Id0101 lesson plan


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ID0101-History of Interior Design-Lesson Plan

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Id0101 lesson plan

  1. 1. SRM UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGN Course Code : ID0101 Course Title : HISTORY OF INTERIOR DESIGN - I Year & Semester : B.Des - I year, I semester Course time : Odd semester (July- Dec 2012) Location : Architecture Department Faculty Details: Name of the Staff Sec. Office Office Hours Mail ID JAWAHAR BENAZIR Arch 8.45 AM – 4.00 A S.H.R Dept PMREFERENCE BOOKS 1. Interior Design Course, Mary Gilliat Coyran, Octopus Ltd., London 2. Interior Design & Decoration, Sherril Whiton, Prentice Hall 3. Interior Design, Francis D.K. Ching, John Wiley & Sons, New York 4. History of Architecture, Sir Banister Fletcher, CBS Publishers & distributors, New Delhi 5. Time Saver Standards for Interior Design, Joseph De Chiara, McGraw Hill, New York.OBJECTIVES: To help the student understand the designs from Prehistoric Period to the Middle Ages. To know more on the Modern Movements in Interior design from the beginnings of 20th century. TENTATIVE TEST DATES Cycle Test-I : As per schedule Cycle Test-II : As per schedule Model Examination : As per schedule
  2. 2. TEST PORTIONS Cycle Test-I : 1st & 2nd Units Cycle Test-II : 3rd & 4th Units Model Examination : All five UnitsASSESSMENT DETAILS Cycle Test-I : 15 marks Cycle Test-II : 15 marks Model Examination : 20 marks Course outcome Program outcomeThe course would help the student The students would have art historicalunderstand the designs from awareness, historical awareness, culturalPrehistoric Period to the Middle Ages awareness etc., from the History and applyand as well the Modern movements in design principles and color theory in theInterior Design globally. execution of prospective design exercises & interior design projects. DETAILED SESSION PLAN ASSIGNMENSESSION TOPICS TO BE COVERED T /TEST 1-2 UNIT 1: EARLY CLASSICAL PERIOD: Prehistoric Cave paintings 3 Primitive Designs 4 Interiors during Egyptian Period 5 Interiors during Greek Period MODEL EXAMINATION 6 Interiors during Roman Period CYCLE TEST I 7 Interiors during Gothic Period 8 Interiors during Early Christian Period 9 Interiors during Renaissance Period 10 Sketching Exercises11-12 UNIT 2: MIDDLE AGES: Interiors in Romanesque period13-16 Interiors in Gothic period17-18 Interiors in renaissance period 19 Sketching Exercises
  3. 3. 20 Discussion of Cycle Test 1 Question Paper & Review of Answer Scripts 21 UNIT 3: COLONIAL TO THE BEGINNING OF THE 20TH CENTURY Colonial Designs 22 Victorian designs 23 Arts & Crafts movement 24 Art Nouveau Interiors 25 Eclectism 26 Frank Lloyd Wright 27 Sketching Exercises CYCLE TEST II 28- UNIT 4: BAUHAUS TO POST WAR MODERNISM 29 Interiors by Walter Gropius/ Bauhaus 30- De Stijl Interiors 31 32 Interiors by Mies Van Der Rohe 33- Interiors by Le Corbusier 34 35 Art Deco Interiors 36 Postwar Modernism 37 Sketching Exercises 38 Discussion of Cycle Test 2 Question Paper & Review of Answer Scripts 39- UNIT 5: PROJECTS 44 Projects based on Historical Styles in Interiors & Assignments. 45 Sketching ExercisesStaff in Charge Dean / ArchAr. S.H.R.JAWAHAR BENAZIR Prof.M.THIRUMENI