PUTNEY CRICKET CLUBANNUAL REPORT 2010        Est 1870    SEASON 2010                            The Pavilion              ...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                                                                      Feb...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORTWhat a way of finishing our as...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONaffected by the loss of Emlyn Wibberley who was tragically taken away from us on 09th Jun...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONR E Haddock Trophy                (Bowling)                                 Chin Ratnayak...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON Bar profit                                                      2,196                   ...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONMy thanks go to Ben Brook and Trevor Ashworth for organising the presentation evening. On...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                        SATURDAY 1ST XI REPORTLeague                Playe...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                        SATURDAY 1ST XI AVERAGESBatting – LeagueQualifica...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONBowler               Overs    Maidens      Runs   Wickets     Average       Best     Econ...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                        SATURDAY 2ND XI REPORTLeague                Playe...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONinnings for 2nd XI = 2, runs = 166, average = 83. With both teams playing in the same div...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                      SATURDAY 2ndXI AVERAGESBatting: League matchesQuali...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONQualification: 30 overs Bowler                   Overs   Maidens      Runs   Wickets     ...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                         SUNDAY XI REPORTNo Sunday 1st XI report is avail...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                        SUNDAY 2nd XI REPORTThe opening Sunday 2s game, a...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONLost toss: Putney were first to field in deceptively hot conditions against Richmond who ...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                         SUNDAY 1st XI AVERAGESBatting: All matchesQualif...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONFielder                         Catches   Stumpings   Run Outs   TotalNeeraj Nawani      ...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON6.       Fixture Secretary’s Report - presented by Tony Fenton.         i) Tony reported ...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON      ii) 6-a-side tournament      iii) Poker Nights      iv) Saturday XI vs Sunday XI   ...
PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON                                               OFFICERSPresident                         ...
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PCC Report 2010

  1. 1. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUBANNUAL REPORT 2010 Est 1870 SEASON 2010 The Pavilion Lower Richmond Road Putney SW15 1JF
  2. 2. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON February 2011 NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETINGNotice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Putney Cricket Club will be held at TheDuke’s Head Function Room, 8 Lower Richmond Road, Putney, London, SW15 1JN on Wednesday 16thMarch 2011, at 7:30pm sharp, to consider and discuss the attached reports for the 2010 season, and toconduct the business as set out in the following agenda.1. Minutes of the AGM held on 23rd March 2010 (copy attached on page 21)2. Apologies for absence3. Management Committee Report and Chairman’s comments4. Financial Report5. Team Secretary’s Report6. Team Captains’ Reports7. Fixture Secretary’s Report8. Groundsman’s Report9. Vote of Thanks to out going Officers10. Election of Officers11. Any Other BusinessMembers are reminded that all Officers retire, and nominations may be received for any position,whether vacant or not. All such nominations must be received by the Secretary, at the address shownbelow, by noon of Wednesday 9th March 2011. All such proposals must have the consent of thenominee, and the support of a seconder. A list of the present Officers who are prepared to offerthemselves for re-election is shown on page 25. Members are reminded that if they are elected to anyof the posts, they are expected to perform their duties to the fullest possible extent.M Wibberley (Secretary)29 Dover House RoadPutneySW15 5AA Page 2
  3. 3. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE REPORTWhat a way of finishing our association with the Surrey Cricket League. The Saturday 1st X1 won 13 ofthe 15 games played and finished champions of Division One. Well done to all who contributed in thisexcellent achievement! The Saturday 2nd X1 won 6 of the 14 games played and finished a respectfulninth in the division. The Sunday 1st X1 playing in the Fullers Griffin Sunday League, finished 4th in thedivision. The Sunday 2nd X1 played 15, winning 9 of those games. A very satisfying season on theplaying front.We were successful in being accepted into the Fullers Brewery Surrey County League. Both theSaturday 1st X1 and 2nd X1 will have a full complement of fixtures throughout the summer months. Theplaying structure is totally different from what we are used to, so familiarise yourself with what liesahead. The Fullers Griffin Sunday league came to a natural conclusion. Both the 1st and 2nd X1 will beplaying friendlies throughout the summer. We will again be entering the mid-week competition, ‘last manstands’. Andrew Woodhead will be co-ordinating this.There will be a fixture on Saturday 16th April against Bath 3rd X1, away. This will be followed by a clubtrials net session at the Oval Cricket ground on Sunday 17th April, 12noon until 2pm. The followingweek, Saturday 23rd April there will be a trial game at Putney, with friendlies organised forSaturday/Sunday 30th April/01st May. There is a league cup game on Saturday 07th May. The leagueprogramme commences on Saturday 14th May, 1st X1 away to Effingham, and the 2nd X1 at home toEffingham. Tony Fenton is busy arranging the Sunday fixtures and will circulate these on the club website in the near future.As ever, our grateful thanks go to Eddie McVarish for all his work on the ground throughout the year.Some of the scores achieved were a testament to the blood, sweat and tears Eddie puts in. Autumnworks were completed by an outside contractor. The equipment shed was duly built/completed for thestart of the 2010 season. I think all would agree that encompassing the scoreboard and storing theplaying equipment, has been a great asset to the playing facilities we provide. Our grateful thanks go toMark Wibberley and Tony Fenton for their time and effort in the planning/building. This year we haveinvested in a boundary rope to enhance the picturesque setting on the lower common.The AGM is on Wednesday 16th March 2011 starting at 7.30pm sharp at the The Dukes Head PublicHouse, Lower Richmond Road (near Putney Bridge). Please make a special effort to attend, as it is youropportunity to voice issues and concerns