Putney Cricket Club Annual Report 2012


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Notice of Annual General Meeting
Management Committee Report
Club Awards 2011
Treasurer's Report
The Eve and Stan Marshall 100 Club
Saturday 1st XI Report
Saturday 2nd XI Report
Sunday XI Report
Sunday 2nd XI Report
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held at the Duke’s Head Public House on 16th March 2011

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Putney Cricket Club Annual Report 2012

  2. 2. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON The Pavilion Lower Richmond Road Putney SW15 1JF February 2012 NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGNotice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Putney Cricket Club will be held at The Duke’s thHead Function Room, 8 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London, SW15 1JN on Wednesday 28 March2012, at 7:30pm sharp, to consider and discuss the attached reports for the 2011 season, and to conductthe business as set out in the following agenda. th1. Minutes of the AGM held on 16 March 2011 (copy attached on page 13)2. Apologies for absence3. Management Committee Report and Chairman’s comments4. Financial Report5. Team Secretary’s Report6. Team Captains’ Reports7. Fixture Secretary’s Report8. Groundsman’s Report9. Vote of Thanks to out going Officers10. Election of Officers11. Any Other BusinessMembers are reminded that all Officers retire, and nominations may be received for any position, whethervacant or not. All such nominations must be received by the Secretary, at the address shown below, by stnoon of Wednesday 21 March 2011. All such proposals must have the consent of the nominee, andthe support of a seconder. A list of the present Officers who are prepared to offer themselves for re-election is shown on page 16. Members are reminded that if they are elected to any of the posts, they areexpected to perform their duties to the fullest possible extent.M Wibberley (Secretary)29 Dover House RoadPutneySW15 5AA Page 2
  3. 3. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORTThe Saturday 1st X1 played 16, won 9, drew 3 and lost 4, having 3 abandoned, and finished arespectable fifth in the division. (friendlies: P11, W7, D1, L 3, A1). The Saturday 2nd X1 played 13, won 7,drew 2 and lost 4, having 3 abandoned, and finished a respectful sixth in the division. (friendlies: P5, W4,L1). The Sunday 1st X1 won 6 of the 14 played, (4 abandoned), and the Sunday 2nd X1 played 12,winning 7 of those games, (3 abandoned). A very satisfying season on the playing front !!There will be a trial net on 14th April, (details to follow). Our first game is on Sunday 15th April againstBath 3rd X1, away. The following week, Saturday 21st April there will be a trial game at Putney, followedwith a friendly home game for the Sunday 1st X1 against Blackheath on 22nd April. On the 28th April theSaturday 1st X1 are playing in the first round of the league cup against Byfleet at home, whilst theSaturday 2nd X1 will travel to Byfleet for a friendly. Sunday friendlies will follow. The league programmecommences on Saturday 05h May, 1st X1 away to Chaldon, and the 2nd X1 at home to Chaldon. TonyFenton is busy arranging the Sunday fixtures and will circulate these on the club web site in the nearfuture.As ever, our grateful thanks go to Eddie McVarish for all his work on the ground throughout the year.Some of the scores achieved were a testament to the blood, sweat and tears Eddie puts in. Autumnworks were completed by an outside contractor. We now have a new reel to house the boundary rope.Please make use of it, as it does enhance the picturesque setting on the lower common.The AGM is on Wednesday 28th March 2012 starting at 7.30pm sharp at the The Dukes Head PublicHouse, Lower Richmond Road (near Putney Bridge). Please make a special effort to attend, as it is youropportunity to voice issues and concerns about your club. I will gladly accept cheques on the night foryour annual subs, £80.00 full membership, £30.00 unemployed/student.The club website continues to hold a wealth of information and the text facility has gone a long way inimproving communication. Our thanks go to Ben Brook for his time and expertise in this field. The sitecan be accessed via(www.putneycricketclub.com). Although we are relying on the website/texts as ourmain communication tool, it is imperative that Gary Peters, Team Secretary, has each players current e-mail address, phone numbers, (home/work/mobile), and address. Gary can be contacted on (h) 0208 6778909, (w) 0207 552 9936, (m) 07904 238111, or e-mail (geepee911@gmail.com).We are looking for ideal candidates to take on the captain/vice captain role of the Saturday and Sunday1st Elevens. Our thanks go to Gareth Hughes and Mark Edwards, Saturday 1st team captain/vice andAsh Baptista and Richard Wilson, Sunday 1st team captain/vice, for all their hard work both on and off thefield. We are also looking