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Coaching goals planning worksheet


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Coaching goals planning worksheet

  1. 1. Republic of the PhilippinesDepartment of EducationRegion VII, Central VisayasTagbilaran City Schools DivisionCogon High School Evening ClassCity of TagbilaranCoaching Goals Planning WorksheetCoach: Ruben Sombrio VillamorMajor: FilipinoMentees: Jennifer AňosaMajor: TLE DraftingCharmae Jane SalaveriaMajor: ScienceEdsel LodoniaMajor: MAPEHDescriptionGoal StatementCoaching is increasingly being recognized as important in development. It isacknowledged by many in the field of education in response to the basic training inintegrating technology to become active and effective in teaching. This will beresulting to an individual plan for professional development on different learningareas using 21stcentury skills. On this regard, accomplishment would rather beachieved thru working hand in hand, cooperative and collaborative to becomeproficient Global Filipino Teachers.Cogon High School Evening Class is a model night high school with an upgraded
  2. 2. physical facilities and competent teachers producing morally upright, skillfulcitizens and servant leaders of the community. Aims to provide quality educationand life skills to self-employed and working students with emphasis in valuesformation through a curriculum, academically skillful teachers, and supportivestakeholders.This program focus on enhancement, development and progression to those whowill not be able to adapt change where incapacity in using modern techniquebecome more functional and useful especially in their performance based activitiesinside and out of the classroom as well as for the students to acquire the consistentand essential information that promotes higher order thinking skills through the useof ICT tools.Students from Grade 7 and second to fourth year level will fully develop theirparticipation, functionality by doing projects using ICT-integration known asProject Based Learning in order for them to accept a new challenge, a journey tolive life to the fullest as responsible citizen with the help of the stakeholders of thecommunity.The realization of this program will starts on January up to June 2013 after theplanning and final communication to the higher authority. One month will be givento coaches (Proficient GFT Teachers) for the preparation for training and the restof the period will be utilize for the operation.Online collaboration/communication thru Facebook group or other means ofcommunication after class hours or during vacant periods for inquiries and follow-ups will be observe. This will be scheduled every Saturday from 8:00 to 11:00o’clock (depending on the availability of the teachers involved. Since Cogon HighSchool is an evening class the schedule will not be interrupted.Measuring Progress In monitoring and supervising for the progress of theprogram, all the trainees must be check for the availabilityof their time in attending the peer coaching session aboutthe ICT-integration. So that everybody will completelylearn the new ICT tools on how to apply in every subjecttaught. The Project Base Learning implementation with the
  3. 3. involvement in the community and other collaborative andcooperative strategies in their projects both the teachers andstudents and the stakeholders will be taken.Call a special meeting for the initial reports to be presentedby the documentation of the activities intact in CD’s orUSB. Hard copies of ICT-integrated learning activities bemeasured on 21stcentury and standard objectives andpresented in a portfolio type. On the other hand, Soft copywill be uploaded at a PIL site to be shared to other teachersin the neighboring areas and the rest of the Department ofEducation, Tagbilaran City Schools Division hopefully.As regular monitoring is concern, proper coordination ofthe principal/school head must be always connected so thatfollow-ups will be directly incapacitated anytime. To stayaway from any problems make sure that the action takenmust be permitted from the Schools DivisionSuperintendent as legal bases or an agreement for anypresentation they made inside and outside the premises ofthe school enable to look into the progress of the program.Time Schedule:Every Saturday from 8:00 to 11:00 o’clock (depending onthe availability of the teachers involved. Since Cogon HighSchool is an evening class the schedule will not beinterrupted. Online collaboration/communication thruFacebook group or other means of communication afterclass hours or during vacant periods for inquiries andfollow-ups. In the month of April and May changes will beobserve due to the starting of enrolment and in that casemaybe the schedule will be from Mondays to Fridays as thecase maybe.Our norms are: • Be professional, be time conscious.• A thorough coaching on ICT tools shouldn’t
  4. 4. missed up so be there always.• Mentees should inform immediately thetrainers/coaches for any hindrance/obstacles so thatspecial mentoring will be given.• Proper coordination with the SDS and SchoolPrincipal in all activities must be open always.• All the necessary programs and high speed internetconnection are available for online sessions andthat you have set up your own personal account.• Check all the paraphernalia’s before submitting therequired materials/output (flash drive or writtenoutputs)• Back-up or copy of all your files must be ready.• Strictly submit the outputs in time.• ICT integration should be emphasizing.• For F2F sessions be sure to log-in the attendancesheet.Prepared by: Approved by:RUBEN S. VILLAMOR GRACE MARIE L. CAMPOSICT Coordinator/GFT teacher/Coach/Mentor School Principal