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ID0303-Contemporary Interior Designers

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Contemp lesson plan (autosaved)

  1. 1. SRM UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGNCourse Code : ID 0303Course Title : CONTEMPORARY INTERIOR DESIGNERSYear & Semester : B.Des - III year, V semesterCourse time : Odd semester (July- Dec 2012)Location : Architecture Department Faculty Details: Name of the Staff Sec. Office Office Hours Mail ID JAWAHAR BENAZIR Arch 8.45 AM – 4.00 A S.H.R Dept PMREFERENCE BOOKS1.Interior Design Course, Mary Gilliat Coyran, Octopus Ltd., London2.Interior Design & Decoration, Sherril Whiton, Prentice Hall3.Interior Design, Francis D.K. Ching, John Wiley & Sons, New York4.History of Architecture, Sir Banister Fletcher, CBS Publishers & distributors,New Delhi5.Time Saver Standards for Interior Design, Joseph De Chiara, McGraw Hill, NewYork.OBJECTIVES: To help the student understand the designs from the industrial age to the present information age. To know more on the Modern Movements in Interior design from the beginnings of 20th century.TENTATIVE TEST DATES Cycle Test-I : As per schedule
  2. 2. Cycle Test-II : As per schedule Model Examination : As per scheduleTEST PORTIONS Cycle Test-I : 1st & 2nd Units Cycle Test-II : 3rd & 4th Units Model Examination : All five UnitsASSESSMENT DETAILS Cycle Test-I : 15 marks Cycle Test-II : 15 marks Model Examination : 20 marks Course outcome Program outcomeStudents will gain knowledge The program helps them to realize theabout the works of leading importance of Contemporary styles and works ofinterior designers and their International Masters, through which they wouldinfluence on design through get inspiration for their prospective designsages. DETAILED SESSION PLANSESSIO ASSIGNME TOPIC TO BE COVERED N NT/TEST 1-2 UNIT 1: EARLY PIONEERS : Art nouveau 3-4 The post Industrial era works of Charles Renée Mackintosh 5-6 The post Industrial era works of Antonio Gaudi MODEL EXAMINATION 7-8 The post Industrial era works of Gerrit Rietveld and their CYCLE TEST I expressionist interior design. 9 Sketching Exercises 10 UNIT 2: BAUHAUS AND POST WAR MODERNISTS: Walter Gropius- Bauhaus11-12 De Stijl13-14 Mies Van Der Rohe15-16 Art Deco17-18 Postwar Modernism
  3. 3. 19 Sketching Exercises 20 Discussion of Cycle Test I Question Paper & Review of Answer Scripts21-22 UNIT 3: MODERNISM - Interiors of Le Corbusier 23 Interiors of Frank Llyod Wright 24 Interiors of Louis Khan 25 Interiors of Kenzo Tange 26 Interiors of Oscar Niemeyer 27 Sketching Exercises CYCLE TEST 2 28- UNIT 4: INTERNATIONAL STYLE - The works of Alvar Alto 29 30 The works of Phillip Johnson 31 The works of Charles and Ray Eames 32 The works of Eero Saarinen 33 The works of Eero Aarnio 34 The works of Arne Jacobsen. 35 Sketching Exercises 36 Discussion of Cycle Test 2 Question Paper & Review of Answer Scripts37- UNIT 5: POST MODERNISM AND MINIMALISM 38 Interiors of Zaha Hadid39- Interiors of Santiago Calatrava 4041- Interiors of Frank Gehry 4243-44 Interiors of Peter Eisenmann 45 Sketching ExercisesStaff in Charge: Dean / ArchAr. S.H.R.JAWAHAR BENAZIRProf.M.THIRUMENI