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Mobile Web Controller

              bemoko®Live is a powerful and flexible delivery
              platform fo...
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You keep control                                             Know your user
bemokoLive is not a tran...
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Bemoko Live Datasheet


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Datasheet outlining the main features and benefits of bemokoLive

Published in: Technology
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Bemoko Live Datasheet

  1. 1. bemoko®Live Mobile Web Controller bemoko®Live is a powerful and flexible delivery platform for mobile content and services giving the best user experience over a wide range of mobile handsets and other devices. Free the designer Easily extendible bemokoLive uses standard HTML Developers can use JAVA and JAVA markup which allows designers to based scripting languages, such as create the same visually engaging Groovy, to rapidly extend the content as they do on the fixed capabilities of the platform, adding web. No need to learn new new plugins and services to markup languages. perform custom business logic. Integrate with existing data Integrate with messaging systems Use bemokoLive plugins to rapidly integrate existing data sources and Plug straight into SMS systems to content management systems send, receive and track your without the need to migrate data. messages. SMS currently provides the easiest method of accessing Maximise device capabilities your service. Run quizzes and bemokoLive uses a device competitions using SMS backed by database containing information on a mobile website. thousands of mobile devices. Analyze Usage bemokoLive gives you easy access to all the different attributes of the bemokoLive integrates with all the device, enabling you to create the popular analytics systems so the best experience for the device in behaviour of users on the site can use. be comprehensively tracked. Mobilise PHP sites Minimize effort bemokoLive features a fully Create device specific versions of integrated PHP engine, so you can websites without complete rapidly mobilise a PHP website just rewrites. Only change the code by creating new views to the same you need to. data, leaving the business logic Future proof your investment alone. New devices are automatically Reduce risk and lower costs supported with a device database bemokoLive reduces the cost and update. Sites can be changed to risk of supporting many diverse take advantage of new features handsets. Site inheritance and without complete rewrites. templating allows rapid Engage your customers development and deployment of Easily add interactive elements complex websites for all devices, such as voting to your site so that encouraging reuse and users engage with your brand repeatability of campaigns. rather than passive receivers of Create communities information. Use bemokoLive interactive plugins to create sites that engage the user. Picture uploads (including Flickr integration), forums, comment sections and Twitter integration are available out-of- the-box.
  2. 2. Features and benefits You keep control Know your user bemokoLive is not a transcoder or a system which User context API's allow access to user information over modifies your markup to fit the device. The markup you different services. Website personalisation is made easy write is the markup that gets delivered. You don't have to with access to a users' details from one common source. guess what the system will do, so you have full control. Value added services bemokoLive comes with a host of example applications bemokoLive allows integration with leading ad providers, which demonstrate best practice and can get you up and billing and mobile voucher systems giving powerful m- running in minutes. commerce facilities from leading providers. Deliver the correct content Industry Standards bemokoLive will adapt content on the fly so the device is bemokoLive runs inside industry standard J2EE web only given content it supports. containers such as IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic and Overcome device 'bugs' Apache Tomcat. All the powerful features of these All device browsers have their own peculiarities. platforms are available to bemokoLive as standard. bemokoLive ships with 'tweakers' that will adjust markup for certain devices to workaround any specific device behaviour. You can easily create your own tweakers to overcome any local issues.