Knowledge Sandwich 2009


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An introductory presentation to "going mobile'.

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Knowledge Sandwich 2009

  1. 1. Going mobile Making your content and services available to mobile users - a ‘Knowledge Sandwich’ presentation 12.08.09
  2. 2. Introduction Going mobile 12.08.09
  3. 3. Going mobile :: Introduction Why are you here? The rapid increase in the power and usability of mobile devices and the high- profile marketing success of the iPhone mean that web users are now frequently accessing websites and digital services from their mobile phones. Make sure that your content and services are available to mobile users – learn more about delivery channels like mobile applications, the mobile internet and text-messaging with Media Centre client Ben Childs of Common Agency. 3
  4. 4. Going mobile :: Introduction Why am I here?  Long background and career in mobile [since 1999]  Focussed on creating and delivering excellent user experiences  Designing experiences and services - not just look and feel  Maximising the opportunities from the available technologies  Understanding user behaviour and usability  Started Common Agency in 2005  Clients include Orange, HTC, Rough Guide, Apple  Specialists at understanding the capabilities and opportunities of mobile and helping our clients to create compelling, usable mobile products and services  And because it still excites me! 4
  5. 5. Going mobile :: Introduction Why are Common here? Mobiles are what we do. Of course we do a lot of web stuff too, but we offer a highly specialised level of expertise in mobile that’s second to none. 5
  6. 6. Going mobile :: Introduction What we’ll be covering  Understanding mobile  Principles of mobile services  Reaching your audience [delivery channels]  Mobile messaging  Mobile internet  Mobile applications  Mobile innovations  Summary 6
  7. 7. Understanding mobile Going mobile 12.08.09
  8. 8. Going mobile :: Understanding mobile Some jargon The world of telecoms [mobile] is littered with acronyms and jargon. To aid further exploration, here are some terms you may come across... Phone number & Messaging Data net works Connectivity identification SMS GPRS / 2G Data bearer MSISDN MMS EDGE / 2G+ Bluetooth [aka CLI] IM UMTS / 3G IMEI Wifi HSDPA / 3G+ PTT Platforms Misc! Location Series 60 Applications OTA GPS Symbian J2ME PDA Cell ID Android UI UX Roaming iPhone WAP 8
  9. 9. Going mobile :: Understanding mobile The opportunity Mobile services are growing rapidly but remain a huge area of opportunity with some significant barriers having now been removed. Huge impact Saturated UK Penetration Multimedia Economically market density ser vice users Socially 84% 125% 28% Top sites Social media Applications Mobile internet BBC, Google, Younger Nearly 60% of Bias towards Facebook, audience for iPhone users males age 30+ Wikipedia, Facebook, have used an Yahoo, eBay pictures, etc application Facts and figures presented here are an amalgamation of various sources, used here as an estimated example of the size of the market opportunity. 9
  10. 10. Going mobile :: Understanding mobile The mobile ecosystem To understand how best to mobilise your service, it’s necessary to consider the followed [simplified] elements of the mobile ecosystem: Operators Enablers Devices Content Orange, O2... ID, Location... Nokia, Apple... BBC, Apps...  Control key elements  Unique ID [MSISDN!]  Significant range of  Content aggregators of the ecosystem capabilities  Billing  Major 3rd parties...  Customer relationship  Intimate relationship BBC, eBay, Twitter,  Location with technology Facebook, Amazon  Relatively common  Presence device approach across ‘big  Vast ecosystem of four’ operators -  Connectivity  Optimise platform smaller 3rd parties Orange, O2, Address book and form factor   Mobile messaging Vodafone & T-Mobile  Devices can vary  Mobile internet  Slightly more specific between operators offering from Three  Mobile applications  Mobile innovations 10
  11. 11. Principles of mobile services Going mobile 12.08.09
  12. 12. Going mobile :: Principles of mobile services Creating excellent mobile services This introductory box might describe the slide but should never under any circumstances go beyond two lines. Context... Design for Limited input User-centred id, location, mobile, not and design presence, just a reduced interaction status, etc web Recognise the Degrade and, emotional Device Test, iterate, if needed, fail gracefully connection of a optimisation test, iterate... mobile 12
  13. 13. Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Going mobile 12.08.09
  14. 14. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile messaging Despite the hype and rich experience of the mobile internet and software applications, messaging is where it started and still continues. ✓ Text messaging [SMS] is available • Format is predominantly limited to on every mobile phone text only [MMS / picture messaging is sometimes used but is more ✓ Understood and utilised by most difficult and complex to set-up] mobile users - young and old ✓ Little or no barriers to usage... • Only allows for sequential exchange of information and is not real-time quick to use and low cost [most [though is usually fast in practice] tariffs now include some SMS messages within the bundle] ✓ Allows for both content generation and retrieval ✓ Easy billing 14
  15. 15. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile messaging: examples Football alerts Car price guide Metro Your next bus Thumbprint  Real-time information  Request information  Text the code on the  Retrieve content by as it happens regarding the value/ bus stop to 63876 keyword alone validity of a used car  Also used for news  Receive up-to-date  Submit content by flashes, ebay auction running information keyword + message alerts, email about the next few notifications, delivery/ buses store alerts, etc  63876 = METRO 15
