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AR0353-Vernacular Architecture & settlements-lesson plan

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Ar0353 lp

  1. 1. SRM UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR DESIGNCourse Code : AR0353Course Title : Vernacular ArchitectureYear & Semester : III year, V semesterCourse time : Odd semester (July- Dec 2012)Location : Architecture Department Faculty Details: Name of the Staff Sec. Office Office Hours Mail ID JAWAHAR BENAZIR Arch 8.45 AM – A&B S.H.R Dept 4.00 PMREQUIRED TEXT BOOK1. Traditional buildings of India, Ilay Cooper, Thames and Hudson Ltd., LondonREFERENCE BOOKS1. Architecture of the Indian desert, Kulbushan Jain & Meenakshi Jain, Aadi Centre, Ahmedabad2. The Royal Palaces of India, George Michell, Thames and Hudson Ltd., London3. Chettiar Heritage, S.Muthiah, Meenakshi Meyappan, Visalakshmi RAMASWAMY, Lokavani-Hallmark Press Pvt. Ltd., Chennai4. Encyclopaedia of Vernacular architecture of the World , Cambridge University Press5. Haveli – Wooden houses & mansions of Gujarat, V.S.Pramar, Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad6. The Tradition of Indian architecture – Continuity & Controversy – Change since 1850, G.H.R.Tillotsum, Oxford University Press, Delhi
  2. 2. 7. VISTARA – The architecture of India, Carmen Kagal. Pub : The Festival of India, 1986.8. House, Form & Culture, Amos Rappoport, Prentice Hall Inc, 1969.OBJECTIVES:1. To expose the students to traditional architecture in the various parts of the country.2. To impart knowledge about the planning aspects, materials used in construction, constructional details of different types of settlements.TENTATIVE TEST DATES Cycle Test-I : As per schedule Cycle Test-II : As per schedule Model Examination : As per scheduleTEST PORTIONS Cycle Test-I : 1st & 2nd Units Cycle Test-II : 3rd & 4th Units Model Examination : All five UnitsASSESSMENT DETAILS Cycle Test-I : 15 marks Cycle Test-II : 15 marks Model Examination : 20 marks Course outcome Program outcomeStudents will gain knowledge The program helps them to realize theabout the traditional importance of Vernacular architecture, greatlyarchitecture in the various parts influenced by the different aspects of humanof the country. behavior and environment, leading to differing building forms for almost every different context. DETAILED SESSION PLAN
  3. 3. SESSIO ASSIGNME TOPIC TO BE COVERED N NT/TEST 1 UNIT 1: Introduction to Vernacular Architecture 2 Approaches and concepts to the study of Vernacular architecture 3 Introduction to Kutcha architecture 4 Introduction to Pucca architecture 5-6 UNIT 2: Planning aspects, materials of construction, Constructional details & Settlement Planning of DRAVIDIAN SOUTH. CYCLE TEST I Religious practices, beliefs, culture & climatic factors influencing the planning of the following: KERALA – Nair houses(Tarawads), Kerala Muslim houses (Mappilah houses), Temples, Palaces and theaters – MODEL EXAMINATION Thattchushastra. 7-8 TAMILNADU – Toda Huts, Chettinad Houses (Chettiars) & Palaces9-10 KARNATAKA – Gutthu houses (land owning community), Kodava ancestral home (Aynmane)11-12 ANDHRA PRADESH – Kaccha buildings13-14 UNIT 3: Planning aspects, Materials used, Constructional details, Climatic factors influencing the planning of WESTERN REGION Jat houses for farming caste, Bhungas(Circular Huts) and CYCLE TEST 2 Havelis(Pukka houses) of RAJASTHAN15-16 Pol houses of Ahmedabad - Primitive forms, Symbolism, Colour, Folk art etc in the architecture of the deserts of KUTCH & GUJARAT. 17 Vernacular architecture of GOA.18- UNIT 4: Factors influencing the planning aspects, materials
  4. 4. 19 of construction & constructional details of NORTHERN & EASTERN INDIA. KASHMIR – Typical Kutcha houses, mosque, Dhoongas(Boathouses), Ladakhi houses, bridges. 20 HIMACHAL PRADESH – Kinnaur houses 21 UTTAR PRADESH – Domestic housing of Uttar Pradesh 22 BENGAL – Bangla (Rural house form), Aat Chala houses – change from Bangla to Bungalow, Kutcha & Pucca architecture of Bengal. 23 NAGALAND – Naga houses & Naga village, Khasi houses 24 UNIT 5: SECULAR ARCHITETURE Citadels, Palaces, Towers, Gateways, Public buildings in JODHPUR25- Citadels, Palaces, Towers, Gateways, Public buildings in 26 JAIPUR27- Citadels, Palaces, Towers, Gateways, Public buildings in 28 JAISALMER29-30 Citadels, Palaces, Towers, Gateways, Public buildings in GWALIORStaff in Charge: Dean / ArchAr. S.H.R.JAWAHAR BENAZIRProf.M.THIRUMENI