Ken Peattie - Social Marketing: Business Thinking for Social Goals


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Presentation delivered by Ken Peattie, BRASS, Cardiff University, as part of the Living with Environmental Change: Working in Partnership session at Communicate 2012: Breaking Boundaries

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Ken Peattie - Social Marketing: Business Thinking for Social Goals

  1. 1. “Social Marketing.Business Thinking for Social Goals " Professor Ken Peattie Director, BRASS Research Centre, Cardiff University
  2. 2. So What is Social Marketing ? ...the systematic application ofmarketing, alongside other conceptsand techniques, to achieve specificbehavioural goals, for a social good. NSMC: French & Blair-Stevens,2006
  3. 3. Changing The Public Communications and Influence Paradigm OLD NEW Professional led Consumer led Selling / telling Marketing / exchange Awareness Behaviour Adult – Child Adult - Adult One-off / transitory Sustained Deficit Asset Problem Opportunity Generalised audience Segmented audiences Project Programme Central command NetworkOld style ‘campaign’ Social Marketing paradigm paradigm
  4. 4. Why Use Social Marketing ?Because marketing techniques are well proven at making people engage in unsustainable behaviours – particularly related to consumption.So why not use them to promote more sustainable behaviours involving less or different consumption ?
  5. 5. Social Marketing Is About ….• using research to first understand people, why they perhaps don’t behave as we’d like, and what might help them to change their behaviour;• using techniques like segmentation & targeting to aim the right solution at key groups;• identifying and eliminating the barriers to change;• finding ways to maintain changed behaviours;• outsmarting the ‘competition’;• going beyond communication and awareness raising;
  6. 6. Social Marketing :Goes Beyond Communication ……because sometimes sending out a message gets the right result …… but often it isn’t enough !
  7. 7. Why Think in ‘Marketing’ Terms ? Because Domestic Consumption Behaviours are Crucial75-80 % of European environmental impacts of household consumption are linked to housing, food, home energy & personal transport;Changed travel behaviours, food buying/preparation and home energy & waste management behaviours – could take us a long way towards SD (EIRPO Study)
  8. 8. Marketing works by makingthings: &
  9. 9. But we tend to offer: g adult removin sensibleworthy matu re risks & exc itement d extra har effort less t y co nvenienhe alth time g engi n cons umin chall g ! s i bl e im pos rs think facing on othe judging n l se my ow I’ m o ne e them g every g fun l a sissy in n i solat havi fee cool
  10. 10. Why Use Social Marketing ?Because people generally don’t respond well to being told what to do, threatened or made to feel like a bad person …..
  11. 11. Instead Why Not Look for the Positives to Market?
  12. 12. Social Marketing for Sustainability:The Collision of the Social & Commercial Public Sector Communicators Awareness campaigns The The Consume Citizen r Marketing campaigns Commercial For-Profit Companies
  13. 13. Social Marketing for Sustainability: The Collision of the Social & Commercial Marketing Expertise via Social Public Sector Marketing & Communicators Partnerships for Joint Campaigns & CSR Opportunities Social Marketing The campaigns Citizen Consume Marketing r campaigns ‘Upstream’ Social MarketingCommercial campaignsFor-Profit &Companies Joint Campaigns
  14. 14. Unilever’s Five Levers for ChangeSource: UnileverSustainable LivingPlan.
  15. 15. Social and CommercialSustainability Marketing
  16. 16. Want to Know More?