for a social secretary as Ian Almond is unable to fulfil the role due to workcommitments. Thanks Ian for your efforts. A special mention has to go to Tony Fenton, FixtureSecretary, for all his hard work in ensuring that we had opposition week in, week out.Congratulations to Brian and Caroline McMillan on the birth of a baby boy, Ellis Iain, on 15.03.2011, toNick and Penny Lilja on the birth of a baby boy, Ethan Alexander, on 12.04.2011, to Dez and Sarah Telferon the birth of a baby boy, Sebastian, on 02.09.2011, to Shiraz and Sabeen Ahmed, on the birth of a babyboy, Zac, on 12.09.2011, to Trevor and Susan Ashworth on the birth of a baby girl, Caitlin Dorothy, on13.10.2011 and to Ben and Katherine Brook on the birth of a baby boy, Arthur Maxwell, on 31.10.2011. Acricket team in the making! Congratulations also to Dan Parmar and Emma who tied the knot in July2011. On a more sombre note, it is with great sadness to have to report the death of my father StanCurtis, who passed away on 28th December 2011.The Wibberleys, Mark, Megan and Alice are busy fundraising for the charity C.R.Y., (cardiac risk in theyoung), in memory of their son Emlyn. There will be a collection box on the bar throughout the summer toput your loose change in and there is a fundraising page on the Putney CC website, if you would like tomake a donation. So far £2275.89 has been raised towards the target figure is £6,000.00.The presentation evening held on 19th November 2011 at The Alma Pub in Wandsworth proved to be agreat success. Even with numbers down from last year, the club made £2973.00 from thedoor/raffle/auction, less expenses of £1331.85, (the bulk of this being the cost of the Oval tickets), andthe contribution to C.R.Y. of £85.00, total profit = £1556.15. Our thanks go to all those who donated sogenerously towards the raffle and auction prizes, and of course the highest bidders on the night. Ourthanks also go to Ben Brook and Trevor Ashworth for all their hard work in organising the event andindeed their input, along with Ian Almond, at other social gatherings throughout the season. A specialthank you has to go to Doug Shaw for his generous donation to the club at the beginning of the season. Page 3
  4. 4. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASONThe 100 club of Putney Cricket Club is an ideal way of raising much needed funds and a way of winningcash prizes. If you would like to become a member, which costs £2.00 per number per month by directdebit, please contact Ash Baptista who is the promoter. Please refer to the separate entry in the report.Cricket nets, in preparation for the 2012 season, are underway at The Oval Cricket Ground. (commencedMonday 16th January 2012). Details are on the web site. If you have any queries contact Ash Baptista bye-mail, (aashishbaptista@hotmail.com), or tel. 07841 499331, who is the co-ordinator. It is down to eachindividual to promote the club to increase playing membership and secure a full programme of fixturesthroughout the year. We have revamped the net next to the clubhouse, to enable midweek practiceduring the season and warm up sessions prior to a weekend game. Our thanks go to Charlie Smulianwho organised midweek sessions throughout 2011.The much sought after game against Ventnor on the Isle of Wight has been arranged for Sunday 01stJuly. The midweek game at Slinfold is on Wednesday 11th July, and for the enthusiasts amongst us,golfing days will be arranged for Thursday 12th July and Friday 13th July. All games start at 2pm. Pleasemake a note in your diary and book the time off work well in advance ! (Ventnor date tbc).A pre-season golf day has been arranged by Paul McCann on Sunday 01st April 2012 at Silvermere GolfClub starting at 10.30am, 20 minutes from the clubhouse. This follows on from the successful day lastyear. If you would like to take part, get in contact with Paul to reserve your place,(paul@mccannbraham.com). We have a stock of kit detailing the club motif at the club. If you areinterested in purchasing a shirt, cap, hat or sweat band, please let your captain or one of theManagement Committee know. We also have an on-line shop on the Putney CC website. A full range ofcricket attire with the club motif can be purchased at very competitive prices. As always, our thanks go toJulian Day for the production and circulation of the Annual Report.Good Luck for 2012!Mike CurtisChairman, on behalf of the Management Committee Page 4
