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Indivo X Overview


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An overview of the Indivo X Personally Controlled Health Record, built by Children's Hospital Boston.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Indivo X Overview

  1. 1. Indivo X Overview Ben Adida Indivo X Users’ Meeting 15 April 2010
  2. 2. Indivo X is a PCHR with substitutability.
  3. 3. • One-size fits all doesn’t work • Integration w/ PoC, research, devices is critical • Indivo X is a PCHR platform that makes developing personal health apps easier
  4. 4. Aggregation PCHR for Alice Alice
  5. 5. Sharing Management PCHR for Alice Lab Results Specialist Meds "I only take 50mg" Allergies School Nurse Alice
  6. 6. Reporting Pipeline Allergy Vaccine Allergy Indivo X Allergy Indivo X Allergy Vaccine Indivo X Immunization Allergy Indivo 3.1 Procedure Vaccine Indivo X Procedure Google Equipment CCR Vitals Vaccine Lab Indivo X Vaccine Vaccine X Indivo Vaccine Indivo X
  7. 7. API for extensibility New Research Notifier Indivo API Genomic Research Medical Survey Indivo X Indivo API Engine Indivo API Indivo API Blood Pressure Monitoring Service Indivo API ...
  8. 8. API for extensibility Screen Real-Estate controlled by PHA
  9. 9. login and storage Alice's Indivo X Blood Pressure Monitoring Service Alice
  10. 10. sharing and consent management Applications [X] Blood Pressure Monitoring Service [X] Family Medical History [X] Diabetes Journal Consents [X] Gene Partnership Project study [X] Adolescent Medicine study [X] Gene Partnership Project study
  11. 11. Licensing • encourage innovation, both commercial and non-commercial • build a sharing community • GPLv3 for core Indivo • LGPLv3 for client libraries • PHAs can be licensed as you prefer
  12. 12. Team • Co-Founders: Isaac Kohane and Kenneth Mandl • Lead Architect: Ben Adida • Project Manager: Zack Halloran • Developers: Steve Zabak, Arjun Sanyal Daisy Flemming Nathan Finstein, Phil Darnowsky Travers Franckle
  13. 13. All so you can focus on building the best personal health apps.