  16. 16. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile messaging: examples Thumbprint Utilising text messages to allow users to create and retrieve information, and then access and share it both on the web and on mobile. 16
  17. 17. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile internet The mobile internet is much more than just a cut-down version of the full internet and requires special attention to context and devices. ✓ Significant feature additions to ‘full’ • Remains small screen and limited web in terms of user identification, interaction capability location awareness, etc. • Browsing can often still be slow - ✓ May be closest to existing hampered by processor speed as established web business model much as connection speed ✓ Most handsets of the past 2 years support technologies used on the ‘full’ web e.g. xHTML, CSS, etc. ✓ Most content can be ‘ported’ directly to mobile e.g. text & images ✓ Limited but increasing support for video ✓ Negligible support for Flash 17
  18. 18. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile internet: examples Orangeworld Twitter Facebook BBC  Orange mobile portal  Perfectly simple user  Works cleverly with  Reflects recently experience website to offer updated web refresh  Offers news, weather, complimentary sports, downloads,  Offers good balance  Offers rich video features games, links to 3rd of core features with content only if parties, mobile suitability for mobile  Focuses on time- suitable for current search, etc. critical activities such device as updates and status 18
  19. 19. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile applications The high-profile marketing of the iPhone has raised expectations of what phones can achieve, aided by a rapidly growing developer community. ✓ Potential to create amazingly rich • Multiple development effort - and interactive experiences, applications have to be recoded for ranging from full 3D games to video the main platforms such as iPhone, conferencing and real-time Android and Series 60. communication services. • ‘Full software development’ is a ✓ Flexible design and development more significant undertaking than allows for best representation of web development e.g. time/cost, your brand and service support, updates, etc. ✓ Very easy route to market. ‘App • Sometimes a lack of consistency can stores’ are provided by Apple, introduce a learning curve for each Google, Nokia and most operators. application [though design Includes directory of apps, guidelines are provided in most promoted apps, search/discovery, cases and are strictly applied by integrated billing, etc. Apple]. 19
  20. 20. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile applications: examples Remote Guitar Rock Tour Shazam SKY+  Allows the iPhone to  Highly interactive  Extension to the  Allows a user to control iTunes on a game, using the form popular 2580 service program their SKY+ computer factor of the iPhone to box whilst away from  Hold the app up to a simulate guitar playing the house  Using another Mac music source and accessory, the music  A cross between Shazam will identify  Expect other home can be played on any Guitar Hero and the the tune and allow automation apps to speakers Wii you to preview/buy appear soon 20
  21. 21. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile applications: examples Augmented reality location helper application 21
  22. 22. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile innovations: gps The addition of ‘real’ GPS to mobile phones has allowed for the recent development of feature-rich mapping and location-aware experiences ✓ Increasingly used to collate user generated content such as reviews ✓ Perfect demonstration of mobile application which utilises context, enablers, immediacy, etc • Best when used with GPS capable phone • More fiddly than dedicated ‘satnav’ 22
  23. 23. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile innovations: barcodes Barcode scanning from a mobile remains a relatively ‘geeky’ technology but is increasingly used in ‘bus stop’ scenario marketing campaigns. ✓ Can be used by a relatively significant number of handsets e.g. most smart phones with a camera ✓ Easy to use once understood ✓ Pleasantly ‘tactile’! ✓ Range of actions available e.g. mobile internet site, trigger a call, add to address book, etc • Usually requires some grasp of the concept • Often requires extra [free] software on the user’s phone • Looks a bit geeky 23
  24. 24. Going mobile :: Reaching your audience [delivery channels] Mobile innovations: RFID Radio Frequency Identification is already used in libraries and Oyster cards, and will be coming to mobiles within a few years. ✓ Excellent for bridging the gap between the physical world and the mobile phone ✓ Handled by the phone so no extra software or downloads required ✓ Pleasantly ‘tactile’! ✓ Range of actions available e.g. mobile internet site, trigger a call, add to address book, etc • Incredibly limited device support • Relatively complex to set-up 24
  25. 25. Summary Going mobile 12.08.09
  26. 26. Going mobile :: Summary Things to consider... Mobile is not the same as the web, but it’s not entirely different either. Starting from your existing web activity might be the best approach but is not a pre-requisite for “going mobile”.  Who are your customers/audience?  Delivery channel? Devices?  What do you want to achieve from mobile?  Sales? Information? Feedback/dialogue?  Do you have any current business infrastructure to be repurposed?  Content Managed or Ecommerce website? Rich content archive?  How will you market your mobile presence?  Existing marketing channels? Viral? New launch? Separate brand/service? 26
  27. 27. for more information... sandwich-2009 0870-9905036 thanks