  5. 5. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON CLUB AWARDS 2011R E Haddock Trophy (Clubman of the Year) Ben BrookSaturday 1st X1 AwardsR E Haddock Trophy (Bowling) James PetersReg Weller Trophy (Batting) Carlo PelserH A Mawer Trophy (Fielding) Damandeep SinghSaturday 2nd X1 AwardsH C Dickeson Trophy (Bowling) Lincoln GricePutney Trophy (Batting) Matthew AtkinsMaurice Lickens Trophy (Fielding) Doug ShawSunday 1st X1 AwardsClaude Ford Trophy (Bowling) Charlie SmulianBert Thornley Trophy (Batting) Dylan RamsayPat & John Greenslade Trophy (Fielding) Max SugdenSunday 2nd X1 AwardsAmir Rahemtulla Trophy (Bowling) Stephen WilcockEve & Stan Marshall Trophy (Batting) Richard WilsonBrian Brough Trophy (Fielding) M Usman AminChandra Sud Trophy (Sunday Player of the Year) Charlie SmulianTom Price Trophy (Player of the Tournament) Max TaylorNewcomer of the year (Sat) Murad MalikNewcomer of the year (Sun) Khawar ShafiCenturionsBatsman Score Opponents DateMatthew Atkins 113 Yarl 30 AprMark Wibberley 107 Hampstead 4th X1 21 MayCarlo Pelser 100* Hampstead 4th X1 21 MayCarlo Pelser 103* Worplesdon & Burpham 11 JunCarlo Pelser 174* Hampton Hill 30 JulMurad Malik 103 Croydon MO 13 AugDevon Ebersohn 143* Cheam 21 Aug* not outFive Wicket HaulsBowler Analysis Opponents DateM Usman Amin 6 – 29 Blackheath 05 MayVamsi Salla 5 – 46 Chudley Ales C.C. 22 MayJames Peters 6 – 33 Worplesdon & Burpham 11 JunLincoln Grice 6 – 30 Weybridge Vandals 25 JunJames Peters 6 –22 Horley 09 JulBen Brook 5 – 53 Roehampton 09 JulTony Fenton 5 – 27 Haslemere 23 JulMurad Malik 6 – 44 Hampton Hill 30 JulRodney Sellick 5 – 67 Hampton Hill 30 Jul Page 5
  6. 6. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON TREASURER’S REPORTINCOME 2011 2010Annual subs 5,050 4,330Match fees 7,941 8,519Bar takings 4,816 6,149Cost of sales 3,492 3,953Bar profit 1,324 2,196Social functions/Presentation evening 1,768 2,401Sale of club kit 161 160Net monies 396 153Hire of hall 80 100Bank interest 7 5Donations 868 391Commission on club kit 51 18Total income 17,645 18,273EXPENDITUREGROUND ACCOUNTWork on ground 3,050 2,780Water rates 90 88Grass seed/loam/whitening/equipment hire 1,440 674Equipment repairs 1,140 826Petrol 110 75Sundries 76 89Account total 5,825 4,532PAVILION ACCOUNTJoint fund 1,730 1,730Heat and light 645 644Cleaning 1,116 1,043Clubhouserepairs/purchases/decoration 169 190Refuse 142 406Account total 3,802 4,013MISCELLANEOUS ACCOUNTAffiliation fees and fines 940 884Teas 2,537 2,121Playing equipment/misc.equipment 1,185 3,969Trophies/plaques/engraving 337 269Fixture cards 126 120Website/texts 158 218Sundries 518 407Bank charges 65 60Account total 5,866 8,048Total expenditure 15,493 16,593Surplus of income over expenditure 2,152 1,6802011=17 kegs, 2010=19 kegs, 2009=20 kegs, 2008=20 kegs, 2007=20 kegs, 2006=25 kegs. Page 6
  7. 7. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASONA good year for membership, up to 69 playing and 3 non-playing members, as opposed to 57 playing and2 non-playing in 2010. There were 12 games cancelled in 2011, mainly due to the weather. Availabilitywas not an issue and that is very pleasing.The bar is an area of concern. The percentage profit has fallen over the past three years. 2011 saw thebiggest drop to 27%. (2010 = 36%, 2009 = 39%). It is evident that either drinks are not being paid for orsadly money is being taken from the till. The club relies on a healthy profit from the bar, we should bestriving for 40%. This downward trend has got to stop !! As I say every year, we rely on members honesty,and I quote the yearly reminder, “only players nominated by the captain are to go behind the bar, and Iwould ask all to be vigilant.”My thanks go to Ben Brook and Trevor Ashworth for organising the presentation evening. Althoughnumbers were down on last year, we made a healthy profit. Thank you to those that donated items for theauction and donations to the club. My thanks also to each member who contributed towards the raffle andto the highest bidders at the auction. It is the injection of money at the presentation evening that keepsour yearly membership at its current level, and is the major factor in a healthy bank balance.We have a stock of club shirts, caps, hats and sweat bands at the club. Please let your captain know ifyou would like to purchase any of these items. There is of course the new on-line facility, but it would benice to clear the existing stock.Expenditure: There were no real surprises, but I will highlight the areas with the largest differentials. Theground account will fluctuate from year to year, depending on what parts need to be replaced on themachines and how our stock of top soil and seed are. We also have the additional outfield cutter toservice. A fertiliser spreader and sprinkler were purchased. Due to the spiralling costs of the refusecollections, I have given notice to terminate the contract. As this goes to print I am arranging for anotherbody to collect our waste.The playing equipment included the new boundary rope reel, £420.00, replacement of the netting,£280.80 and additional cricket balls £200.00.Sundries included the damage to the motor vehicle around the ground, £70.00, a £100.00 donation toHampton Hill Cricket Club who lost their clubhouse due to a fire, padlocks/chain and ties for the net,£95.26 and gas, £29.99.I again ask members to settle their annual membership of £80.00 at the earliest opportunity. Pleaseensure you bring sufficient monies on the day of a game to cover match fees and I do not want to see anyI.O.U’s behind the bar !!Any suggestions for raising club funds through social events or other means are always welcome. Have agood season, and spend plenty of money in the clubhouse.Mike CurtisTreasurer THE EVE AND STAN MARSHALL 100 CLUBThe Eve and Stan Marshall 100 Club provides a useful contribution to club funds, and all playingmembers are encouraged to join. The money from these draws usually goes towards the little things thatmake the club a bit nicer. Contact Ash Baptista if you are not already a member (or if you would like anadditional number).Ash Baptista Page 7
