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Delegate Showcase - Darren Hall


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Presentation delivered by Darren Hall, Bristol Green Capital, as part of the Delegate Showcase session at Communicate 2012: Breaking Boundaries

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Delegate Showcase - Darren Hall

  1. 1. Aim: To deliver the world’s biggest & best festival of sustainability!
  2. 2. IssuesIts got “green” in the titleWe want people to travel!Partnership based - lots of mixedmessages and competing brandsTiny budget
  3. 3. Go non-green go to where your audience are Use people who can bridge but stick to the message
  4. 4. Strategic partners -power of the manyDestinationBristolFirst groupTriodos, GoodEnergy, WessexWater
  5. 5. Our saviour!Get the basics rightExpert in commsHold the coremessageBe forthright (nocompromise)!
  6. 6. No money - get creative!BeerBristolMermaid
  7. 7. “If were not enjoying it more than everyone else, then why the hell willthey want to come and play with us?” Solitaire Townsend - Futerra