about your club. I will gladly accept cheques on the night foryour annual subs, £80.00 full membership, £30.00 unemployed/student.The club website continues to hold a wealth of information. This was enhanced in 2010 with theintroduction of text messages. I think you would agree that this has been a great asset, and our thanksgo to Ben Brook for his time and expertise in this field. The site can be accessed (viawww.putneycricketclub.com). Although we are relying on the website/texts as our main communicationtool, it is imperative that Gary Peters, Team Secretary, has each players current e-mail address, phonenumbers, (home/work/mobile), and address. Gary can be contacted on (h) 0208 677 8909, (m) 07904238111, or e-mail (geepee911@gmail.com).There is going to be a lot of changes in the leadership of the sides for the 2011 season. We are lookingfor ideal candidates to take on the captain/vice captain role of the respective sides. Our thanks go toJames Peters and Ben Brook, Saturday 2nd team captain/vice, Scott Gilbert and Mike Henshall, Sunday1st team captain/vice, and Ash Baptista and Jon White, Sunday 2nd team captain/vice, for all their hardwork both on and off the field. Our thanks also go to Trevor Ashworth, who is standing down as socialsecretary, and James Peters, who is handing over the running of the 100 club to Ash Baptista. Trevorhas worked hard in building the club in recent years and he will be sorely missed when he emigrates toCanada later in the year. A special mention has to go to Tony Fenton, Fixture Secretary, for all his hardwork in ensuring that we had opposition week in, week out.Congratulations to Owen and Amy Hereford on the birth of a baby girl, Isabella Janice, on 09.09.2010,and to Scott and Ellie Gilbert on the birth of a baby girl, Isabella Sofia, on 06.11.2010. Congrats also toBrian Trollip and Caroline, Trevor Ashworth and Susan, Carlo Pelser and Ania, Shiraz Ahmed andSabeen, Richard Brambley and Pamela who all tied the knot during the course of the year. Something inthe water I feel ! On a more sombre note, it is with great sadness to have to report the death of DaveJordan, who passed away on 15th October 2010 at the age of 80 years. He regularly played for the 1steleven during the 1960’s and for a period captained the side. He was forced to move out of Londonwhen his employer relocated. Dave was a very keen club member and helped out in many areas of theclub activities. Our thoughts and best wishes go to his wife Joyce and family. I know we were all deeply Page 3
  4. 4. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONaffected by the loss of Emlyn Wibberley who was tragically taken away from us on 09th June 2010 at thetender age of 14 years. No words can express our thoughts and sorrow. Mark, Megan and Alice haveset up a fundraising campaign to raise money for the charity C.R.Y. (cardiac risk in the young). There willbe a collection box on the bar throughout the summer to put your loose change in and there is afundraising page on the Putney CC website, if you would like to make a donation. The target figure is£6,000.The presentation evening held on 20th November 2010 at The Alma Pub in Wandsworth proved to be agreat success. The club made £3,500 from the door/raffle/auction/donations, less expenses of £594 andthe contribution to C.R.Y. of £505, total profit = £2,401. Our thanks go to all those who donated sogenerously towards the raffle and auction prizes. Our thanks also go to Ben Brook and Trevor Ashworthfor all their hard work in organising the event and indeed other social gatherings throughout the season.We have a number of tickets for the test against India in August at the Brit Oval and the one day gameon Friday 09th Sept. The club will be arranging an auction at ‘Eddies quiz night’ and other events todistribute these. We are obviously trying to boost club funds, so if you are interested in watching an inform England side hopefully repeating their success in Australia, make sure you keep an eye on thesocial calendar. The dates in question are: Friday 19th August, Day 2, four tickets, Saturday 20thAugust, Day 3, four tickets, Friday 09th September, One Day game, six tickets.The 100 club has suffered in recent years. We are going to endeavour to change this situation andensure full membership. For just £2.00 a month you have the chance to win attractive cash prizes. AshBaptista will be promoting this. Please refer to the separate entry in the report.Cricket nets, in preparation for the 2011 season, are underway at The Oval Cricket Ground. Details areon the web site. If you have any queries contact Ash Baptista by e-mail, (aashishbaptista@hotmail.com),or tel. 07841 499331, who is the co-ordinator. It is down to each individual to promote the club toincrease playing membership and secure a full programme of fixtures throughout the year. We are goingto revamp the net next to the clubhouse, to enable midweek practice during the season and warm upsessions prior to a weekend game. Scott Gilbert will be co-ordinating the nets.The much sought after game against Ventnor on the Isle of Wight has been arranged for Sunday 17thJuly. The midweek game at Slinfold is on Wednesday 13th July, and for the enthusiasts amongst us,golfing days will be arranged for Thursday 14th July and Friday 15th July. The Wandgas game is onWednesday 10th August. All games start at 2pm. Please make a note in your diary and book the time offwork well in advance ! (Ventnor date tbc). A pre-season golf day has been arranged for Friday 25thMarch 2011 at Tyrells Wood Golf Course in Leatherhead. If you would like to take part, please contactPaul McCann who is organising the day, (paul@mccannbraham.com).We have a stock of kit detailing the club motif at the club. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt, cap,hat or sweat band, please let your captain or one of the Management Committee know. We now have anon-line shop on the Putney CC website. A full range of cricket attire with the club motif can be purchasedat very competitive prices.As always, our thanks go to Julian Day for the production and circulation of the Annual Report.Good Luck for 2011 !Mike CurtisChairman, on behalf of the Management Committee CLUB AWARDS 2010R E Haddock Trophy (Clubman of the Year) Mark WibberleySaturday 1st X1 Awards Page 4
  5. 5. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONR E Haddock Trophy (Bowling) Chin RatnayakeReg Weller Trophy (Batting) Will MiddletonH A Mawer Trophy (Fielding) Devon Ebersohn & Carlo PelserSaturday 2nd X1 AwardsH C Dickeson Trophy (Bowling) James PetersPutney Trophy (Batting) Trevor AshworthMaurice Lickens Trophy (Fielding) Dave HadawaySunday 1st X1 AwardsClaude Ford Trophy (Bowling) Scott GilbertBert Thornley Trophy (Batting) Damandeep SinghPat & John Greenslade Trophy (Fielding) Neeraj NawaniSunday 2nd X1 AwardsAmir Rahemtulla Trophy (Bowling) Jon WhiteEve & Stan Marshall Trophy (Batting) Richard WilsonBrian Brough Trophy (Fielding) Max SugdenChandra Sud Trophy (Sunday Player of the Year) Ash BaptistaTom Price Trophy (Player of the Tournament) Neeraj NawaniCenturionsBatsman Score Opponents DateDavid Zahorodni 158 Old Isleworthians & Heston 16 MayDamandeep Singh 118* Windsor 20 JunEuan Paterson 103* Streatham & Marlborough 11 JulWill Middleton 117 Balham & Tooting 31 Jul* not outFive Wicket HaulsBowler Analysis Opponents DateDavid Zahorodni 5 – 27 Sheen Park A 15 MayStephen Wilcock 5 – 19 Effingham 06 JunScott Gilbert 5 – 19 St. Lukes 19 JunNeeraj Nawani 5 – 18 Streatham & Marlborough 20 JunMike Henshall 5 – 44 Englefield Green 03 JulNeeraj Nawani 5 – 21 Balham & Tooting 31 JulAlex Morriss 5 – 17 Wandgas 08 AugAdam Morgan 6 – 09 Englefield Green 21 Aug TREASURER’S REPORT INCOME 2010 / £ 2009 /£ Annual subs 4,330 5,075 Match fees 8,519 8,460 Bar takings 6,149 6,616 Cost of sales (3,953) (4,047) Page 5