  8. 8. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON ST SATURDAY 1 XI REPORTPlayed 31 Won 16 Drawn 4 Lost 7 Abandoned 4The Saturday 1st XI went into the 2011 season full of anticipation following the previous years successfulcampaign and the move over to the Fullers league.The season started well with good wins away at Woodmansterne (in the cup) and Effingham (in theleague) and despite a close defeat against Long Ditton, after 5 league games Putney were in a strongposition having won 4 and lost 1. Unfortunately Putneys chance of promotion were dealt a huge blow asthey lost 2 of the next 3 games to Merstham and Deando Ruxley where the soft under belly of our battingorder was exposed as we were bowled out for 116 and 88 respectively. From here on in, despite winningthe next 5 games to stay in contention, promotion was always going to be difficult and when 2 successivegames were rained off Putney finally fell away and had to settle for a 6th place finish.Although there was no doubt that we had gone into the season with higher expectations, this was still acredible performance in a new league, with new rules and a higher standard of play than the previousyear.Meanwhile, as the league was coming to a disappointing end the 1s were putting together a superb cuprun. Having beaten Woodmansterne early in the season we welcomed Hampton Wick Royal, who wereflying high 2nd in the division above us. Chasing 236 in 45 overs we were ultimately helped by mid inningrain which reduced our target to 158 in 30 overs. Middleton, Singh and Ratnayake smashed the ball to allparts and with 8 overs remaining the shell shocked opposition were trudging off, beaten by 7 wickets. Inthe 3rd round we faced a tricky match away against Tenisonian Corinthians. Batting first on a hot Augustafternoon we made a good 206 from our 45 overs thanks to an excellent 70 from Mark Edwards. In replyCorinthians struggled against a high high quality triumvirate of seam bowling from Middleton, Peters andMcCann and ultimately finished along way off the pace at 136 all out.The semi final saw Putney take on Sanderstead, the leaders of the top division who had a 100% recordso far in 2011. Putney were rightly labelled massive underdogs and at 95-9 batting first, it looked like itwas one step too far for us. However McCann and Peters J added a crucial 50 for the last wicket andgave us a chance if we could bowl and field at our best. When Middleton had reduced Sanderstead to 1-3it was suddenly game on and wickets continued to fall as Putneys seamers bowled beautifully and werebacked up by some inspired catching and ground fielding. In the end Sanderstead were bowled out for127 and Putney had pulled off one of the best victories of their recent history.Unfortunately we werent able to carry this level through to the Final where we faced a strong Old Paulineteam also from the division above. On the day things went against us and we didnt play our best whichled to a disappointingly one sided match where Putney lost by 99 runs. Despite this, nothing should betaken away for the performances that led to the final which emphasised the great team spirit and talentthe team has.All in all it was a case of that might have been for Putney this season, missing out promotion and losing ina final. However the experience in the new league will be crucial in 2012, and we have a great chance ofsuccess. With the 2012 cup final to be played at the Oval, a success run in the cup would be extremelyrewarding.Gareth Hughes stSaturday 1 XI Captain Page 8
  9. 9. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON ND SATURDAY 2 XI REPORTPlayed 20 Won 10 Drawn 3 Lost 5 Abandoned 3Putney 2s had, in the final reckoning, a successful season. We won ten and lost five with only two drawsand three abandoned, despite the challenge of new leagues format. In fact, we were in close contentionfor promotion in the league throughout the season, needing only to win our last two games to go up. Welost both and finished a mere sixth. In fact, we lost four of our last six games and suffered also twoabandonments against teams we fancied beating. So, it was a effectively a season of two halves. Whatcould explain our change of fortunes?Early games were bright affairs as we piled up scores over 275 against Yarl, Hampstead and Worplesdonas our batsmen scored freely, especially Mark Wibberley, Matt Atkins and