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How to survive metaplastic breast cancer


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How to survive metaplastic breast cancer it isn't rocket science is for everyone. Metaplastic cancer is aggressive and this is your one stop survival guide with simple clear and practical advice. The research and information behind the metaplastic breast cancer guide is from a Facebook group with over 600 women. The information is from pathology reports and other close contact with each individual.
This document will also be of benefit to you if you have triple negative breast cancer or any aggressive sub-type.

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How to survive metaplastic breast cancer

  1. 1. How to survive Metaplastic Breast Cancer It really isn’t rocket science
  2. 2. Rocket Science • Rocket science is something for experts. Surviving cancer, isn’t. There are some simple things you can do to make sure you overcome this cancer. • This presentation underlines the most important criteria needed for surviving metaplastic breast cancer based on real time statistics.
  3. 3. Don’t delay treatment • When you get cancer FEAR sets in. • Everything from cleaning out the cupboards to getting our eyebrows done becomes more important than treatment. This is normal. It is called “denial”. If you are in denial you will delay treatment and this will hinder your chances of survival.
  4. 4. Put the new foobs on hold • Please worry about getting new boobs when you are better. • This could mean up to 12-24 months after chemo. • We found that more women that rushed into “new foobs” got a recurrence of metaplastic breast cancer than those that waited. • Your body is exhausted after chemo it doesn’t need more stress and more operations.
  5. 5. Find out your subtype Metaplastic breast cancer has sub-types that are aggressive – the most aggressive Is a mix of both Spindle and Carcinocarcinoma. This favours the brain and we have lost the most number of girls to this rare combination of sub-types. Squamous Spindle Cell Matrix Chondroid Carcinocarcino ma Skin Type of cancer usually combined with DCIS Spindle Cells usually other non-MBC cancers Aggressive cancer which loves jumping to the lungs or bones An aggressive cancer that grows very large The most aggressive where we have had the most losses. Loves the lymph nodes often confused as a cyst. Rarely goes to the lymph nodes. But can grow extremely large too. More and more women are surviving matrix type Chemo has been known to work on this cancer. On its own not that bad, but when mixed with another MBC it loves the brain.
  6. 6. Have surgery first • Out of 20 women who had chemo first 11 it worked the chemo shrunk and often disappeared in the lymph nodes. But for 9 chemo didn’t work at all and they ended up having surgery when they were very ill on the chemo treatment with a weakened immunity system. For these 9 girls the cancer not only came back but also spread to the lungs, liver, bones or brains. Surgery first 4 weeks after surgery have chemo 2-3 weeks after chemo have radiation Change your diet and exercise after treatment
  7. 7. Good news From 2009 to 2014 100 women died this number has been reduced dramatically in the past year with 11 women passing If MBC doesn’t come back in the first year is rarely comes back. The speed at which you have treatment is critical to the success of your treatment plan. Two girls on the cancer site had no treatment apart from radical surgery and are alive and well. The DAE trial by MDA has been working and has worked on several of our girls. But also in the UK we have some great results and Halavan has been a huge success for two of our stage 4 girls who are now stable.
  8. 8. The bad news • Despite the good news MBC is aggressive and will remain aggressive • Out of the girls that died more recently we only had one girl with Spindle Cell cancer. The rest had the more aggressive types and the girl with Spindle cell had a long delay in treatment • Unfortunately doctors are continuing to misdiagnose us or give us incorrect information • More recently in the UK and USA we lost girls with lung cancer due to treatment of side-effects of chemo before the actual cancer. • Only one girl died because she refused chemo and radiation due to fear and denial.
  9. 9. Kaboom … The end Please contact me on Twitter or Facebook – Bena Roberts My blog at Our Facebook Group Our private group Our new website There are lots of new groups and people who support metaplastic breast cancer Thanks to all of you and your hard work in promoting our cause. There are no hard Feelings from me to anyone out there who supports us, even if they have been blind- sided by my rashness in the past … Love you all…