  6. 6. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON Bar profit 2,196 2,569 Social functions/Presentation evening 2,401 2,110 Sale of club kit 160 360 Net monies 153 230 Hire of hall 100 100 Bank interest 5 7 Donations 391 417 Misc. (ashes tickets) 0 214 Sale of club kit 18 0 Total income 18,273 19,542 EXPENDITURE GROUND ACCOUNT Work on ground 2,780 3,438 Water rates 88 86 Grass seed/loam/whitening/hire equipment 674 347 Equipment repairs 826 1,177 Petrol 75 145 Sundries 89 32 Account total 4,532 5,225 PAVILION ACCOUNT Joint fund 1,730 1,800 Heat and light 644 680 Cleaning 1,043 1,002 Clubhouse repairs/purchases/decoration 190 776 Refuse 406 280 Account total 4,013 4,538 MISCELLANEOUS ACCOUNT Affiliation fees and fines 884 1,258 Teas 2,121 2,337 Playing equipment/misc.equipment 3,969 7,023 Trophies/plaques/engraving 269 817 Fixture cards 120 119 Website/texts 218 196 Sundries 407 336 Bank charges 60 60 Account total 8,048 12,146 Total expenditure 16,593 21,909 Surplus of income over expenditure 1,680 (2,367)The above figures do not include the outlay of purchasing Oval tickets, £950, or net monies, both ofwhich will be recouped in full.A reasonable financial year. Membership was down, 57 playing, 2 non-playing, as opposed to 67 and 1the previous year. There were far more games cancelled in the 2010 season, and this was partly due toplayers’ non availability when TBA games are shown.The bar was slightly down on its percentage profit, 36% as opposed to 39% in 2009. Cancelled homegames obviously reflect the overall bar takings, but we should be striving for a 40% profit. As I say everyyear, we rely on members’ honesty, and I quote the yearly reminder, “only players nominated by thecaptain are to go behind the bar, and I would ask all to be vigilant.” Page 6
  7. 7. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONMy thanks go to Ben Brook and Trevor Ashworth for organising the presentation evening. Once againthe club made a healthy profit. Thank you to those that donated items for the auction and donations tothe club. My thanks also go to each member who contributed towards the raffle. It is the injection ofmoney at the presentation evening that keeps our yearly membership at its current level, and is themajor factor in a healthy bank balance.We have a stock of club shirts, caps, hats and sweat bands at the club. Please let your captain know ifyou would like to purchase any of these items. There is of course the new on-line facility, but it would benice to clear the existing stock.Expenditure: There were no real surprises, but I will highlight the areas with the largest differentials. Theground account will fluctuate from year to year, depending on what parts need to be replaced on themachines and how our stock of top soil and seed are. The refuse cost is an area of total frustration. Wehave to have our waste collected/disposed of in the required manner, but such costs seem to bespiralling out of control. It now costs £4.06 per sack, whether half empty or full, to be taken away. Pleasenote, and always ensure the grey pre-printed sacks are only used for waste and are full when put intothe housing unit. The playing equipment included the new shed/scoreboard, £4,641 (less grant of£2,000). The trophies account in 2009 was a one off, with the purchase of numerous cups.I again ask members to settle their annual membership of £80.00 at the earliest opportunity. Pleaseensure you bring sufficient monies on the day of a game to cover match fees and I do not want to seeany I.O.Us behind the bar !Any suggestions for raising club funds through social events or other means are always welcome. Havea good season, and spend plenty of money in the clubhouse.Mike CurtisTreasurer THE EVE AND STAN MARSHALL 100 CLUBThe Eve and Stan Marshall 100 Club provides a useful contribution to club funds, and all playingmembers are encouraged to join. The money from these draws usually goes towards the little things thatmake the club a bit nicer. The 100 Club had limited activity in the year, due to only 61 numbers beingsubscribed to. It is planned to publicise the 100 Club extensively in the 2011 preseason, to increaseparticipation. Contact Ash Baptista if you are not already a member (or if you would like an additionalnumber).At the awards in November, four draws were made, the winners being Doug Peters, Doug Shaw, DaveLenon and Sue Taylor.Ash Baptista Page 7
  8. 8. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON SATURDAY 1ST XI REPORTLeague Played 15 Won 13 Lost 2 Abandoned 0The Saturday 1st XI were boosted by the introduction of a number of excellent new players whoincreased the competition for places within the team. The season started in excellent fashion with 3dominant wins including a club record score of 329-5 versus Old Isleworthians and Heston based aroundan exceptional 159 by David Zaharodni which he scored in only 28 overs at the crease.This led the teamto their first real test of the season against a strong Surrey Seamers outfit. An excellent bowling andfielding performance restricted the opposition to 184 all out setting up a 4 wicket win and firmlyestablishing Putney as one of the top teams in the division.Through the middle of the season Putney were frustratingly inconsistent. Despite excellent performancesand wins against strong teams such as Whyteleafe and Clapham Old Xaverians , the team succumbedto some of the leagues lesser opposition in losing to Sheen Park A and then a heavy defeat toBeddington Village. As a result the team found themselves in 3rd spot going into the latter stages of theseason knowing that they must win the 6 remaining games to have any chance of becoming champions.The next game saw Putney take on league leaders Old Royalists who, other than a tied game versusSurrey Seamers had a perfect record. When Old Royalists were 100-1 in the 18 th over batting first, itlooked like Putney were facing a huge target, but some excellent bowling from all 5 bowlers backed upby the best fielding performance of the season saw Putney recover to bowl an extremely strong battingline up out for 204.In reply Putney came out with all guns blazing as openers Middleton and Zaharodni brought up theircentury partnership in the 13th over. Even after both openers were out it seemed Putney were cruisingwhen they needed 55 to win from the last 20 overs with 7 wickets left, but in true Putney fashion somesloppy batting together with excellent bowling led to Putney needing 2 to win with only a solitary wicketremaining. Under huge pressure the cool heads of Peters and Nawani managed to see the team homefor a superb victory which revitalised Putney’s season.From here on in the 1st XI played some excellent cricket to win their final 5 games in impressive fashionputting increasing pressure on Whyteleafe and Old Royalists at the top of the table. This was rewardedwhen both teams slipped up and Putney were crowned champions with an emphatic victory over Mordenon the final day of the seasonAll in all it was an excellent season for the 1 st XI, it was particularly pleasing that the team’s success wasbased on good contributions from the whole team. The team improved in all areas of the game over theseason, but really stood out in the field. This was emphasised by the fact that the opposition failed to getto 150 in any of the final five games of the season!The team are looking forward to repeating their success in the Fullers League next season.Gareth HughesSaturday 1st XI Captain Page 8