Carlo Pelser who all scoredtons, Carlo twice. Mark and Carlo scored tons in the same innings against Hampstead, surely a first forthe club. We declared before the end of our limited number of overs, Hampstead bowlers had sufferedenough. We bowled Worplesdon out in the the penultimate over, alieving fears that wed batted on toolong.We also benefitted from finding (and retaining!) three key players: Lincoln Grice, Murad Malik and DavidJones. They bowled tight lines throughout and gave the skipper a lot of control in each game and plentyof wickets. Brian McMillan (17 @ 14) bowled tightly, though was underbowled. They were well supportedby Rodney Sellick (12 @ 27), Ben Brook (11 @ 30) who each came up with important five wicket hauls inthe season. Lincoln took 6-30 at Weybridge (22 at 13 overall) and another explosive innings fromWibbers sent us on our way to victory. Tony Fenton reminded us that if youre good enough youre youngenough (13 @ 14). David and Murad were also fine batters. David scored over 200 runs for only four outsand won a game with Chip in which both scored 80s. Murad always scored freely, 257 runs at 37.The most exciting game was versus local rivals Roehampton. Chasing 214, acheived despite a fine butunrewarded spell from David Jones and a Brooks five for, we were behind the game until Stuart Gillies(74) strode forth. He crunched plenty through the legside, even clanking a short lived short leg on thehead, the bull still spinning away one bounce for four. Thank god for helmets. We finished 8 down and 8short of victory.Our victory against Croydon Metropolitan Officers, in a Ramadan affected game, was also striking as afasting Murad (103) and Trevor Ashworth (82, making no such concessions) put on 160 odd in 19 oversto help us chase down 229 on an appalling pitch on a picturesque National Trust playing field. I had notbeen comforted when the opposing skipper explained that the black patches on the strip were merelyburnt grass and would I want to play on the untended strip used two weeks previously!But that game perhaps was the peak for the season. Having rehabilitated distressed first teamers andnursed them back to form, having identified and developed emerging talent, both traditional second teamroles, we started losing players to the Ones. Others, oddly, preferred to holiday in the sun rather than playfor PCC and we started to lose a bit of quality, depth and control. Murad, who was so consistent earlier inthe season, lost the knack of taking wickets (but did take a fine 6-44 in the Ones). Lincoln went on awalkabout within his two year UK walkabout. Also a special mention to Mark Wibberly who scored 300runs in only six innings. We all knew he could score quickly and he did so again this year for the Twosbut now with an added steeliness and hunger for bigger scores. He fully earned his promo. Matt Atkinsfully deserved batter of the year for his five hundred flamboyant runs. I suspect theres more left in thetank for next year and I thank him for his sound advice as my vice skipper.All in all, a fine and enjoyable season played in a good spirit. We went out with eleven players each game,no silly cry offs, only the odd late arrival and so logistical problems were minimal! What would I changefor next year? Not much. Generally, we are what we are as players and we cant really make stepchanges in how we bat and bowl in the game (though Wibbers did this year, I think). But we can fieldbetter. Imagine if we dropped only two catches a game instead of four! What can you do to bring thatabout? We need more focus in the field and a bit more training. And, I suspect, we could all lose a stoneand raise our fitness. Something to ponder over the New Year!Douglas Shaw ndSaturday 2 Captain Page 9
  10. 10. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON SUNDAY XI REPORTThe 2011 Sunday 1 season was challenging and eventful!On the field we achieved good success by winning 7 (44%) of the 16 games played with 4 games beingabandoned. The club also saw an increase in new players on Sunday contributing to an increase insubscriptions whilst acting a pipeline for the Saturday league teams.As in previous years, challenges faced in 2011 included unbalanced fixtures, lack of player continuity andthe need to balance the Sunday teams.The three most memorable matches were :Sutton (home - loss) where, having been bowled out for 109 runs we almost pulled off a remarkablevictory thanks Dez Telfer’s heroic bowling.Long Ditton (away -win) where Charlie Smulian swing (& full tosses) and Usman Amins fielding defeateda Long Ditton Saturday league team.Dulwich (home - win) where Trevor Ashworth scored an unbeaten 50 guiding us to victory againstunarguably the strongest Sunday team.New talents to emerge in 2011 include Max Taylor, Usman Amin, Sam Nicols, Redowan Chowdhary,Dylan Ramsey, Hugo Flower, Raghu Reddy and Shiv Hutton.Club regulars who contributed significantly in 2011 include Trevor Ashworth, Charlie Smulian, MaxSugden, Dan Parmar, Barry Perrinparaja, Devon Ebersohn, Vik Sehgal, Sam Sud and Dave Haddaway.I would like to thank Simon Thwaites, my vice captain and Jon White, the Sunday 2’s captain for filling induring my absence this season. In 2012, I will be stepping down from the captaincy due to overseas workcommitments but will continue to support the club on and off the field.Ash BaptistaSunday XI Captain Page 10
