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Powerpoint on magazines


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my powerpoint on different sections within music magazines.

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Powerpoint on magazines

  1. 1. The overall look of the cover sticks to only three colours throughout. It makes certain points stand out more than others because they will be the main focusThe writing on the cover is minimal and just within the the reader an idea of what they canget inside. The main title ‘Kerrang’ looksbroken which could be a connotation withrock (the theme of the magazine) becauserock is associated with disorder and violencewhich could be the reason for the main titlebeing like this, but then the rest of the The main picture on the front cover arewriting is clean cut and normal which goes wearing clothes of black and white coloursagainst the main title of the magazine. The to go with theme of the whole front cover.writing ‘Biffy Clyro’ is bigger than most There is also a main focus on person withinother writing on the page making the reader the band which makes the readers think heautomatically look at that and make them could be the leader/front man. One of thethink this is going to be the main piece in subheadings of the cover has the linethe magazine. ‘unfold the puzzle of life’ and then in the picture that goes with it you can see clearly that the front man has equations on his hand so the subtitle goes connects with the picture. There are three other smaller pictures at the bottom which all stick with the colour scheme of the magazine.The colours used in this front cover arebinary opposites, (Black and white) whilstalso using bits of red to attract your eye tospecific points the editors want you to see. The text on the cover is in relative The publisher of this magazine is called proportion to the amount pictures. For Bauer Media Group and has a lot to with every picture there is a little bit of text to different types of music media. They have exp-lain the reason for the picture. another magazine called Q and several TV stations some being Q TV, 4 music magic, kiss TV and others.
  2. 2. The colours are mainly dark reds and The only picture on the cover is the leadblacks with white writing and in the very singer of the band Foo Fighters. This pictureback there is grey fading to white . This is the main part of the whole cover makingis done to make certain things stand out the reader automatically know what will beand make them ‘pop out’ from the inside. The picture has flames coming out ofmagazine. his mouth which could be a connotation of rock ‘n’ roll, because fire is violent and wild like rock so this gives someone who has The writing on this cover is sized to never heard of the magazine an inside of create an illusion of importance. For what the magazine holds inside without instance ‘Foo Fighters’ is the biggest actually reading it. piece of writing on the page and therefore is the most important and will have the most on it inside the The overall look of this cover is a magazine. The font is bold and traditional rock themed look. It looks contrasts the background to make it chaotic and out of place which is a stand out. connation for people who listen to this style of music. The fonts are all the same making it easy for the reader to read quickly. The The text outweighs the pictures on this only difference between certain bits of cover because they only have one picture text due to font is the size of the font but it is don’t to make it stand out and be because they have made certain bits of the main feature of the magazine. The text bigger to make them seem more text is also minimal but there is more text important and better and then others than pictures because all the text is doing smaller to make them blend in and is giving the reader an idea of what to seem less important. find inside this weeks issue of the magazine. The publisher of this magazine is called Bauer Media Group and has a lot to with different types of music media. They have another magazine called Kerrang and several TV stations some being Q TV, 4 music, magic, kiss TV and others.
  3. 3. The colour scheme is made to contrast The main picture is the background and basicallybecause the background and all the writing the whole cover because him and his band are theare all light colours like blues and whites but featured story within the magazine. The otherthe main picture on this cover is of dark reds three picture on the cover are much smallerand blacks. This is done to make the picture because they are of less importance and have lessseem dark and stand out. writing within the magazine.The overall look of the magazine cover is All the writing is the same blocked fontdark and evil because the main thing on it so nothing really stands out due tois the picture of the lead singer of my that, but the size of the writing thechemical romance dressed in dark writing changes along with the picturesclothing and is giving a dark look this is because the biggest picture has thedone to be a connotation of there style of biggest sized writing. This is done tomusic and the overall style of the make that story stand out because it ismagazine. the main story within the magazine.There is a little more text than pictures This magazine is produced by a bigbecause there is some text with every company called IPC media. They alsopicture but then there is extra text to say have a music station on TV called nmethings about what is in side. There is still music.very minimal text so that there isnt toomuch going on and making the coverconfusing and complicated.
  4. 4. This contents page has very bland colours like greys and There a lot more pictures than on the cover andvery light blues but then has all the writing in bright this is done to make the text that is writtenyellows and blacks to make it all stand out and easy to about each band have more meaning and to helpread. emphasize it all . The writing style is very normal and The overall look of it is that it is picture block letters because this page is just to orientated so that that if the reader does let the reader have better idea of what not want to actually read it they don’t to find inside and to help find certain have to because they can get enough of bits. All the writing just goes with the the story by looking at the picture and pictures. then just read about it on the actually page. There is more text than pictures on the page but the pictures take up more of the actual page because the writing has been made much smaller to make the The fonts are just block lettering to make pictures the focus of the page. it easy to read quickly so that the reader can get to the main story.
  5. 5. The colour scheme is made to match theartist that is obviously the main part of There is only one picture on this pagethis page. The colours are cool calm which makes people think that thebecause that is the style of music this main story is something to do withartist does so the colour scheme is a that artist. All the writing on the pageconnotation of the artists music. is also aimed to fit around that picture making it look more important. The overall look is mainly aimed at that one picture because as soon asThe writing is just there to say whats on you look at this page you look andevery page and is very bland black notice this picture. this is because it islettering. The only writing that stands the main piece within the magazine.out is the writing at the top of the pagebecause it looks like a title and is muchbigger than the rest of the writing so thatit will stand out and the reader instantly There is a lot more text that there isknows what to find on this page. pictures because it is a contents page and its aim is to let people know what page certain things are on. But more of the page is taken up by pictures because then the reader doesn’t seeThe fonts are all the same to make it mass’ of writing and not want to readeasier to read. But the size of the fonts it.are slightly different because the title ismuch bigger than the rest to make itstand out from the rest of the writing.
  6. 6. There is one picture of a bandThe colour scheme is done to make playing a t a concert. This is donethe writing stand out. This is done by to make the reader visualisemaking the background a lighter being there because the picturecolour and then made all the writing relates to the story about theblack red and yellow. concert so the picture helps the reader relate the text to a picture. The writing is all plain block letters to make it easy for the reader to read it. Putting the sub- heading The writing style on this page is ‘kasabian got romantic in a church’ done to attract you to certain parts is done to make the reader think of the page because it different sub what the hell and then want to headings like ‘LIVE!’ which will read more. automatically attract your eyes to that bit and make people want to read on. The overall look of this page is that the writing and pictures work together to make a full story and There is a lot more text than then the writing down the sides to pictures because this magazine is inform the reader where to look to more informative than the rest of find other reviews and articles them but still uses pictures to help inside the magazine. The fonts are very bland and blocked letters like relate to the audience. the rest of the magazines. This is done to make it easy to read and get across.