  9. 9. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON SATURDAY 1ST XI AVERAGESBatting – LeagueQualification: five completed innings Batsman Innings Not Out Runs Highest Average Score Richard Brambley 6 1 157 49* 31.4 Will Middleton 13 0 397 117 30.5 Damandeep Singh 10 0 292 99 29.2 Carlo Pelser 11 2 204 45* 22.7 Neeraj Nawani 7 2 111 35 22.2 Gareth Hughes 11 2 192 61 21.3 Devon Ebersohn 13 3 177 45 17.2 Mark Edwards 9 0 140 57 15.6 Chin Ratnayake 8 0 79 30 9.9 Euan Paterson 6 0 59 23 9.8Batting – All MatchesQualification: five completed innings Batsman Innings Not Out Runs Highest Average Score Will Middleton 18 0 625 117 34.7 Neeraj Nawani 9 3 182 71* 30.3 Damandeep Singh 14 1 363 99 27.9 Richard Brambley 7 1 161 49* 26.8 Carlo Pelser 12 2 226 45* 22.6 Mark Edwards 10 0 206 66 20.6 Gareth Hughes 13 2 211 61 19.2 Devon Ebersohn 16 3 223 45 17.7 Chin Ratnayake 12 1 183 51 16.6 Euan Paterson 8 0 129 53 16.1Bowling – League matchesQualification: 30 overs Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Best Economy Neeraj Nawani 35.8 6 143 15 9.5 5 - 21 4.0 Chin Ratnayake 113.0 30 268 24 11.2 3-9 2.4 Adam Morgan 88.4 16 276 19 14.5 6-9 3.1 Gareth Hughes 38.0 5 133 7 19.0 2-7 3.5 Will Middleton 105.0 18 437 21 20.8 3 - 12 4.2 Tim Grace 49.0 11 146 6 24.3 2 - 13 3.0 Jon Jarrett 46.0 3 172 7 24.6 2 - 18 3.7Bowling – All MatchesQualification: 30 overs Page 9
  10. 10. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONBowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Best EconomyNeeraj Nawani 38.8 6 155 15 10.3 5 - 21 4.0Brian Trollip 37.9 2 157 11 14.3 3 - 22 4.1Adam Morgan 94.4 17 290 20 14.5 6-9 3.1Chin Ratnayake 133.0 32 379 25 15.2 3-9 2.9Will Middleton 129.0 24 544 27 20.2 3 - 12 4.2Gareth Hughes 47.0 6 184 9 20.4 2-7 3.9Jon Jarrett 54.0 3 226 10 22.6 3 - 54 4.2Tim Grace 49.0 11 146 6 24.3 2 - 13 3.0FieldingMinimum two dismissalsFielder Catches Stumpings Run Outs TotalDevon Ebersohn 12 5 4 21Carlo Pelser 6 0 0 6Damandeep Singh 6 0 0 6Gareth Hughes 5 0 0 5Adam Morgan 4 0 1 5Doug Shaw 4 1 0 5Will Middleton 4 0 0 4Chin Ratnayake 4 0 0 4Zain Alam 3 0 1 4Mark Edwards 3 0 0 3Tim Grace 2 0 0 2Scott Gilbert 2 1 0 3Ben Witherall 2 0 0 2James Peters 2 0 0 2Andrew Woodhead 2 0 0 2 Page 10
  11. 11. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON SATURDAY 2ND XI REPORTLeague Played 17 Won 6 Lost 9 Abandoned 2Having avoided relegation on the very last game of the season with a thrilling one wicket win, the 2nd XIstarted the season in division 1 again. However this season was not to be as exciting as we knew veryearly on that this was to be our last season in the Surrey Cricket League (having joined in 1976 as one ofthe founder members) and therefore there was no possibility of relegation to division 2. There was alsovery little prospect of winning the league either after we had played the best 2 teams in the first twogames and been soundly beaten by both of them. The realisation that there was nothing substantial toplay for led to an odd season, where we put in some excellent performances, some averageperformances and some absolutely dire performances, but all within the knowledge that we were jumpingship to greener pastures anyway so it didn’t really matter as much usual.The season started off disappointingly with two losses against Old Royalists and the Putney 1 st XI. Thefirst notable for the fact that most of the 2nd team were at one of Trev’s many wedding do’s, so we had afew 1st XI ringers in (that went well) and also for a new player showing up 3 hours after the start of thegame, with no kit and speaking practically no English. The next time we were short he actually wantedpaying...we didn’t see him again! Chip and Nick got us off to a flying start before the 1 st’s took Wendy offand brought their proper bowlers on. We eventually collapsed to 151 all, including a traditional MattAtkins run out. They knocked the score off with ease losing just 3 wickets in the process with Brookseytaking a couple.After two defeats we then went on a three game winning streak, starting with a convincing win overSheen Park, in which our ringers Zaharodni (5 for 27) and Euan (69) did most of the damage. Thesecond was much closer, with us winning by 16 runs, JP top scoring with 73 and also taking 3 wickets.The final game in the run was also the best. Having been set 183 to win by Balham & Tooting on a wethorrible day things did not start smoothly as we slumped to 28 for 4 after 11 overs. This is when theBlacksmith stepped to the crease and started smacking the ball to all parts of the ground (mainly straightthough – don’t pitch the ball up to him!) as he scored a rapid 86 and put on a brilliant partnership of 126with Woody (56) to turn the game around, after they were out in quick succession Vamsi and Charlie hitthe winning runs to see us home by 4 wickets.The winning run was disappointingly followed by a 4 game losing streak, which included defeats againstthe mid-table teams of Old Isleworthians, Hersham, St.Luke and Morden. The notable performances inthose games were from Wibbers (55), Dez (3 for 27), Scotty (5 for 19), Lilja (51) and a Morden playerwho has to be the gobbiest twat we’ve ever had the misfortune to play against.We finally end our losing run against the leagues bottom team. On a hot day we were set 215 to win,their score restricted by an excellent spell of bowling by Mike Henshall (5 for 44). Our run chase washelped by an excellent hundred partnership between Nick (90) and Julian (51) on his first game backfrom injury. Julian’s innings being notable for his first scoring shot being a six, which also bounced nicelyoff a passing car. This is a rare feat as I think it was only his second ever six for the club! Nick also hit asix in his innings but that isn’t really newsworthy, he did play a couple of defensive shots, which wasperhaps more surprising.Defeat against the Cricket Club of India followed, which was unsurprising considering they had 3 RanjiTrophy players in their team! We then also lost against Clapham XO and Bec Old boys with verydepleted teams. Things got so desperate that Fenton even made his one appearance for the season(post-golf obviously). This was followed by a couple of weeks of inactivity as the trusty British weatherkicked in.We were to finish our season against the teams in 3rd and 4th place on the table and given our form weweren’t expecting to get much out of them. Even more so when we turned up to the Surrey Seamersgame with a nicely balanced side of 8 bowlers, 2 batsmen and a wicket keeper! This type of line up didthe trick though as 7 bowlers each took at least one wicket and one of our 2 batsman, Matt Atkins(42no), got the runs – perhaps this balance side could be the way forward next season when we’ll needto bowl sides out…or perhaps not!Our final game of the season and our last in this league saw us travel to Whyteleafe (or at least a groundnear Whyteleafe). Batting first we scored an excellent 221 for 7 thanks to 97 from Euan who reallydeserved a century. We then bowled them out for 107, with the stand out figures being 3 for 8 off 6 oversby Hanco. Uninteresting Fact: Euan – league innings for 1st XI = 6, runs = 59, average = 9.83, league Page 11