  11. 11. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON nd SUNDAY 2 XI REPORTThe Sunday seconds this year, as with our other teams, had a rain affected season. There were 19fixtures in all, although 4 were cancelled or abandoned leaving a record of 15 played, 9 won and 6 lost. Abig thank you goes out to Tony Fenton for organising some great fixtures with a variety of goodcompetitive sides.The strategy across the Sunday teams this year was to mix players around and put out two equally strongteams together wherever possible which paid dividends in that younger and newer players were given theopportunity to both develop as well as play at a more competitive level. Ash Baptista was instrumental inputting this set-up in place which proved a good across both teams.I was strongly supported by VCRichard Wilson who stood in for me on several occasions, was a great motivational force to have on theside setting a great example and once again proved himself to be one of the stronger Sunday batsmenpushing for a Saturday team place with an extremely creditable batting average of 37.5. Rich wasawarded the Eve and Stan Marshall Trophy for batting, retaining it for the second year running.Max Sugden played a central role in the majority of games in which he played, opening with Rich Wilson.He proved to be an all-round game changer and in any situation or condition he quickly formedpartnerships with whomever was at the crease. His average was a strong 27 across the season and ithas been particularly pleasing to see a junior club member rising over the last few seasons to become akey regular member of the club teams. His fielding stats spoke for themselves – always completelycommitted, he took 13 catches across the season which placed him second in the fielding tables and hewas awarded the Pat and John Greenslade Trophy for his fielding with the Sunday 1st XI.Trevor Ashworth played a number of games for us this season and scored several match-winning half-centuries and was 100% committed in the field. I’ve gained a lot personally from being on the same pitchas Trev, a good tactician, a great team player and someone who will be sorely missed by the club. Theteam wishes him all the best with fatherhood and his new life in Canada.We had a strong bowling line-upand it’s difficult to single individual players out, although Khawar Shafi was an invaluable addition to ourteam. Unfortunately weren’t made aware that he was a bowler until about 5 games into the season, butonce he took hold of the ball, there was no turning back! He took 9 wickets at an average of 15.43 at aneconomy of 3.86 with best figures of 2/5 made all the more astonishing by the fact that his 2011 seasonwith Putney was the first experience he had of playing in a team using a real cricket ball…….up untiljoining us, Shafi had only played with a taped tennis ball. In recognition of this (he also proved to be asolid top order batsman with strong fielding skills), Shafi was awarded the Newcomer of the Year and welook forward to his unique combination of medium pace swing/seam next year.Ben Fifield was strong and committed in every game he played, taking 11 wickets at an average of 17with an economy of 5 and best figures of 3/12. Ben’s sense of humour was a real asset to the team,especially on the several occasions that we found ourselves playing strong opposition in horizontal rain!Charlie Smulian cemented his place as a key club member playing both days most weekends. He took30 wickets across the season at an average of 25 and an economy of 4.65. Special thanks go to Charliefor organising numerous net sessions, and it was a joy to see him on several occasions walk out onto thepitch at the bottom of the order with what looked like an insurmountable number of runs to win, only forhim to blast us to victory with his Mongoose bat. In recognition of Charlie’s commitment on and off thefield, he was awarded the Chandra Sud Trophy for Player of the Year as well as the Claude Ford Trophyfor bowling.Old-hand Chris Henson underpinned our bowling attack along with Stephen Wilcock. Whilst Chris wouldsteam in hungover, time and time again, Willo was our quiet contemplative attack man. Chris wasawarded our unofficial “Black Belt for bowling whilst still drunk from the night before award”, taking 15wickets across the season at an average of 19.53 and an economy of 4.12. He was narrowly pipped tothe post for the Amir Rahemtulla Trophy for bowling by Stephen who took 17 wickets at an average of11.35 and an economy of 3.78 and best figures of 3/12. He was Putney CCs 3rd best bowler in theoverall stats.One of our real finds this year was Muhammad Usman Amin, who bowling vicious leggies, took 20wickets across the season. It was in the field that Usman really proved to be a match-winner taking 10often spectacular catches which meant that he won the Brian Brough Trophy for fielding.I thoroughly enjoyed Captaining the side this year and whilst we’ve been able to honour a number ofplayers for their exceptional efforts, thanks goes out to everyone who played in the team throughout theseason, helping us win more than we lost as well as creating a good spirit within the team. It was a great Page 11
