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Indivo X Hospital Connectivity


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Connecting the Indivo X Personally Controlled Health Record to a Hospital EMR

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Indivo X Hospital Connectivity

  1. 1. Indivo X: integration with a point of care Ben Adida Indivo X Users’ Meeting 15 April 2010
  2. 2. Aggregation PCHR for Alice Alice
  3. 3. One Interface, Many PCHRs
  4. 4. Deeper Customization
  5. 5. Indivo Chrome • frames the individual apps and provides the account-level functionality • most of the time, leave it alone, or tweak the look-and-feel • sometimes, add new features, e.g. alternative sign-in methods • authenticates the user, creates a session • makes calls to backend with session.
  6. 6. PHA
  7. 7. Single Sign-On • Account • Authentication Systems password by default others, i.e. “chb” POST /oauth/internal/session_create username={username}&password={password} POST /oauth/internal/session_create username={username}&system={auth_system}