Analysing my results from my target audience survey


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Analysis of my results from my target audience survey

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Analysing my results from my target audience survey

  1. 1. Analysing My Results from my target audience survey
  2. 2. Basic Information Only 32.3% of people who took the survey are female 67.7% of peoplewho took thesurvey are male
  3. 3. Basic InformationThis question will help me to see what age I should target my magazine at.Looking at the responses late teenagers is probably the best age range, from 16-18, as that has gained the highest response rate.
  4. 4. Musical ExperiencesMost people who took mysurvey attended musicalperformances moderatelyoften, which tells me thatthey act upon their love formusic, instead of justlistening at home. This couldsuggest they are passionateabout this sort of music andmay suggest they want asmuch information as possibleinstead of just a prettyimage. Out of the 15 people that specified what instrument they played the majority of people played guitar and drums, also I found that those two instruments crossed over quite often, many people who played guitar also played drums. Overall it was almost 50/50 for people who play an instrument or just listen to it.
  5. 5. Musical PreferencesThe responses to this question are all relatively equal, although there is a slightincrease of popularity for drum and bass and a slight decrease for house music. Iam going to use drum and bass for my main feature, such as the double pagespread, I will use an interview drum and bass artist, and have less informationabout house music.
  6. 6. Information on Magazine Preferences Although I’m not creating a whole magazine and cant add free items, this has helped me see what to use to attract an audience. I can advertise a free item on the front cover, as this appears popular. Also interviews proved popular so I am going to use the whole double page spread to have an interview with a drum and bass artist. (as drum and bass seemed the most popular genre)
  7. 7. • The majority of people get their music from the iTunes store or download it illegally.• The responses to this question help target my readers more specifically. For example there is not a very high amount of people buying the music from a music store, so instead of advertising the CD cover and HMV, I can show when it is released on iTunes and the iTunes logo or when it is released onto spotify.