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David Benardo Portfolio

  1. 1. “People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage
  2. 2. PeopleSoft - 198% response.Oracle/PeopleSoft (Enterprise Software) stagedan exclusive 2-day event known as the Summitat Blackhawk.Hand-delivered to 100+ CEOs, each of these boxedinvitations included a note personally signed byPeopleSofts CEO. 99% responded with "Yes, Illbe there!"Plus, everyone who attended brought along adecision-maker colleague. And thats how you geta 198% response.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  3. 3. Are We There Yet?Myrtle Beach really is a fun place to visit. Otherwiseknown as the Golf Mecca of America, everyone drivesgolf carts — on the course and to the store."I Cant Wait! Myrtle Beach"Tourism — Campaign (1 of 7)David Benardo 843-742-1300
  4. 4. Yum! Meet the Hippo.I get hungry just looking at this logo.Nacho Hippo is the newest, hottest watering holealong South Carolinas 60 miles of coastline knownas the Grand Strand.My work on this included the concept and name,logomark design, signage, social marketing, printadvertising, menu design and radio.Home of Hippo-Rita, the $3 Margarita. Stop by.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  5. 5. AAF: 2008 Addy AwardsThis was really fun.Back to the stylish, sexy sixties, when "Mad Men"was only 2 months old.My work included the concept and theme, which wasextended into print, outdoor, online, direct, word ofmouth viral, event design/direction/production,multimedia design, and a 24-page Winners Book.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  6. 6. Electronic Arts: Self-MailerDirect response should be interactive.Case in point: I designed and produced this playfulorigami-styled piece for EA.We got a whopping 25% response rate, 3x better thanEA ever saw before, and came in *under* budget.<wiping brow> hey! Youre welcome.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  7. 7. Ok, so who doesnt want to Vanquish the Dragon?MagiQuest: it’s the ultimate destination for family fun,the worlds largest live action game.Each year millions of vacationers drive out tothe beach, frequently with offspring in the back seat.This outdoor campaign was designed to excite kids,specifically to get them to nag their parents to visitMagiQuest.Out of Home Campaign(1 of 3)David Benardo 843-742-1300
  8. 8. Myrtle, the worlds first tweeting golf ball.@MyrtleGolfBall (30K+ fans) began her life on Twitteras a key component of a larger social media campaignfor the 25th World Amateur Championship GolfTournament, an annual event in Myrtle Beach thatdraws thousands.I created the graphic and produced the campaign.(See video for more.)David Benardo 843-742-1300
  9. 9. AAF Addy2008: Meet the Competition.Heres one of my viral components of a largerword of mouth campaign.Prior to the awards show, local agency creativeswere delighted and shocked to find stickers on rearview mirrors; messages appeared mysteriously onwater coolers etc. All designed to rev up competition(and event attendance.)It was a sellout, standing room only.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  10. 10. 2010 Shorty Award: *Best in Advertising*Frank is my alter-ego, a 1963-time-warped ad manwith 40,000+ following us on Twitter.Check out the video.And while youre at it, why not follow @FrankAdmantoo? www.twitter.com/frankadman.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  11. 11. Bad things do happen to good computers.Back in the 90s, 96% of Mac back ups occurredwith Retrospect (from Dantz Development.) But PCusers had never even heard of it.With first ever Windows versions ready to launch,I creative-directed and designed the rebranding ofthe entire product line - from a new logomark toproduct packaging, print ads, collateral, websiteand exhibit design.Happily, Dantz was acquired soon after by abigger fish. Goal accomplished.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  12. 12. Pinkerton South is a brand consultancy.www.pinkertonsouth.comIm currently partner and creative director.Love it here, but, truth be told, Id rather be working*in* a creative business than *on* one.Why? So I can get back to what I do best.Im all about finding innovative ways to help clientsremain vivid, to elevate their messages above thewhite noise.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  13. 13. Meet your new neighbor.Firefly Cove at Lake Lure: Remember Dirty Dancing?This is exactly where Baby went to summer camp.www.FireflyCoveNC.comReal Estate/Community – Campaign(1 of 3) — including print, online ads.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  14. 14. Time is no object.Not that long ago, late fees were the bane of ourexistence. Netflix offered an attractive option.Due date? Forgetaboutit.— San Francisco Addy Award Winner (Trash)David Benardo 843-742-1300
  15. 15. Catch & Release at HomeWatersThis oversized collateral card deck was part of mynaming and brand development for what theNYTimes called "...the most elite fly fishing clubin North America." (www.homewatersclub.com)Its true. If you can afford membership inHomeWaters, youre probably *not* reviewingportfolios right now.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  16. 16. Fly home to Savanna Lakes.Being a native son of California, I cant get over howelegant and exotic these Carolina birds are. I designedand illustrated this logomark, extended it to stationery,collateral, print ads, and direct response.— click here for more logosDavid Benardo 843-742-1300
  17. 17. Marina Inn ResortMy logomark design, extended to stationery, newsletter,collateral, outdoor on the Inns tower and just abouteverything you might imagine.In case youre wondering, Grande is way grander thanjust plain Grand.— click here for more logosDavid Benardo 843-742-1300
  18. 18. Loving the Life: Great Camps of the Smokies.Naming and brand design for these lush Great Campscommunities, including their 4 logomarks with eachidentity extended into stationery, print advertising,direct response, and collateral.I even used some of my own photography here,along with illustrations by the great wildlife illustratorDugald Stermer.Country roads, take me home... to the mountains ofNorth Carolina.David Benardo 843-742-1300
  19. 19. Hard Rock Theme Park - Commemorative PosterAn award-winning tribute to the worlds first LedZeppelin hard-core coaster... and the theme park thatcreated it.Like the Hindenburg, it was a dream destined to crashand burn. Who knew?Take dramamine. Then full screen it and experiencethe ride at http://ow.ly/3X2We.Not for the faint of heart.— click here for a larger versionDavid Benardo 843-742-1300
  20. 20. David Benardo – Creativedavid@pinkertonsouth.comPortfolio http://bit.ly/benardoportfolioResume www.creativehotlist.com/dbenardoLinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/davidbenardoTwitter www.twitter.com/benardoFacebook www.facebook.com/DavidBenardowww.pinkertonsouth.comDavid Benardo 843-742-1300