Delegate Showcase - Janice Ansine


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Presentation delivered by Janice Ansine, Open University, as part of the Delegate Showcase session at Communicate 2012: Breaking Boundaries

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  • Promoting iSpot to the public, supporting users online and engaging the public across England through, exhibitions and events, training days, surveys, bioblitzes etc.
  • Delegate Showcase - Janice Ansine

    1. 1. Reaching the public through Janice AnsineBiodiversity Observatory Project Manager The Open University
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Why iSpot?:• Millions are interested in nature• They watch BBC / OU nature programmes• How can we help them become more involved, engaged and learn more?• The hook is to use the thrill of observing nature & the sense of achievement you get when you can identify itiSpot aims to:• Lower barriers to ID• Make nature open to all: its for everyone, ages 7 – 107• Create a new generation of naturalists
    4. 4. Reaching the public Media & communications: the mass audienceSaving Species on Radio 4 OU’s Open Learn National Geographic
    5. 5. Reaching the public Public Outreach Programme: iSpot Biodiversity MentorsHow do we do it?• Regional programmes of work• Disseminate promotional material, resources, etc• Sustainable links and contacts with local partners• Exhibitions, activities, events, bioblitzes, etc• Offer practical experiences with nature (e.g. nature walks, bug hunts, bat walks, pond dipping rockpooling , surveys, etc)• Targeting ‘hard to reach’ groups
    6. 6. Experiences with nature working with partners Identifying trees in the parks with participants of The Walk on the Activities working with Wildside Project, Nottingham, Cornwall Gemma – East Midlands Neighbourhoods for Change (CN4C) Trudy – South West Derwent Valley Bioblitz, Keith – North
    7. 7. Experiences with nature Resources: OPAL Biodiversity Survey
    8. 8. Success stories: Impact Practical, hands on activities Snorkel Day with Oasis Group (children with special needs) Trudy – South West OPAL Water Survey with students from The Special Needs Centre, Kingston Maurwood Agricultural College, Bob - South
    9. 9. Success Stories: Impact Joining up the Environment and Technology project, Keith – North- A Case Study In Using iSpot to Connect New Audiences to the Environment and Biodiversity
    10. 10. Public Outreach Impact• Mentors have reached close to 80,000 people across the UK (16% are from groups deemed hard to reach)• In 2011 alone we reached almost 20,000 people of which, over 7,000 (37 %) were hard to reach
    11. 11. Impact: iSpot users iSpot user observations by postcode User data mapped against postcodes show a larger percentage of observations posted in regions with high Mentor activity.2010 2011
    12. 12. Thank you! iSpot Biodiversity Mentors Keith Bowey Colin Higgins Stacey Cougill Rachael Rhodes - North - South East - London - North West Rob Coleman - East of EnglandGraham Banwell - Yorkshire Katie Hadwin - East Midlands Trudy Russell Bob Ford Gemma Gregory Manga Waggott Sara Bellis - South West - South - East Midlands - London (BAME) - West Midlands Janice Ansine