  12. 12. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASONhonour for me to be given the responsibility of the Captaincy, and I look forward to another excitingseason in 2012, building on the successes of past years.Jon White ndSunday 2 XI Captain Page 12
  13. 13. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING th HELD AT THE DUKE’S HEAD PUBLIC HOUSE ON 16 MARCH 2011Present Mike Curtis (Chairman), John Greenslade (President), Trevor Ashworth, Richard Brambley, Ben Brook, Julian Day, Tony Fenton, James Hannaford, Mike Henshall, Owen Hereford, Gareth Hughes, Paul McCann, Eddie McVarish, Dan Palmer, James Peters, Ian Almond, Tim Grace, Doug Shaw, Matthew Atkins, Devon Ebersohn, Mark Edwards, Will Middleton, Barry Perinparaja, Rodney Sellick (24 in attendance)Apologies for absence Mark Wibberley, Aashish Baptista, Dave Lennon, Gary Peters, Jon White, Rich Wilson, Andrew Woodhead, Brian Trollip, John Lamswood and Stephen Wilcock. (10 apologies received)Minutes of last meeting The minutes of the AGM held on 23rd March 2010 and published in the Annual Report and on the website were agreed as accurate and adopted. (proposer: Paul McCann, seconder: James Peters)Management Committee Report - presented by Mike Curtis. The report has been published on the website for all to read. i) Leagues: Change of leagues from the RAM Surrey Cricket League to Fullers Brewery Surrey rd County League for Saturday 1’s and 2’s. Captains evening at the brewery scheduled for May 3 . 4 club members to represent Putney CC to discuss new league and rules and pick up balls / handbooks. ii) Members: Congratulations to the Herefords, Trollips and Gilberts with their latest additions to the family. iii) Thanks to Julian Day for the work in preparing the Annual Report. iv) 100 club – Please purchase your numbers from Aashish Baptista ASAP! Winners drawn were Dave Pegrain and Clive Russell.Treasurer / Financial Report - presented by Mike Curtis. i) Financial : Mike reported that it had been a reasonable financial year with a surplus of £1680 even though the club has invested heavily in the new shed / score board and boundary rope. Bar takings were slightly down on last year so please drink more in future. ii) Presentation evening: This proved to be a good financial success once again and thanks were given to Trevor and Ben for organising this. iii) Annual Subs and match fees: The annual subs are to be maintained at £80. Match fees will be charged at £15 for those who have not paid the full subs. The match fee will drop to £10 once full subs have been paid. If you have not paid annual subs after 5 games you cannot be selected to play. iv) Ground Improvements: To replace the stolen net and improve run up area, work to begin soon. (proposer: Doug Shaw, seconder: James Peters)Team Secretary’s Report - presented by Mike Curtis on behalf of Gary Peters. Thanks to the Committee and especially the skippers. Thanks also to Ben Brook for his on-going efforts with the website which makes all our roles easier to do. Thanks to Gary for his continued efforts as Team Secretary.Fixture Secretary’s Report - presented by Tony Fenton. i) Tony reported that Sat 1’s & 2’s had a completed fixture list for 2011. ii) The Sunday League has now disbanded and both the Sun 1’s and 2’s will play friendlies throughout the year. There are still gaps in the fixture list, priority goes to those teams that have their own facilities and who come via a recommendation. Home and Away games against Finchley and Sinjuns have been confirmed. Page 13
  14. 14. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING th HELD AT THE DUKE’S HEAD PUBLIC HOUSE ON 16 MARCH 2011 iii)Midweek and Tour games: All players are encouraged to participate in at least one of the tour games. • Isle of Wight Tour / Ventnor : TBC – Still waiting to hear from Ventnor • Slinfold : Date agreed • Wandgas : The mid week tour game has been dropped , no longer a fixture • Bath – Confirmed for 16th April iv) Last Man Stands 20/Twenty: Andrew Woodhead to canvas interest in continuing the LMS. v) TBC games: GP and captains to update players during the week that TBC games will in fact be confirmed fixturesTeam Captains’ Reports – detailed reports are on the website. st i) 1 XI – Gareth Hughes : Won the league so a good season. RAM have presented a voucher worth £275, Gareth