  12. 12. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONinnings for 2nd XI = 2, runs = 166, average = 83. With both teams playing in the same division I put thedifference solely down to the captaincy!The reason why the season was so up and down was primarily down to the fact that we called uponapproximately 50 players throughout the season and when players are in and out of the side they don’thave any chance to build up any consistency. The captains say this every year, but hopefully for nextyear we’ll be able to get a core of 6 or 7 players who play the majority of the fixtures on which the sidecan be built. The plus side of having so many players was that we were able to see a whole batch ofnew players come to the club and hopefully they will still be here next year, also that we always hadeleven people on the pitch.It was also noticeable that our best performances and wins came when the weather suited the bowlers.This I think was due to the fact that we didn’t have any bowlers that could blast teams out on flat tracksor a star batsmen that would go on to big scores. So we relied on everyone chipping in to win games,which was easier in low scoring games.For the individual awards this year JP won the bowling awards with 23 wickets at 16.13, Trev won thebatting with 221 runs at 31.57 (this meant that Trev would make the league handbook averages for thefirst time, unfortunately the league switch will mean he’ll never get to see it!), and Hadders won thefielding award. Other notable performers include Hensh and Scotty who took 17 wickets between them(hopefully they be available on more Saturdays next year), Nick who scored over 200 runs in the 6games played (has another kid on the way so is unlikely be playing more Saturdays next year!) andBrian who took 2 wickets at an average of 99 to earn himself the nickname Flake – which he hates, somake sure you keep using it!As many will know, I am standing down as skipper, so I’d like to thank everyone who played in the teamthis year (not personally as there are to many of you) I’d also like to thank Brooksey for his support asVice Captain and I hope he has more luck taking wickets next year under a different skipper! I’d also liketo wish the new captain good luck as we enter the new league and to remind them that in this league youcan bat for the draw, so Julian is must pick! The 2 nd XI will also only be playing against other 2 nd XI’s sohopefully this will increase the chances of more honours in the future.All the best for next season.James PetersSaturday 2nd Captain Page 12
  13. 13. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON SATURDAY 2ndXI AVERAGESBatting: League matchesQualification: Five completed innings Batsman Innings Not Out Runs Highest Average Score Nick Lilja 6 0 213 90 35.5 James Peters 11 1 318 73 31.8 Trevor Ashworth 8 1 221 86 31.6 Mark Wibberley 6 1 101 55 20.2 Matthew Atkins 8 1 120 42* 17.1 Andrew Woodhead 7 0 109 56 15.6 Vamsi Salla 6 1 58 21 11.6 Ben Brook 9 4 54 14* 10.8 Hussain Mohammed 6 0 56 35 9.3 David Hadaway 7 2 11 5 2.2Batting: All matchesQualification: Five completed innings Batsman Innings Not Out Runs Highest Average Score Nick Lilja 7 0 230 90 32.9 James Peters 12 1 329 73 29.9 Trevor Ashworth 9 1 221 86 27.6 Mark Wibberley 7 1 143 55 23.8 Matthew Atkins 9 2 145 42* 20.7 Andrew Woodhead 7 0 109 56 15.6 Vamsi Salla 7 1 73 21 12.2 Ben Brook 9 4 54 14* 10.8 Hussain Mohammed 7 0 57 35 8.1 David Hadaway 7 2 11 5 2.2Bowling: League matchesQualification: 30 overs Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Best Economy James Peters 102.8 5 371 23 16.1 4 - 44 3.6 Scott Gilbert 40.0 3 157 9 17.4 5 - 19 3.9 Dez Telfer 32.0 6 117 5 23.4 3 - 27 3.7 David Hadaway 55.0 7 242 8 30.3 3 - 38 4.4 Faraan Shafique 39.0 3 158 5 31.6 3 - 32 4.1 Ben Brook 68.3 3 355 6 59.2 3 - 32 5.2 Brian Trollip 56.0 11 198 2 99.0 1 - 16 3.5Bowling: All matches Page 13
  14. 14. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONQualification: 30 overs Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Best Economy James Peters 110.8 5 411 26 15.8 4 - 44 3.7 Scott Gilbert 40.0 3 157 9 17.4 5 - 19 3.9 David Hadaway 55.0 7 242 8 30.3 3 - 38 4.4 Dez Telfer 38.0 6 152 5 30.4 3 - 27 4.0 Faraan Shafique 40.0 3 163 5 32.6 3 - 32 4.1 Brian Trollip 75.0 15 283 5 56.6 2 - 43 3.8 Ben Brook 71.3 3 367 6 61.2 2 - 32 5.2FieldingMinimum two dismissals Fielder Catches Stumpings Run Outs Total Hussain Mohammed 8 1 1 10 James Peters 7 0 0 7 James Hannaford 6 0 0 6 David Hadaway 4 0 0 4 Nick Lilja 4 0 0 4 Richard Brambley 3 0 0 3 Mark Wibberley 3 0 0 3 Dez Telfer 3 0 0 3 Devon Ebersohn 3 0 0 3 Brian Trollip 2 0 1 3 Mike Henshall 2 0 0 2 Ben Brook 2 0 1 3 Vamsi Salla 2 0 0 2 Matthew Atkins 2 0 0 2 Chin Ratnayake 1 0 1 2Partnerships Wicket Partnership Batsmen Opponents 1 79 M.Wibberley 55; A.Hugill 25 Old Isleworthians 2 52 G.Hughes 28; E.Paterson 97 Whyteleafe 3 109 N.Lilja 90; J.Day 51 Englefield Green 4 62 M. Wibberley 42; G.Peters 36 CCI 5 126 A.Woodhead 56; T.Ashworth 86 Balham & Tooting 6 44 A.Woodhead 35; J.Peters 27 Putney 1XI 7 30 T.Ashworth 28; J.Peters 45 St.Lukes 8 28 V.Salla 15; J.Peters 11 CCI 9 24 B.Brook 5*; J.Hannaford 16 Clapham Old Xavarians 10 22 B.Trollip 21*; Farhad 5 CCI Page 14
  15. 15. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON SUNDAY XI REPORTNo Sunday 1st XI report is available at present. It is hoped one will be presented at the AGM. Page 15
  16. 16. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON SUNDAY 2nd XI REPORTThe opening Sunday 2s game, against Barnes Occasionals saw Putney reduced to 5 for 2 off 2 overs inovercast swinging conditions. However, Hussain (18) and Ash (49) runs assisted Hamza Kardar whoscored 147*. With Rich (20*) contributing, we ended on 266 for 4 off 40 overs. In response, Barnesstarted well but found Henson (3-13) and White (2-6) too hot to handle and were reduced to 74 for 5 off20 overs. The mid afternoon rain made the rest of the match unplayable with their skipper conceding thematch based on Duckworth–Lewis, which no one could compute! Nonetheless, a good start.Against Catford Cyphers, the Putney seam attack bowled the opposition out for 160. Willow (2-19),Bridgeman (2-20) and Faizan (3-15) cleaned up. Jon reinvented fielding in this match by attempting tocatch a skier with his mouth, resulting in a long visit to the dentist. Putney’s batting was superlative, anopening stand off 80 by Himi (70) and Neeraj (38). On their departure, the PCC middle order wereunable to read the turning ball loosing 4 quick wickets in 10 overs. However, with the overs ticking overand the run rate climbing, Bridgeman (9*) and Faizan (8*) saw PCC through to the end.Putneys lack of depth in the bowling department was exposed on the Lower Common as they wereunable to defend 238 against Sheen Park. Batting first, Shaw (42) and Niraj (46) added 80 in 15 oversfor the first wicket. Ash (24) supported Singh (93) as he began unleashed shots all around the groundagainst their weaker bowlers with some very strong leg side shots. Farhad and Nick Bridgeman bowledtheir eight overs straight off without much penetration as Sheen were soon 168 off 23 overs. Only AlfieShaw could stem the flow, taking three wickets in short order. We leaked wides and byes (a shameful 60extras in total) and lacked the depth to push on, losing comfortably. However, full marks to Eddie McV -the pitch was quick and true and Sheen themselves remarked just how well it has developed.What a difference a week makes. On a glorious day in the English countryside, we lost the toss, got putin to bat, and Shaw (26) and Neeraj (61) made another bright start posting 73 for the first wicket in 15overs. Richard Wilson (84) was next in, got his head down, and played increasingly straight: his drivesbecoming more powerful. Neeraj again played excellently and thoroughly deserved his fifty. We declaredat 234 off 45 overs, helped by Effingham dropping at least nine catches of varying degrees of difficulty.Effingham batted poorly in return, losing wickets continually. Stephen Wilcock was the pick of thebowlers. Back to his metronomic best, his mixed his familiar away swing with off cutters and richlydeserved his figures of 10-5-19-5 in an unbroken spell. All out 83.After getting home at 3am the skipper sensibly elected to bat in the Sunday 2s vs Sunday 3s game.Through a combination of poor shots, dreadful running / calling and extraordinary umpiring, the 3rdswhere reduced to 60 for 8. However, the skipper hit an innings saving 29 and with the tail dragged thescore to 126 off 27 overs, with wickets shared by the bowlers. With only 127 to get the PCC 2s cameout confidently. However they were quickly struggling, losing wickets in the 2nd and 3rd overs. OnlyDoug Shaw looked comfortable. He was joined at the wicket by Ash Baptista who built a slow, solid,innings of 43. Fine bowling by Shahid and Faraan Shafique led to nine down with only needing 4 runs towin. Vikrant bowled and had Ash trapped plum in front. The shout went up. Out. The 3rds had won agreat game!Streatham & Marlborough won the toss and decided to bat. A good opening partnership saw themthrough to 50 runs off 12 overs. Opening bowlers Chris and Raheel bowled well and were backed up bySammy & Jon who scalped the openers. Former Putney player, Lee ‘the Viper’ Vidler scored a quick-fire51. Needing a break through, Neeraj and Rich were brought on as second change bowlers and torethrough the Streatham & Marlborough batting. Neeraj took 5 for 18 runs, with Streatham & Marlboroughrestricted to 206 of 40 overs. In response, the Putney openers put on 54 off 10 overs. Neeraj treated thebowling with little respect, tonking the first 5 overs for 40 runs. Hussain at number 3 moved the score to125 off 22 overs before being caught at first slip for 23; Neeraj departed for 95 with the score on 137. 70runs to win off 84 balls, reduced to 20 runs required off 3 overs, and three from the last ball. Chrisreadied himself for the big shot, missed the ball which happened to bounce off the keeper. They threwat the stumps, and missed, resulting in a 3 run over throw. Putney had won a another nail-biting match!Some big hitting by Bam Bam Singh (97), Himi Agarwal (58), Rich Wilson (57) saw Putney post 295 off35 overs on a fast bouncy track against Woodlawn. In reply they batted well but were unable to catchup and scored 269 off the allotted 35 overs. Jon White – 3 wickets and Samy Tendulkar – 2 wicketsbeing the main successes. On a wicket that didnt look as though it had been mowed for a month,Putney bowled aggressively in sweltering heat against Streatham & Marlborough. Sam Tendeter bowledvery well, taking 3-47 from his 8 overs and Devon Ebersohns figures of 8-2-15-1 were outstanding.212-8 off their 40 overs. It was all down hill after that. Euan and Himi (40) opened. Euan held the fortscoring an unbeaten and stylish 103 and we reached 215-4 with 8 overs to spare. Page 16
  17. 17. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONLost toss: Putney were first to field in deceptively hot conditions against Richmond who proceeded to70-2 off 15. Sam T and Smulian restricted any growing confidence, both completing tight 8 over spells,2/20 and 1/20 respectively. A target of under 150 looked briefly in sight, but Richmond made it to 170 allout. There never was a feeling that Putney would lose this one, but hard-work was made of it. Himi (44off 42 balls) looked comfortable from the start, four successive fours at one point. 70-3, off 18 overs (allLBW). James made 46 off 82 balls before being run-out. This left Putney requiring 30 off the last 20balls. Rich (15 of 6 balls) coming in at no.6 did half the work, and Ash (44* of 46 balls) hit a couple ofcrucial boundaries in the penultimate over. Henson came in to hit the winning runs with two balls tospare. Another exciting game; another good win for Putney.Against a young Catford Cyphers XI, Ash finally won his first toss of the season and elected to bat.After a steady start, Paul McCann, made 59 (53 balls). Max Sugden 28 (40 balls) and Rich Wilson 25(24 balls) also contributed, as did Ash with an unbeaten 46 (42 balls). The icing on the cake of thePutney innings was provided by Devon Ebersohn smashing 24 from the last over in his knock of 30 frommerely 9 deliveries. The innings closed on 244-5. After tea, Stephen Wilcock claimed two early wickets(8-2-15-2) with accuracy and movement which had Catfords top order regularly fishing outside offstump. From here Catford steadied, but fell far behind the required rate, needing well in excess of 100from the last ten overs. Two wickets for Himi (3-0-17-2) meant that the result was never really in doubt,Catford ending on 161-5.Ash managed to win his second successive toss of the season and decided to bat first, and despite thewarm weather, the rain from the previous day meant that the openers had to contend with a damp, slow(but drying) pitch and coupled with some good swing bowling from the Salmagundi Gardeners. All of thetop three batsmen, rather peculiarly, went for 14. Richard Wilson 55* (77 balls) and Ash 67* (68 balls)accelerated the scoring with some fine strokes before some good low order hitting boosted the total toover 200. Opening bowling from Henson (3-43) and Sammy Tendulkar (2-48), meant that the Gardenerswere never really ahead of the game chasing 211. Jon, bowling first change, generated good pace andvariation, with an excellent spell of 3-25 and the Gardeners were all out for 164.After winning the toss, against Dulwich, Putney elected to bowl on a sticky but drying wicket. StephenWilcox was the pick of the Putney bowlers with a fine 8 over spell pinning the top order down andachieving 1-28. The opposition had an extremely strong side, witness the runs conceded: Jon White2-71; Chris Henson 1-66; Sammy Tendulkar 0-83; and Neil Whyte 0-56. Putney were chasing a distant324. In reply, Doug Shaw looked solid before retiring on 24 after a bouncer hit him in the mouth. Ashtried to hold the innings together scoring 22 and Tim Beslee hit a rapid-fire 18. Despite lots of chancesthrough dropped catches we simply were out-powered by what appeared to be a Saturday 1s team andwere all out for 