Ospc for openstack forum sep 2011 v2


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Ospc for openstack forum sep 2011 v2

  1. 1. Open Source Private Cloud 2011PoC for Blade, Rack, and Container DC Intel DCSG, Yan Li Solution Architect Intel IT, Tonny Liu Aug 2011 IT Research and Development
  2. 2. Agenda• OSPC POC for Blade, Rack, Container DC• Background• What’s the focus, the product or research area introduction• Open Source Cloud Solution Biz value• Propose for next steps (POC, etc) for cooperation• DemoSlide 2
  3. 3. OSPC PoC for Blade, Rack, Container Data Centers IMS HDC Rack Container DC Intel R&D SSG, DCSG, IT collaboration in ZZSlide 3 ICB ecosystem enabling
  4. 4. OSPC (open source private cloud)• OSPC is an open source private cloud based on OpenStack that Intel IT has developed. OSPC demonstrates how enterprises can secure and manage a private cloud based on open source software by taking advantage of Intel technologies such as TXT and Power Node Manager. In addition to enabling OpenStack exploit the advanced capabilities of Intel-based platforms, OSPC provides a web-based interface that allows users/administrators manage a virtualization environment based on multiple hypervisors including Xen and ESX
  5. 5. Research Approach• Open Source: Use open source software to build completely functional private Cloud• Broad Collaboration: Work together with 4 Intel platform groups and leverage server and DC component solutions from other groups• Test Bed and Research: Build a test bed, focus on innovations, and validate research and innovative ideas on test bed• Useful Prototype: Implement a full open source private cloud with extensive features, ready for real user trials• Enterprise POCs and Usage Studies: Evaluate Open Source Private Cloud, study potential IT usages of OSPC, and carry out real user trials Slide 5
  6. 6. Private Cloud Architecture/Overall Scope Slide 6
  7. 7. Slide 7
  8. 8. Previous work summary• Build open source based Private Cloud based on OpenStack framework• User control with different user groups, AD/LDAP authentication integration• NM/TXT integration• Policy template• Implement OpenStack object storage solution (Glance and Swift)• Enterprise guest OS image provisioning and build (Win 2003, 2008, Suse)• Low level physical indicator through IPMI channel• Third party monitoring solutions integration (Ganglia, Nagios)• VM lease• VM snapshot and migration• Deployed OSPC 1.0 to FM DC• Deployment streamline with PXESlide 8
  9. 9. Open Source Cloud Solution Biz value• Unleash full potential of IA products• Leverage Open source community wisdom• Customize to meet customer requirements• Avoid vender lock in• Free or limited cost compare with other commercial Cloud solutionsSlide 9
  10. 10. Next steps • Support KVM and Vmware • Implement enterprise policy/logic in resource mgmt • Integrate more IA manageability features • VM collection/template • Contribute OpenStack community.Slide 10
  11. 11. Demo