will spend on club kit asap before the deadline. Winners cup to be brought to the CH. Thanks were given to Gareth for his efforts over the last year. nd ii) 2 XI – James Peters : Overall a decent enough season though there was inconsistency amongst having the same players out week on week. JP also commented that there were not enough drivers and he will be stepping down next season. Thanks were given to JP for his efforts over the last year. st iii) Sunday XI 1 XI : Mike Henshall on behalf of Scott Gilbert : Mike commented that the Sunday league had folded as too many teams had pulled out the year before. Mike to chase up Scott for the Sunday report. Scott will be stepping down as of next year, thanks were duly given. iv) Sunday XI 2’s : Won 9 out of 15 so a reasonably good season. Some of the fixtures were mismatches (Dulwich) and this is hoped to be rectified in the coming season. Availability was a bit of a problem, apparently Devon likes to score runs against small people?Groundsman’s Report - presented by Eddie McVarish. i) Ed reported that all work is on track for the season ahead. ii) Doug commented that the quality of the outfield wasn’t as good as in recent years. Discussion over whether to de-worm the outfield. iii) Ed commented that the new shed is not to be used as a rubbish bin, please take all rubbish back with you to the club house. Proposal to purchase a new bin for pitch side. iv)Ed will try and cut the outfield beyond the boundary as low as possible in order to control the growth. v) The Club are currently investigating purchasing a cylinder to hold the newly purchased boundary rope. vi) No early season works by club members are envisaged. (proposer: Doug Shaw, seconder: Tony FentonSocial Secretary’s Report - presented by Ben Brook / Trevor Ashworth Ben and Jerry will be stepping down as social secretary’s however please make sure every effort is made to attend this year’s social functions.Vote of thanks to outgoing officers. Thanks were given to the outgoing officers – for all their efforts throughout the past year.Election of new Officers Saturday Teams st Saturday 1 Team Captain : Gareth Hughes. (proposed by Mike Henshall, seconded by Paul McCann) st Saturday 1 Team Vice-Captain : Mark Edwards (proposed by Owen Hereford seconded by James Hannaford)) nd Saturday 2 Team Captain : Doug Shaw (proposed by Mike Curtis, seconded by James Peters) nd Saturday 2 Team Vice Captain : Matt Atkins (proposed by Paul McCann, seconded by Trevor Ashworth) Page 14
  15. 15. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING th HELD AT THE DUKE’S HEAD PUBLIC HOUSE ON 16 MARCH 2011 Sunday Teams st Sunday 1 Team Captain : Aashish Baptista (proposed by Gareth Hughes seconded by Ian Almond) st Sunday 1 Team Vice Captain : TBC Ash to confirm VC shortly nd Sunday 2 Team Captain : Jon White (proposed by Trevor Ashworth, seconded by Richard Brambley) nd Sunday 2 Team Vice Captain : TBC Jon to confirm VC shortly Social Secretary: Ian Almond (proposed by Mark Edwards and Gareth Hughes)Any Other Business. i) Umpires: JP commented that he has had no luck with the bureau so far, suggested will up the pay to see if that works. ii) Nets: To be continued at the Oval during the off season, in season extra effort to be made with the clubs facilities. The net and run up area to be improved to encourage use. iii) Club kit : Now on sale, please check the web site for details. Management Committee to decide over whether to sell a discounted cap with shirt. TBC iv)Teas : Paul commented that the quantity of teas should be increased as there is rarely enough sandwiches / food to go round. Management committee to decide whether to increase the budget for next year. v)Subs: To carry on with existing level of subs (£80). Discussion over whether to increase, it was felt that they are at the right level however constitution says subs would need to be raised prior to the AGM, noted for future.Close of Meeting. The meeting concluded at 22.30pm with a vote of thanks to the chair. Page 15
  16. 16. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2011 SEASON Office Holders 2011President J GreensladeChairman M CurtisVice Chairman J DaySecretary M WibberleyTreasurer M CurtisJoint Club Treasurer J DayWelfare Officer P McCannTeam Secretary G PetersFixture Secretary A FentonGroundsman E McVarishLeague Representative A FentonSocial Secretary Nomination Required100 Club Promoter A Baptista stSaturday 1 XI Captain Nomination Required stSaturday 1 XI Vice Captain Nomination Required ndSaturday 2 XI Captain D Shaw ndSaturday 2 XI Vice Captain M Atkins stSunday 1 XI Captain Nomination Required stSunday 1 XI Vice Captain Nomination Required ndSunday 2 XI Captain J White ndSunday 2 XI Vice Captain Nomination RequiredThe following have indicated their willingness to stand for posts listed above, and been secondedSaturday 1st XI Captain D EbersohnSunday 1st XI Captain J White or S ThwaitesSunday 2nd XI Captain J White or S Thwaites Page 16