100. One to be forgotten about!After a thrashing by no better place for redemption than against Putney’s own local boozer side - TheBricklayers Arms. Losing the toss and batting (they had only turned up with 9 players) Putney played theGentlemanly card by giving them Vik Sehgal and relative newcomer Matt Stephenson as loaned fielders.Woody made a promising 22 before he chipped up the ball to mid-wicket to be caught by loaned playerVik. Neil Whyte, 28 not out, Vik 37 not out, and Richard Wilson (34) set a target of 177 we were mildlyconfident we could defend. We were wrong, as they knocked it off with five wickets in hand.Against KPMG, wickets fell regularly until Brett Woudstra (46 not out) and Nick Bridgeman (16) managedto dig in with some classy, solid stroke play. The runs were ticking up nicely until Nick was clean bowledand KPMG kept the pressure on the tail, with only a few more runs being scored before Ashs predictioncame true and the rain began to fall. It was precisely 3pm when Doug (now umpiring) looked up at theblack skies and took the decision that we should all run for cover. After an early tea, Putney were held to125 all out. Devon Ebersohn and Stephen Wilcock opened the bowling and three wickets fell during theirspell with a further four taken between Sammy Tendeter and Simon Taylor. Unfortunately though, therewere not enough runs on the board and it was just a matter of time until KPMG crossed the line. Thefollowing week: all out for 107 against Viscount chasing 232. Enough said.Ash BaptistaSunday 2nd XI Captain Page 17
  18. 18. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON SUNDAY 1st XI AVERAGESBatting: All matchesQualification: Five completed innings Batsman Innings Not Out Runs Highest Average Score Damandeep Singh 9 1 528 118* 66.0 Richard Wilson 13 5 336 86 42.0 Mike Henshall 8 3 182 43* 36.4 Neeraj Nawani 15 0 541 95 36.1 Aashish Baptista 13 3 360 67* 36.0 Paul McCann 7 2 169 59 33.8 Christopher Bray 6 0 185 83 30.8 Himanshu Aggarwal 12 0 356 70 29.7 Alex Morriss 8 1 203 61 29.0 Matthew Atkins 5 0 127 68 25.4 Hussain Mohammed 7 0 162 69 23.1 Vikrant Sehgal 6 1 93 42 18.6 Varun Kapoor 15 1 251 91 17.9 Doug Shaw 8 1 121 42 17.3 Max Sugden 7 0 110 36 15.7 Barry Perinparaja 6 0 87 30 14.5 Nick Bridgeman 6 1 67 16 13.4 Rich Pinks 8 2 79 29 13.2 Scott Gilbert 10 2 99 23 12.4 Brett Woudstra 14 2 147 46* 12.3 Tim Beslee 9 1 89 58 11.1 Neil Whyte 11 4 61 28* 8.7 Jon White 9 1 53 15 6.6 Simon Taylor 7 2 33 16 6.6 Chris Henson 7 2 22 8 4.4 Dan Parmar 6 0 21 9 3.5Bowling: All matchesQualification: 30 overs Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Best Economy Scott Gilbert 63.0 13 182 16 11.4 4-8 2.9 Neeraj Nawani 42.3 4 206 13 15.9 5 - 18 4.9 Faraan Shafique 58.0 4 247 14 17.6 4 - 17 4.3 Jon White 74.0 6 373 20 18.7 4 - 25 5.0 Chris Henson 64.0 5 306 16 19.1 3 - 13 4.8 Stephen Wilcock 67.0 16 268 14 19.1 5 - 19 4.0 Varun Kapoor 36.0 4 183 9 20.3 3 - 29 5.1 Farhad Hussankhel 32.6 1 173 8 21.6 2-8 5.3 Mike Henshall 65.0 11 211 9 23.4 4 - 13 3.3 Sam Tendeter 88.0 3 521 18 28.9 3 - 26 5.9 Brian Trollip 40.0 3 144 3 48.0 1 - 12 3.6 Neil Whyte 53.0 2 278 5 55.6 1 - 27 5.3 Simon Taylor 37.0 0 262 3 87.3 1 - 25 7.1Fielding(Minimum three dismissals) Page 18
  19. 19. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASONFielder Catches Stumpings Run Outs TotalNeeraj Nawani 7 1 0 8Devon Ebersohn 4 2 1 7Christopher Bray 6 0 0 6Richard Wilson 6 0 0 6Damandeep Singh 6 0 0 6Max Sugden 5 0 1 6Scott Gilbert 3 2 1 6Faraan Shafique 5 0 0 5Alex Morriss 5 0 0 5Rich Pinks 4 0 0 4Mike Henshall 3 0 1 4Dan Parmar 3 0 1 4Hussain Mohammed 2 2 0 4Varun Kapoor 3 0 0 3Trevor Ashworth 3 0 0 3Stephen Wilcock 3 0 0 3James Almond 3 0 0 3Doug Shaw 3 0 0 3Tim Beslee 2 0 1 3Himanshu Aggarwal 2 0 1 3Aashish Baptista 1 0 2 3 Page 19
  20. 20. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD AT THE DUKE’S HEAD PUBLIC HOUSE ON 23rd MARCH 20100. Present Mike Curtis (Chairman), John Greenslade (President), Trevor Ashworth, Aashish Baptista, Richard Brambley, Nick Bridgeman, Ben Brook, Julian Day, Tony Fenton, James Hannaford, Mike Henshall, Owen Hereford, Gareth Hughes, Paul McCann, Eddie McVarish, Dan Palmer, Philip Patterson, James Peters, Darien Telfer, Brian Trollope, Andrew Woodhead and Mark Wibberley (Secretary). (22 in attendance)1. Apologies for absence Chris Bailey, Scott Gilbert, Shakir Iqbal, Racchit Khanna, Dave Lennon, Nick Lilja, Mike Oliver, Gary Peters, Jon White and Steve Wilcock. (10 apologies received)2. Minutes of last meeting The minutes of the AGM held on 26th March 2009 and published in the Annual Report and on the website were agreed as accurate and adopted. (proposer: James Peters, seconder: Richard Brambley)3. Management Committee Report - presented by Mike Curtis. The report has been published on the website for all to read. i) Pitch works : The new on-field shed has begun to be built. The cost is £4641.25 incl. VAT but this is offset by the £2000.00 grant obtained from Grassroots Grants. The shed will be used to store the chairs, sightscreens, stumps, etc. and will have the scoreboard mounted on the face of the shed and include a scorers desk and window. ii) Clubhouse : Some furniture (3 leather sofas) had been purchased for the club. The gents toilets and showers to be decorated hopefully at some stage soon. iii) Cricket Tour : Gary Peters has begun arranging a cricket tour to Barbados for February / March of 2011. A leaflet with some information was handed out and a copy will be posted onto the website shortly. All serious enquiries to Gary Peters. iv) Report Preparation : Thanks to Julian Day for the work in preparing the Annual Report.4. Treasurer / Financial Report - presented by Mike Curtis. i) Financial : Mike reported that it had been a successful year financially and the bar profits were up on previous year. Captains and Committee members to ensure that only trustworthy players nominated by the captain on the day are to work behind the bar. Club finances were bolstered by the good support of members at the Awards / Presentation Evening in November. ii) Presentation evening : This proved to be a good financial success once again and thanks were given to Trevor and Ben for organising this. iii) Annual Subs and match fees : The annual subs are to be maintained at £80. As last years system was successful in bringing in subs at an early stage, match fees will be charged at £15 for those who have not paid the full subs. The match fee will drop to £10 once full subs have been paid. Captains will have some discretion over not charging players the higher fee to players that play a game on very short notice to fill in for someone dropping for instance. iv) A mower had been purchased during the year and this had been quite a large expense, however we don’t have to pay an external contractor to cut the outfield. It was generally felt that the field had improved since the purchase of this mower. (proposer: Trevor Ashworth, seconder: Mike Henshall)5. Team Secretary’s Report - presented by Mark Wibberley on behalf of Gary Peters. Thanks to the Committee and especially the skippers. Their jobs have been quite difficult this past year due to high player turnover and unsettled sides through non-availability etc. This had been one of the most difficult seasons in recent times, but the skippers always managed to field eleven players. Thanks also to Ben Brook for the website and SMS service which makes notifying players so much easier than in previous years. Thanks to Gary for his efforts as Team Secretary. Page 20
