, grew, and sold Globescope Internet Services Inc., a Web site development company for Washington, DC based embassies. In 2001, Hill & Knowlton acquired The ProMarc Agency. Shortly thereafter, Alisa was selected to serve as the general manager of the Washington, DC office of Hill & Knowlton and as a member of the company’s executive committee. Then in early 2003, Alisa founded AXM Swimwear which designed, manufactured, and wholesaled a collection of women’s designer swimsuits. In December 2004, AXM Swimwear was bought by MODE PLAYA, the largest swimwear manufacturer in Mexico.She has published numerous articles on marketing and research and has been a lecturer at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania on entrepreneurship. Alisa is often a featured speaker at Cosmoprof, HBA and the Professional Beauty Association.Alisa is a magna cum laude graduate of Wilson College, with degrees in Economics and English. She and her husband Thomas have three children, Maximilian, Megan and Benjamin. They call Washington, DC home for most of the year, but their hearts reside in Manhattan Beach, CA.
  13. 13. TBC MissionTBC is a non-traditional beauty company ofdriven, passionate professionals making apositive impact in the businesses and livesof its clients, partners, and staff, whileoperating with integrity, flexibility, and in afinancially sound manner. We make beautyhappen in an entrepreneurial, fun,supportive, and professionally empoweringculture.OfficeTBC Studio5165 MacArthur Boulevard, 2nd FloorWashington, DC 20016Alisa Marie BeyerFounding Partner & CEOalisa@thebeautycompany.coo: 202.249.1500 • c: 202.256.3636