  21. 21. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON6. Fixture Secretary’s Report - presented by Tony Fenton. i) Tony reported that we were always looking for new opposition especially those teams that have their own facilities and who come via a recommendation. ii) Midweek and Tour games: The dates below have been agreed. All players are encouraged to participate in at least one of the tour games. • Isle of Wight Tour / Ventnor : Sunday 18th July 2010 • Slinfold : Wednesday 14th July 2010 • Wandgas : Wednesday 11th August 2010 • Sutton : Thursday 24th June 2010 • Racchit Khanna has informed us that the Cricket Club Of India (who play out of the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai) should be touring the UK between the dates of 9 th to 24th July 2010. Fixtures to be arranged and finalised. iii) Last Man Stands 20/Twenty: Des Telfer has confirmed that the Club will be playing in the Wednesday night league at Barn Elms, and stated that about 25 people had shown an interest. This league had proved to be very popular in previous years. Des to send out an email to all members regarding this league. iv) It was announced that the club were considering changing leagues (to the Fullers League) as they had felt that over the last few years the standard of opposition facilities had declined, and the aspect of socialising after the games with the opposition had dropped off dramatically. Tony Fenton had already made some initial enquiries in this regard and an inspection of our facilities will take place during the early part of the season.7. Team Captains’ Reports – detailed reports are on the website. i) 1st XI – Richard Brambley : The main problem faced by Chip was the high turnover of players. 36 different players represented the 1st XI and this made for a very unsettled team. Chip is stepping down as captain. Thanks were given to Chip for his efforts over the last year. ii) 2nd XI – Ben Brook on behalf of Racchit Khanna : The problems faced by Chip in the 1 st XI reflected directly on the 2nd XI team selection, and it made for quite a difficult season in ensuring that 11 players took the field every game. An improvement in the standard of fielding is required – a number of games were potentially thrown away due to poor fielding. Racchit was stepping down as captain. iii) Sunday XI 1st XI : Paul McCann : The Fullers Old Boy League were losing 5 teams this coming season so this season will consist of 6 teams and will compete on a home and away basis. It was a reasonably successful first season in this league and most of the venues are attractive and played to a good standard. iv) Sunday XI 2’s : Trevor Ashworth : The team suffered a little due to the Sunday 1st XI taking a number of players away on a regular basis. Some of the fixtures were mismatches and this is hoped to be rectified in the coming season. Availability was a bit of a problem however there are a lot of new players coming down to the nets.8. Groundsman’s Report - presented by Eddie McVarish. Ed reported that the groundsman from Teddington Cricket Club had done some de-worming works to the pitch and it was looking very good. There is a very good grass covering all round. Ed will try and cut the outfield beyond the boundary as low as possible in order to control the growth. It is always difficult to keep members of the public off the square. The Club are currently investigating purchasing a boundary rope marker to use in conjunction with the boundary flags. No early season works by club members are envisaged.9. Social Secretary’s Report - presented by Ben Brook. Functions to look forward to this year. Dates to be agreed in due course. i) Eddie’s quiz night Page 21
  22. 22. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON ii) 6-a-side tournament iii) Poker Nights iv) Saturday XI vs Sunday XI v) McCann Braham Challenge Cup10. Vote of thanks to outgoing officers. Thanks were given to the outgoing officers – for all their efforts throughout the past year.11. Election of new Officers Saturday Teams Saturday 1st Team Captain : Gareth Hughes. (proposed by Owen Hereford, seconded by Trevor Ashworth) Saturday 1st Team Vice-Captain : TBA Gareth to approach players he would like as vice skippers. Saturday 2nd Team Captain : James Peters (proposed by James Hannaford, seconded by Dez Telfer) Saturday 2nd Team Vice Captain : Ben Brook (proposed by Paul McCann, seconded by Tony Fenton) Sunday Teams Sunday 1st Team Captain : Scott Gilbert (proposed by James Peters, seconded by Mike Henshall Sunday 1st Team Vice Captain : Mike Henshall (proposed by Owen Hereford, seconded by Des Telfer) Sunday 2nd Team Captain : Ash Baptista (proposed by Trevor Ashworth, seconded by Richard Brambley) Sunday 2nd Team Vice Captain : Jon White (proposed by Ash Baptista, seconded by Mark Wibberley)12. Any Other Business. i) Damage to vehicles and property: Skippers to be provided with PCC cards informing householders and car owners when their property has been damaged by a cricket ball. These cards can be left on the windscreen of the vehicle or put through a letter box of the house. Cards can be situated in the new scorebox area. Captains to please take photographs of damage caused for insurance record purposes. ii) Use of ground : the residents surrounding the pitch have asked if it would be possible to use the pitch for a game this season. Management Committee to discuss. iii) Club kit : Discussion was had on whether or not club kit should be worn when playing matches. James Hannaford raised the point that as he already had a cricket shirt he felt that he should be able to wear that. A vote was taken and the overwhelming consensus was that Putney Cricket Club shirts be worn. Mike stated that there is a lot of spare unclaimed kit from previous years that will go on sale very cheaply at the start of the season. An email to be sent out. iv) Tour to Argentina : Adam Taylor has spent the past year or so working and coaching in Argentina and has made some good contacts with a view to a possible tour to the country. Adam will be returning to the UK in the summer and it is suggested that we wait until Adam is here before we progress this idea.13. Close of Meeting. The meeting concluded at 22.30. Page 22
  23. 23. PUTNEY CRICKET CLUB – 2010 SEASON OFFICERSPresident J GreensladeChairman M CurtisVice Chairman J DaySecretary M WibberleyTreasurer M CurtisSaturday 1st XI Captain Gareth HughesSaturday 1st XI Vice Captain Andrew WoodheadSaturday 2nd XI Captain Nomination requiredSaturday 2nd XI Vice Captain Nomination requiredSunday 1st XI Captain Nomination requiredSunday 1st XI Vice Captain Nomination requiredSunday 2nd XI Captain Nomination requiredSunday 2nd XI Vice Captain Nomination requiredTeam Secretary G PetersFixture Secretary A FentonGroundsman E McVarishLeague Representative A FentonSocial Secretary Nomination requiredWelfare Officer P McCann100 Club Promoter A BaptistaJoint Club Treasurer J DayThe following have indicted their willingness to stand for various of the posts for which nominations arerequired.Saturday 2nd TeamDoug Shaw CaptainSunday 1st TeamAsh Baptista Captain Page 23